My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 99: The Four Clans of Vampire Counts.

”Wait! Victor, do you understand what it means to visit her territory? ” Siena squealed and quickly approached Victor.

”I will pay a visit…? ” Victor tilted his head as if he didn ’t understand the problem.

”Idiot! You don ’t understand anything! Come here! ” Siena takes Victor ’s hand and suddenly pulls him aside.

”… ” Lacus, Pepper, Kaguya, and even Eleonor looked at this situation strangely.

”…She definitely ate something bad. ” Pepper nodded, ”Maybe she ’s interested in Victor now after seeing him fight those two heirs? ”

”… ” The three women looked at Pepper, and when they saw Pepper displaying a smug face like she ’d discovered a grand scheme, they just rolled their eyes.

Outside the mansion, Siena let go of Victor ’s hand and pulled away, then she started talking to Victor:

”First, do you understand who Eleonor is? ”

”Is she a countess? ”

”Yes. And if she ’s a countess, she has territory. ”

”And what ’s wrong? ”

”The problem is that her territory is not normal. ”

”Oh? Explain to me. ” Victor was interested.

Siena felt a little uncomfortable when she saw his smile:

”…Do you remember the gorilla you fought? ”

”Big Guy? Yes, what about him? ”

’Big Guy? Huh? ’ Siena didn ’t understand, but she didn ’t think too much, she was slowly getting used to Victor ’s oddities:

”He ’s a demonic beast, and Eleonor ’s territory is infested with these beasts, and by inviting you as a ’special guest ’, she ’s basically asking you to fight with her against these beasts! ”

”Heh~ ” Victor ’s smile grew, ”That ’s good news, isn ’t it? ”

”…Fuck. I forgot about your personality. ” Siena does a facepalm.

”… ” Victor looked at Siena for a few seconds. It was like he was thinking deeply about something, his eyes sparkled a little with interest, and he said:

”…Are you hiding something? ”


She sighed.

”I can ’t say anything, you remember, right? I ’m silenced by the magical contract, so only my mother can tell you that. ”

”Hmm… ” Victor started to think again. ’I remember she spoke vaguely about it when I was playing with Eleonor ’s sword. ’

”Oh… But your wife Violet may know something, and she ’s not bound by the contract. ” She remembers hearing this from Violet in the past.

”I will ask my wife then. ” Victor turned and started walking towards the mansion.

”Will you go anyway? ” Siena asked.

”Of course, an environment full of demonic beasts, exotic animals that I ’ve never seen in my life? That is very welcome for me~ ” Victor had a big smile on his face as if he had found a new toy to play with.

”Of course you would…. ” She felt like she asked a pointless question.

”But I won ’t go now. ” His expression suddenly changed to neutral.

”Oh? ” Siena looked at Victor.

Victor turned his face and looked at Siena as he displayed a gentle smile, ”I ’ll go spend time with my wives first. ”

”…Oh. ” Siena somehow thought Ruby was very lucky to have a husband who cares for her, which is something very hard to find in the vampire community.

”I also want to visit my mom, dad, and my friends… I ’m missing them. It ’s been six long months. I want to see my cat! ”

”… ” For some reason, Siena thought that the real reason Victor wanted to come back was because of the cat… Then, suddenly, she realized something:

”You will rest? ” Siena looked at Victor strangely; ’Is he really Victor? Where is that man who loves to fight? Is he an imposter? ’

”Of course not, I ’ll still fight and train, but I ’ll just spend time with my family. A lot has happened in a short time, and I haven ’t had time to appreciate these simple moments. ”

”I want to take the next step in my relationship with my wives too. ”

”Oh… ” She flashed a small smile, ”…That ’s a good reason. ”

”Indeed. ” Victor laughed.

Victor went back to the mansion again along with Siena and looked at Eleonor:

”Before making any decision, is this invitation just for me, or is it for my wives too? ”

”…It ’s for your wives too, ” Eleonor spoke after thinking for a moment.

”I see. In this case, it ’s okay with me. I will also ask my wives to see if they want to go with me. ”

Eleonor exhibited a small smile, ”…Okay. The invitation period is three months. I expect good news from you. ” Finishing what she had to do, she walked towards the exit.

When she left Scathach ’s mansion, Walter and Chloe were already waiting for her.

”He accepted? ” Walter asked

”Yes, but he ’s not going now. He will also ask his wives if they will want to go along with him. ”

”Lady Eleonor invited the wives too…? ” Walter made a strange face. This was not what they agreed on earlier.

After seeing Victor ’s performance in the arena, she decided that it would be advantageous to bring Victor to her territory to help her with a small problem.

Eleonor initially wanted her master ’s help, but Scathach refused, she said it wasn ’t her problem. Yet, because of that, Eleonor decided to ask Victor for help, especially after seeing his fight against those heirs and see how easily he dominated his opponents.

She thought he would be a good help in her territory.

”I thought if I didn ’t extend the invitation to his wives, he wouldn ’t accept it, but it looks like I was wrong… It ’s too late now. I can ’t go back on my word. ”

”I hope they ’re not dead weight. ”

”It ’s hard to know. The three women are daughters of vampire counts, and they have great potential. Especially Ruby, who is my master ’s blood daughter. ”

Despite looking innocent and inexperienced, Ruby hides great potential, and that was her true thoughts about Ruby.

”How much time did you give them to make a decision? ”

”Three months. ”

”Hmm… I think in three months, they will be stronger. ” Walter said, like an old man, he understands what influences can do in a person ’s life, and he thinks that when girls see Victor much stronger than before, they will want to get stronger too… And in a way, he was correct.

”Yes. ” Eleonor nodded, and soon she climbed on top of Chloe.

”iiirrrri, rilinchin… ” Chloe didn ’t look happy.

”Eh…? ” Eleonor looked at Chloe with a shocked look.

Feeling her master ’s gaze, Chloe just turns her face to a random place, she didn ’t want to be ungrateful to her master, but she was very honest with her feelings, she didn ’t like it when Eleonor climbed on top of her, but as an ancient friend, Chloe will allow her to ride her.

”She doesn ’t seem to like you riding her, ” Walter commented.

”… ” A vein popped in Eleonor ’s head, she flashed a dangerous smile. ’That bastard, he stole my horse… He ’ll pay for it. I ’ll look forward to the day he comes to visit my territory. ’

When Eleonor left the mansion, a conversation was taking place with Victor and the women.

”Speaking of my wives, where are they? ”

”They are still in the room, ” Lacus replied.

”They are being very lazy. ” Pepper commented in a cute voice.

”… ” Siena, Lacus, Kaguyaz, and Victor looked at Pepper with a dry look.

”Fuee…? ”

”She really didn ’t realize what she said, huh? ”

”Indeed. ” Lacus nodded in agreement with her older sister.

”What ’s it!? Spit it out! Stop talking in codes! ”

”We are shocked that you are commenting that my wives are being lazy when you are lazier than they are. ” Victor was honest.

”… Eh? ” Pepper looked at the group again and saw them nodding in agreement with Victor ’s words. ”Ughghgh. ” She made strange sounds while her cheeks puffed like a squirrel, and then she said:

”I ’m not lazy…. ” Initially, she was going to scream, but slowly her voice wore off, and in the end, she just mumbled under her breath since she herself had realized she was lazy.

”It ’s okay. You can be lazy. ” Victor chuckled a little as he patted Pepper ’s head.

Pepper felt her body tremble when she felt Victor ’s caresses, she felt good. She looked at him and said:

”Victor… ” She looked like she was looking at a great ally.

”But don ’t overdo it, or your mother will kidnap you and take you to train. ”

”…!? ” Pepper ’s body shook for a different reason now. ”…I won ’t…I promise! ” Her eyes seemed to be glowing with motivation. She didn ’t want to go back to training! Her mother ’s training is just inhumane! Not that she was human, but even for a vampire, that training was difficult!

Fear can often be a good tool.

”Where ’s Yuki? ” Kaguya asked in a neutral voice.

”Oh, she woke up a few hours ago, and when she woke up, Violet suddenly showed up and kidnapped her. So now she ’s helping the girls with something. ” Siena replied.

”So she ’s not being completely useless… Good. ” Kaguya nodded in satisfaction.

”Well, the conversation was good, girls. But I must go take a shower. ” Victor spoke.

”That ’s a good idea, you stink…. ” Pepper put a hand to her nose.

”You ’re right. But… ” Victor sniffed the air a little.

”You stink too. ”

”Eh? ” Pepper made a shocked face.

”… ” Lacus and Siena were speechless when they heard Victor ’s words.

”…Master… ” Kaguya did a facepalm. This is not something to say to a girl!

Pepper sniffed her body and realized that Victor was right…

”I will take a shower! ” Pepper suddenly turned around.

”Umu, I ’ll go too. ” Victor followed Pepper.

”Let ’s go! ” Pepper raised her hands up, screaming, it was like they were going on a big adventure!

When Victor and Pepper disappeared from view by Kaguya, Lacus, and Siena:

”…!? ” The girls suddenly realized something:

”Did they just go together now? ” Lacus commented in disbelief.

”This is inappropriate! He is a married man! I must stop them! ” Siena was freaking out, so she quickly ran towards the bathroom to stop them! They must have a little decency!

”Wait! I will go too! ” Lacus ’ eyes sparkled in amusement.

When the two left, and Kaguya was alone, the Maid said:

”…It surprises me that my master casually went into the bathroom with Pepper, and he didn ’t even notice it… And being the airhead that Pepper is, she didn ’t notice either… ”



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