My Unrivaled Existence

I\'ve been reincarnated

”What!! did this idiot just call isekai a brain rot genre, ill have you know its the best genre in all of fiction!!! In a dark room with a small PC being the only source of light, the frantic typing of a keyboard was heard, and a 500-hundred-pound or so man could be seen typing as if his life depended on it while simultaneously feasting upon a few burgers near him.

”You no life having Reddit admin. As a matter of fact, you
e probably a discord mod too ”

Although Jason used it as an insult, he also happens to be a Reddit admin and a discord mod. He had a lot of servers of his own.

” the idiot!! you maiden less weeb Ill have you know I have a loving wife and 2 beautiful kids!! You have the wrong IP, idiot. Im using a VPN Dickless fool!! 8 inches you think Im an idiot.. ” This went on for a few more hours.

”you say its rinsed and repeated but rent all genres like that, sure every character gets isekaid but theres always a twist like being reincarnated as slime or a spider!! look at romance its always the same while isekai is different all the time how dare you to say its not unique ill gladly keep on watching it the dungeon, harems, and systems make it an even more interesting story are you gay is that why you dislike harem so much!! Yes, I read Web novels how dare you to call trash you unintelligible fool your the one whos useless with no talent… ”

Jason began sweating a bit. ”dammit he won this battle but ill win the war ”

Jason felt a pang of regret when that guy mentioned him being useless and an untalented person, ever since he was a child hes always been unremarkable whenever he and other kids would play hed always come in last even in school he was always in last place he never tried to aim higher his whole life even if he was unremarkable he couldve worked a bit harder and have at least gone somewhere in life, currently, he was jobless hes been jobless for 15 years now living off of his dead moms inheritance

Jason was overly obese he began gaining weight when he was 15 in high school due to giving up on Life he indulged himself in fat and unhealthy foods, right now he was at a whopping 534 pounds he hasn walked in ages nor has he left his small apartment

look at my li

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