My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 104 Their Respective Reactions (4)

While the whole world was busy talking about Jin and the incredible feat hed pulled off, the person in question was laid out on his bed, exhausted beyond any measure.

His exhaustion wasnt due to the immense magic spell hed cast to destroy Eyghon. That fatigue disappeared after a day of rest. The actual reason for Jins weariness was the numerous meetings hed been forced to participate in.

Overnight, Jin Valter had gone from a relative unknown in Vampire Society to a household name.

Firstly, he was called by the highest members of the coalition to give a complete account of what happened within Eyghon. Next, he was forced to re-enter the fallen artificial Demon Lord to show where the Iron Heart was and explain the magic he used to disintegrate it into dust. Then, he had several meetings with the other Heads of the Vampire Guardian Houses. Not to mention, members from the other races wished to meet Jin personally too.

Eventually, Jin spent three days after Eyghons demise on his feet, talking to hundreds, if not thousands of people. Physically, he was fine, but the same couldnt be said about his mental state.

“Fucking hell! How many times must I repeat the same story repeatedly?!”

The black-haired Vampire kicked his feet in the air and flung his head back on the pillow. He had just completed his third day of meetings, and the man couldnt bear it anymore. Facing those conniving political snakes was far more difficult than killing Eyghon.

All Jin wanted to do was to give them all the finger and send them back to where they came from. Alas, he was raised with some morsel of common sense, and it didnt feel right to send those curious eyes flying just because he was annoyed with them. Plus, he didnt want to embarrass either of his three lovers just yet. Thus, he endured the meddlesome mob and continued answering questions.

“You did well, Jin.”

Ysabelle gingerly moved onto the bed with a hot towel and sat by the tired mans side. While helping Jin remove his vest, the black-haired girl wiped the sweat off his face and down his meaty neck.

“Dont be irritated; most of the coalition have left. And everyones attention is now focused on Eyghons corpse and how to distribute it. Youll just have to endure for a day or two more.”

“I sure hope so…”

“Dont worry, Ill tell my father to block any unnecessary meetings. He did seem to take a liking to you. Im sure hell agree.”

“Yeah, do that for me, please.”

Ysabelle gave a tender smile in response to Jins tired response. Brushing her fingers through his rich black hair, the young maiden laughed in pure bliss, enjoying every passing second she spent with him.

Over the past few days, Jins relationship with the Blackburn House had been improving tremendously. One reason for that surge in bonding was General Enzos increased warmth toward the young lad.

Since Jin wasnt part of any great Vampire House, it was easy for people to reach out to him without fear of any repercussions. In fact, Jin was supposed to have thousands more meetings, and they were all elite members of the coalition. However, the Blackburn House blocked all those immediately, fearing Jin might get overloaded.

In addition, the Blackburn House had provided the young man with a luxurious apartment within the Estate. One that was only reserved for their most important guests. Not to mention, there were over a dozen servants at his beck and call.

This was all done to appease Jin and to sway the young upstart towards the Blackburn House.

Jin didnt know it yet, but General Enzo had started an initiative to become Jins primary sponsor. From his conversations with his daughter, the Blackburn Head had gotten a rough idea of the new talents personality.

Jin wasnt one to serve under another person, and neither would he be controllable, given his new elevated status and immense power. And there were the four girls that were linked to him. All of them were prominent daughters of the four greatest Vampire Houses. It didnt make sense to tie him down to just one.

Therefore, with General Enzos backing, the road has been paved for Jin to create his own Vampire House.

But of course, that was something for future Jin to worry about. Right now, he had his own situation to handle.

“Ysabelle… What are you doing?!”

Hearing that Jin had returned, Irina rushed to the room where he stayed, hoping to become the mans comfort. However, the moment she stepped foot in the room, she saw her most hated rival wiping Jin down like a faithful wife.

“Yeah, what are you doing, Ysabelle? Dont you know that Im Jins bloodmate? That job should be left to me.”

Lilith, who had just entered the room, also had a similar intention. Seeing Ysabelle and Jin on the bed together brought a chill up her spine, and she glared with complete annoyance at the black-haired womans openness.

Ysabelle didnt need to tell them what happened inside Eyghon. The two astute individuals could tell that Jin and Ysabelle had done the deed. Ignoring the apparent fact that Jin had gained his third ability, the pair reeked of each others scent. Plus, they behaved like an elderly couple that had been together their entire lives.

Even the blind could tell that those two were a couple now.

“Irina… Lilith… Youre here.”

Ysabelle looked at the pair with mixed feelings in her eyes. If it was before, the girl would have acquiesced her position and allowed the pair to take over. After all, Ysabelle truly believed that she was a jinx, and if she became close with Jin, the love of her life would inevitably suffer.

However, Ysabelle was a changed woman.

She had tasted Jins forbidden fruit. She had felt his love for her. And, with the Blackburn Houses willingness to take Jin as a son-in-law, she had the financial and emotional high ground.

Ysabelle wasnt going to let go of her rightful place by Jins side.

“Im sorry, but unlike your Houses, my Blackburn House is the only one willing to take Jin as their son-in-law. That means the two of us are practically engaged. As his LAWFUL wife, I have the right to comfort my husband when hes tired.”


Irina was unable to form words after hearing Ysabelles declaration. This wasnt the Ysabelle she knew! That meek and mellow girl who always kept her distance from Jin was gone, and she was now replaced by an apex predator who goes straight for her prey.

“Shit… I was afraid that this day would come.” A vein popped in Liliths forehead as she stared down her new rival.

“What day?”

“The day that you would become serious.”

At that response, even Ysabelle turned stumped. Baffled by Liliths confidence, she asked: “Wait, you expected this? Didnt you two hate me?”

“Huh? Why would we hate you?” Irina shot back at Ysabelles question with a question of her own. “We never once hated you. Else, we would have kicked you out of Brothers observation rights over the years.”

“I-I mean, Id thought you were cold to me because you thought I was a jinx… Especially to Jin.”

“What nonsense are you spouting? We never once thought of you as a jinx.”

“H-Huh?!” Ysabelle dropped her jaw at Irinas explosive statement. “W-Wait, so why were you so cold to me?”

“You really dont know?” Irina folded her arms and scoffed. She didnt want to say the real reason they acted in that manner, and therefore, she looked away.

Seeing that the matter had fallen into her hands, Lilith sighed and explained:

“Ysabelle, of the four of us, you are the one who suited Jin the most. At least, thats how we felt in the past.”

“What do you mean?”

“Its just your nature. Unlike the rest of us, you werent obsessive over Jin. You were kind and gentle, and most annoyingly…” Lilith shot one more glare, not at Ysabelle but at her beloved bloodmate, watching the carnage unfold.

“When we asked Jin what his type was in the past, he said a tall, strong, independent woman. Does this ring a bell?”


Ysabelle vaguely remembered having that conversation. No, that memory was now front and centre within her mind. Lilith was telling the truth. Over the years, Ysabelle had turned into the woman of Jins dreams.

“So the reason why you two were cold to me… Is it because you were jealous?”

“How could we not be?!” Irina snorted once more. “You hogged all of Brothers attention when you were training together! And now, the two of you look closer than before! Of course, well get jealous! The two of you even spent almost two days alone in Eyghons stomach doing god knows what!”


Ysabelle scratched her cheek, not knowing what to say.

All her life, shed thought the other girls hated her for being the jinx that caused Jins downfall. But as it turns out… They were just jealous of her long legs and personality.

While that served as a considerable relief, Ysabelle wasnt just going to give up her position right now. Her true thoughts were that the four of them should remain as close as sisters. No, they should be even closer than that since they were all going to be Jins wives. And she would work towards that goal in the future.

But right now… She wanted to cuddle and flirt with Jin.

“So what if we did things in Eyghons stomach? Im sure that the two of you did much more! Its my turn to have some fun!”

“Fun?! W-What exactly did the two of you do?!”

“Ysabelle… You sure hid your claws well…”

While the three women were settling their past differences, Jin was busy observing the trio. Unconsciously, he let out a mental sigh and remarked to himself:

‘Hah… I really should reread Master Isseis book. I wonder if theres aHow to train your harem e-book.

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