My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 108 The Elven Forest (3)

One whole week had passed since Eyghons demise.

To most people, one week was a short time. School children went to class just as they did any other week. Office workers returned to their buildings to grind the day away. And the world kept spinning without much interference. Other than some tantalising news, that one week was rather mundane for most.

As for me… That week was the most hectic of my life.

Day by day, I had been brought to meetings lasting for hours on end. Vampires from High Society, exalted Hunters that represented their own country, and even the elusive Merfolk had sent one representative to curry my favour.

I wasnt spared at night either. Ysabelle was one thing, but Lilith and Irina had felt left out from my tryst in Eyghons stomach. While I attempted to obtain the ultimate dream of sleeping with all three of them at once, the girls werent all too pleased with my greed.

Therefore, I was forced to take turns throughout the night, endlessly shooting out blanks by the time morning came. And then, before I could even get one second to myself, I would be whisked away to my morning meetings.

Truthfully, I cant remember the last time Id had a proper rest.

Fortunately, my personal hell was going to end real soon.

“Didnt you say that the Elven Forest was isolated? Why are we using the Warp Gates rather than taking a boat then?” I asked the black-haired woman who held my left arm in her hands.

Ysabelle, who was busy snuggling and sniffing my scent, looked up at me and said: “The Elves may be reclusive, but they arent completely ignorant of everything. On the outskirts of the Elven Forest, there is a Warp Gate station that we can teleport to. However, it does take a lot of paperwork and permission to obtain the right to teleport there.”

“I see… Why is Rosalyn there anyway? Shouldnt she be at the Shadowgarden House?”

“I dont know,” Ysabelle shook her head in thought. “Rosa has always been an enigma to us. She keeps to herself, and no one knows what shes been doing these past fifteen years.”

“Oh? Didnt you meet her?” I raised my eyebrows and shot back a question. Id always assumed that the four girls had kept in contact, even when I wasnt part of the equation. Else, how could they be this close?

“We did, once or twice. But most of the time, we talk over the phone. Truth be told, I dont even know what she looks like now. She might be a whole other person, and I wouldnt recognise her.”

“Is that so?”

That was a shocker. It seems like Rosalyn has become quite an enigma during the years I was missing. Also, it didnt help that my memory of her was still fragmented. I could still remember bits and pieces of her face, most notably, the unique earthy fragrance that used to envelop her entire being. But other than that… We will have to get to know each other from scratch.

Fortunately, it seems like the Shadowgarden House wasnt against our meeting, so that was a good start. Additionally, I heard from the messengers of the Blackburn House that Rosalyn herself was keen to meet me.

So far, it seems like meeting Rosalyn would be the smoothest sailing of all.

And once weve been bonded… Hopefully, the last remnants of my missing memories will return, and my soul will be whole again.

Speaking of which, Ive only awakened three out of the five abilities so far…

My Spacetime powers came after I consumed Irinas blood. Creation followed soon after by bonding with Lilith. And finally, Destruction was awakened by Ysabelles tantalising taste. Going by that trend, I would awaken one more ability by consuming Rosalyns blood, which meant that I would be missing one.

I wonder if I had to awaken it through other means? Well, that would be a problem for me in the future. Present me should focus on reuniting with Rosalyn.

I waited patiently as the final preparations were completed. Irina sauntered over with Variel, her protector, and Luminita, her maidservant. Not just that, it seems like a new entourage had joined in the fray, with several new Vampires from the Everwinter House helping with the luggage. Apparently, Matriarch Innocence had a change of heart. Rather than resisting Irinas desire to follow me around, she leaned into it.

From what Id heard, the Everwinter and Blackburn Houses were even keen on creating a new Vampire House for me. And while I didnt know the details yet, it seems they were fine with Irina and Ysabelle marrying into that new family.

Naturally, I was ecstatic by the news. I could care less about having power or influence. The most important thing was I could provide a safe space for my loved ones to live, and having a Vampire House was the first step in the right direction.

After affirming the Everwinter Houses entourage, I looked over to Lilith, who was already patiently waiting at the gate with Capella and Lisa. Lilith glanced over at the Everwinter company, and her eyes couldnt help but twitch.

Unlike the Blackburns and the Everwinters, the Moonreaver House wasnt that thrilled with the idea of Lilith leaving their family. Though, that was to be expected. Unlike Irina and Ysabelle, Lilith was the undisputed future heir to their family. The Moonreaver House wasnt able to bear such a loss. Not to mention that siscon Sirius wouldnt let Lilith do so, even if it meant the betterment of his family.

“Is everybody here?”

“Yes, were all present.”

“Okay, please establish a connection with the operatives at the Elven Forest.”

The middle-aged Vampire who operated the Warp Gates asked for a headcount, and I gave the nod. I didnt bring much; therefore, I didnt need to take much. Truthfully, as long as I had Irina, Lilith and Ysabelle, I would be content. Those faces that stalked them were nothing more than canon fodder to me. So even if we left some of them behind, I wouldnt lose a second of sleep.

Bored while waiting for the operatives to establish a connection, I looked around the other Warp Gates. Most of the coalition forces had long returned, and there werent many people left in the Blackburn House. But that didnt mean everyone had returned yet.

Some had stayed to do business with the Blackburn House; others took this opportunity to rest after participating in a tense war.

But there are some… Who remained for more personal reasons.


“Hmmm? What is it?”

Ysabelles soft mumble entered my consciousness, drawing my attention away from the numerous Warp Gates and back to the girl by my side.

“See that man over there? Thats Jerome Warclaw. The Alpha of the Warclaw Tribe.”

Ysabelle pointed her finger toward a suave young man who seemed just as tall as me. When I began to look at him, I realised that hed been staring at me this entire time. His chiselled face hidden a mixture of irritation and rage, while his glistening eyes betrayed some semblance of killing intent.

“What did I do to him? Why was he showing me such animosity?”

“You dont remember?!”

“Remember what?”

“Back when wed first met! Didnt you fling someone away with your magic? Dont tell me you forgot that?!”

“I did that?”

Now that Ysabelle mentioned it… Yeah, it did ring a bell. I was so focused on reuniting with her back then that Id blocked out everything else. Ah, if I did send him flying, that does explain why hes so irate. I guess I should apologise…

“Hes also the one whos been chasing me all this time.”


What the hell? Did this guy think he could get together with my Ysabelle? Fuck, I should send him flying once more!

“Jin, Ysabelle… Do you know that man?” Lilith, who noticed our little exchange, walked over with her arms in akimbo, clearly irritated by the young man.

“What? Dont tell me you ran into him as well?”

“Brother! That man tried to pick Lilith and me up when you were in Eyghons belly! Id thought wed sent him away last time. To think that hes still here… Im afraid hell try to hit on us again.”

Using her fear as an excuse, Irina flung herself onto my free arm. Although I knew that she was clearly lying and wasnt afraid of that man in the slightest, I still felt a senseless fury creeping up my heart.

That motherfucker… He tried to hit on all three of my lovers?! Does he have a death wish?!

Alright… Since we have some time, let me give him a piece of my mind.

“Dont kill him. Dealing with the aftermath would be annoying.” Lilith reminded me to hold my punches as I waltzed over to the fuming man.

It didnt take long for the both of us to stand toe-to-toe with each other. Since our heights were so similar, our line of sight was almost equal. His eyes were blazing with an unadulterated fury, one that I was likely rekindling.

Oh? What right do you have to be angry? You tried to hit on my women, damn it! Hah… I should remain cordial. I cant let this asshole ruin this joyous day.

“… You have something to say to me?”

“Hmph! Just because you defeated Eyghon, you think youre hot stuff?” That broken mind of his was unable to comprehend logical thoughts as he spouted some nonsense at me: “I want you to apologise.”

“Huh? What for?”

“For sending me flying! You made me land in a pile of dead, smelly fish! Do you know how embarrassing it was to crawl out from a fishermans pile like a piece of shit?!” The moronic Werewolf barked at me while fuming from his nostrils.

“And while youre at it, get those bitches to apologise too! You assholes were made for each other! They sent me into that same fishermans pile! Tch, I never should have tried to get together with those bitches. You fucking idiots are all not right in the head!”

Oh? Okay… Im done with this conversation.

“You know… You dont have to wait for your Warp Gate anymore.”


“Since you like fish so much…”

Magic power filled my veins as my Soul Armament landed on my fingers. Azure light filled my middle ring as my control over Spacetime came to centre stage. It didnt take much for my spell to complete. Ever since Id awakened my third ability, my overall control over my Vampire Aspect has doubled in efficiency. And now, I was able to use it at full force.

Before the Werewolf could even make a single move, my spell was completed, and the die was cast.

“Let me send you back there!!!”


Somewhere in the fishing village of the neighbouring country…

“Akkan! Why are you putting a covered tent over your catch today?”

“Man, you dont know! Theres this crazy bitch that keeps falling from the sky! He ruined my catch twice now! If I dont protect my fish, hell come flying into it again!”

“A man falling from the sky? What are you, Chicken Little?”

“No! You dont believe me, but hes real! Let me warn you, he loves fish! If he sees a pile of uncovered fish, hell dive right into it!”

“Haha, youre telling lies again! How can a man falling from the sky love-…”


At that moment, the two fishmongers saw a flash of azure light. And just a mere second later… A suave young man was lying amongst the pile of fish. He was dazed and confused, which led to him scattering the fish all around as his body contaminated the wild catch with sweat and hair.

Unable to bear it no longer, Akkan fell to his knees and cried:


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