My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 19 Jin's Growth (1)

The mark on Variels hand continued to shine ever so brightly. Perhaps it was my imagination, but the warm temperatures of the training room slightly began to dip as cool mist escaped from that luxuriously decorated emblem.

“A Vampire Aspect?”

“Yes, its the bread and butter of all True Vampires.” Variel continued to put magic power into his Vampire Aspect as he adjusted his tie. “All True Vampires, regardless of whether they were naturally born or transformed using the Contract of Equals, will possess their own unique Vampire Aspects.”

“Vampire Aspects act as catalysts for True Vampires to utilise magic. In fact, by using our Vampire Aspects, we never have to weave a spell. Everything moves in accordance with our desires and within nanoseconds…”

Taking advantage of the moment, the seasoned butler stretched his hand and made a finger gun sign. And before I could even comprehend his actions, a shard of ice was shot out at breakneck speeds, far quicker than the eye could follow.

“… Reality can be changed.”

Variel dropped his arm casually as if nothing had happened. However, as someone who studied magic his entire life, I knew how impressive that simple feat was.

Traditional human magic worked in four major steps. First, the magicians mind makes a conscious decision to cast a spell. Following that, magic power would be diverted from the core to whichever catalyst the magician chose. Next, the magical power would be weaved into a spell that the magician wished to cast. And finally, reality would be altered as per the magicians spell.

All of these steps took crucial time and processing power from the brain. In fact, their long cast times were the main weakness of all magicians. Through repetitive training and assistance from high-end catalysts, a magicians cast time can be significantly reduced. However, there were limits to how much one could whittle down their cast time.

Human magicians having long cast times were acceptable in a research setting. However, that additional second that a human magician spent could be the difference between life and death when it came to combat.

Judging from the beautiful demonstration that Variel had just put on for us, I could tell that there was no spell being weaved. Which meant that there were only two steps for True Vampires to use magic. Taking their magic from the core and changing reality immediately after.

That was… so broken.

“Of course, there are limitations to the Vampire Aspect as well.”

Contrary to my expectations, the proud True Vampire began talking about the pitfalls of their broken ability.-.

“While Vampire Aspects allow you to use magic without any spells or catalysts, you are limited by what type of magic you can use with the Vampire Aspects. For me, my Vampire Aspect only limits me to creating ice shards. If I want to use any other magic, I will have to follow the traditional method.”

“… So its something like a speciality?”

“You got it.”

I see… Truth to be told, that came as a relief. If every True Vampire in the world had the ability to use any type of magic without the cast time, humans might have been wiped off the face of the Earth centuries before the Outer Demons even invaded.

“So what determines a Vampire Aspect?”

“Many factors,” Variel stroked his chin and put on a wizened face. “Your bloodline is a key point. Members of the Everwinter Clan would almost always inherit a Vampire Aspect that has something to do with cold magic. Be it calling blizzards or simply creating ice.”

“Really? So would I inherit a Vampire Aspect that has something to do with the Everwinter House as well?”

“Hard to say. While your bloodline is a key factor, your soul is even more important. Besides, you werent born from our clan, so the likelihood of you inheriting our powers isnt high.”

“I see…”

Thats a shame. I was looking forward to experimenting with the ice and snow that was in abundance over here. Still, no matter what kind of Vampire Aspect I got, I was confident that I could mould it into one that fit my liking.

“What about you, Irina? What Vampire Aspect did you get?”

“M-Me?! E-Ermmm…”

Hmmm? Why was Irina behaving so fidgety? I only wanted to know her Aspect as it might give some clue on what mine would be. Fortunately, my answer came from another source.

“The Young Miss has inherited the Winter Sovereign Aspect! The second Vampire in history to obtain that Aspect after the Matriarch! If all goes well, the Young Miss will be the future of the Everwinter House!”


I looked down at Irina, whose face was beginning to flush. Evidently, she wasnt a fan of Variels dramatic response. But, I understand why Irina was being treasured by the Everwinter House now.

“What powers does the Winter Sovereign Aspect have?”

“As the name suggests, the owner of the Winter Sovereign Aspect will become the Lord of Winter. The one that controls ice and snow like no one ever could. Creating glaciers and turning the world back into the Ice Age is nothing more than a simplicity for a True Vampire who owns that godly Aspect. It is truly a power most fit for the noblest members of the Everwinter House.”

Goodness, was my little sister that overpowered? I continued to stare at the blushing girl, who couldnt even look back into my eyes. She shuffled her feet as her beady eyes started to sweat. She kind of reminded me of a Chihuahua that had been caught by its owners for biting their shoes.

This adorable creature is the Lord of Winter?

“Variel, please keep quiet.”

“As you wish!”

As I watched the old butler bow down in reverence to the gorgeous girl younger than me, something clicked in my mind.

I see… Now, Im able to paint a better picture of what Vampire society looks like. Those with poor Aspects could only be relegated to serving those with exceptional ones. Irina, who was only twenty-three, enjoyed perks within the Everwinter House that others could only dream of. Meanwhile, even though Variel was much older and definitely far more powerful than her, he could only live as her servant.

To think that disparities like these existed within the Vampire ranks as well.

What if I awakened a poor Vampire Aspect as well? What would happen to me? Could I even survive in this cutthroat Vampire Noble House?

No, what the hell am I thinking? It doesnt matter if I had an excellent Aspect or a trash one. The only true thing that mattered was my desire to succeed. So what if I was given the worst Vampire Aspect in the world?

I will show these arrogant Vampires!

“Alright then, so how do I awaken a Vampire Aspect?”

“Theres a ritual we all do to awaken it,” Variel answered with a smile. “However, your body is still not in its prime state. If we rush it, we might do more harm than good. So I suggest you train in the basics of Vampire arts.”


The butler nodded before clapping twice. Seemingly out of nowhere, two figures appeared behind the old Vampire and gave us a respectful bow. One of them was a humongous male who seemed only an inch shorter than my father. The other one was a young maiden that was of an athletic build that was no taller than Irina standing next to me.

“These two are my Blood Servants. They have served the Everwinter House for fifty years and have been perfecting their Vampiric bodies ever since. They will teach you how to control your physical strength, how to increase your regeneration, how to control your bloodlust and a plethora of other things.”

“… Youre not training me?”

“No, not yet, at least.” Variel shook his head and continued: “What you need is a trainer that can guide you through your transformation from human to Vampire. Its something that I lack.”

“I see…”

“Also, dont underestimate them just because they are Blood Servants. While they cant use magic, they are quite proficient in Blood Arts.”

Oh? Blood Arts? Thats a term Id never heard before. Jesus, being in the Everwinter House is like peeling the skin of an onion. Just when Id thought Id learnt it all, a new layer of information presents itself.

Hehe, I really should thank Irina for bringing me into this gold mine. Theres possibly no better place in the entire world for me to become stronger! Well, it doesnt matter if they are True Vampires, Blood Servants or Ancient Vampires.

If it means that Ill become stronger…

Ill take them all on!!!


“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!”

While Jin and Irina were busy frolicking, a certain someone wasnt having such a good time. Pacing up and down within her room, a young blonde woman could be seen biting down on her nails while eagerly checking her phone.

“Young Miss, please calm your anger.”

A woman dressed in a bodyguard suit crossed one arm over her chest and bowed to the angsty blonde girl.

“Calm down? How can you tell me to calm down at this time?! Irina, that bitch! She actually kidnapped Jin right before my eyes!!! I should have guessed that she was up to something!”

“… No one could have anticipated her brazen act, Young Miss.”

Rather than calming the flame that was her masters wrath, the bodyguards words intensified the young womans anger.

“Brazen… Yes, brazen indeed! When the rest of us werent looking, she dared to steal and hide him!” Looking like she was about to explode at any moment, the young girl took the time to sit down on her luxurious chair. “Has the Everwinter House agreed to our teleportation request?”

“N-No… They said that due to the upcoming Winter Hunt, they wont be allowing any visitors.”

“A bullshit excuse,” the blonde snorted loudly. “Irina is just using her influence to keep us away from Jin for as long as possible!”

At this point, the blonde girl angrily stared at her phone before throwing it into her bed.

“Irina is not answering my messages! The other two seem to be busy as well! That motherfucker! How far has she planned out this kidnapping!!!”

The blonde girls mesmerising vale eyes were soon dyed in the colours of crimson blood as her entire room began to shake. The magic power coming out of her body was so tantalising that even her bodyguard couldnt help but take two steps backwards.

“Fine! If thats how you want to play it, Irina!”

Raising her arms, the young Vampire threw a plaque right at her bodyguard and commanded: “Go to the forbidden library and get me these books. Also, tell my brother that Ill be entering an independent study session.”

“… Lord Sirius wont be pleased by this.”

“Like I care!” The girl snapped and flared her nostrils. “If that stupid brother of mine thinks that he can control me, he has a screw loose in his head!” Folding her arms as if she was losing her patience, the blonde woman continued: “Dont worry about anything. My brother wont do anything to you. Just tell him word for word what I said, and if he has any issue with it, he can come to me.”

“… Your wish is my command.”

Although the bodyguard was unwilling, she was ultimately the young girls servant. Thus, with gritted teeth, she dragged her feet out of the door to complete her mistress orders.

Which was quite unfortunate as if she had stayed just a minute later…

“Ah, Jin… Your soul is getting stronger; I can feel it.”

As if her earlier anger was a lie, the blonde womans frown melted into a blessed smile. The pale white of her face gradually flushed red, and her fuming eyes turned blissful with ecstasy. Unable to hold it back any longer, she reached into her drawer and pulled out a picture of a scrawny young man.

“I have waited too long… Too long for this day to come…”

The girl paused with the picture in her hands. Tender emotions rose from the depths of her heart as the memories began to pour in. It didnt take long for her to express her love by planting a kiss on the photograph.

“Jin… Dont worry… Ill come and see you soon.”

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