My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 20 Jin's Growth (2)

A month had passed since Jin had first stepped foot in the Everwinter Estate.

The day was calm as the Arctic winds howled as per usual. Heavy snowfall drifted into the humongous dominion as the warm sunlight of the morning heated the secluded area. It was just like any other day for the members of the Everwinter Estate.

Well, at least that was what it looked like from the outside…

“Variel, youve arrived.”

Matriarch Innocence watched nonchalantly as a wizened old man walked into her chambers. As the highest power within one of the worlds greatest Vampire Houses, Matriarch Innocence barely had any visitors on a regular day. And for a mere butler to impose on her sacred territory…

“My liege.” The butler bowed down respectfully as he addressed the ancestor of the Everwinter Clan. “You called for me?”

“Yes, howre the preparations for the Winter Hunt going?”

“Didnt the Steward mention it in his reports?”

Variel shot the Matriarch a look of pure astonishment. Although the Matriarch was the de facto leader of the Everwinter Clan, that didnt mean she had her hands in all of its internal affairs. In fact, she had long washed her hands clean from all the administrative duties that came with being the leader of a Noble Vampire House.

Most of the work had been relegated to the Matriarchs eldest son, who had taken the role of Steward. While her son toils away with the most boring duties, the Matriarch would act as a shadow empress, controlling the larger matters of the House as and where she saw fit.

However, the main reason for Variels shock was the fact that the ancient Vampire was taking an interest in the Winter Hunt, something that she hadnt participated in for centuries.

“You know my style. I dont take reports from just one source.”-.

“But of course.”

Variel nodded in agreement. One didnt stay as a leader of one of the most powerful and wealthy Vampire Houses just by being strong. They had to have a certain amount of wisdom as well. And while it might not be apparent due to her frivolous behaviour, the Matriarch had that in abundance.

“Preparations for the Winter Hunt have been proceeding smoothly. The Blood Servants have been trained, all of the equipment has been checked, and the Northern Pole Gate has been examined. The Winter Hunt will proceed as planned.”


The Matriarch blankly stared at the butler, only to draw a wry smile from the old chap.

“Yes, and as per my investigations… No foul play will be conducted. The Young Miss will be safe.”

“Very good.”

Hearing that answer, the Matriarch finally revealed her teeth and gums. There was a reason why Matriarch Innocence sent her most competent and trusted butler to serve as Irinas protector. She knew about the lies, backstabbing and plots that plagued the Everwinter Estate. And typically, she would relish and encourage such behaviour. After all, that was how she grew the Everwinter House to the massive juggernaut that it was now.

However, Irina was too precious to die from an internal ploy. The Winter Sovereign Aspect was unique and unbelievably rare. Even though she had lived for thousands of years and bred with countless powerful Vampires, none of them managed to bear a child that controlled the Winter Sovereign Aspect.

And the problem was, Irina was too young. A twenty-three-year-old Vampire was practically a baby in the eyes of the Matriarch. Although her potential was limitless, her current power was nothing compared to the other potential heirs that the Everwinter Estate had. Also, she wasnt a once-in-a-generation genius like the Moonreaver Houses successor.

Therefore, Irina will take time to be accepted as the heir to Matriarch Innocences throne. And before that happens, Variel will behave as her safe umbrella and protect her from the harms of the Everwinter Estate.

“I hope those stupid children of mine would be smarter… Irinas success means that the Everwinter House will survive even if I somehow perish.”

“Youve trained them to be that way, my liege. Theyre just following your teachings.”

“Thats very true…”

The Matriarch felt a headache coming up as she thought of her beloved children, who wouldnt hesitate to kill each other at a moments notice. To think that the mantra upon which she built her entire Empire would one day come and bite her in the ass.

“Hah… I feel a headache brewing. Why dont you let me suck your blood, Variel? Like old times sake?”

The white-haired Vampire eyed the old man as if he were a piece of meat with her wet tongue licking her cherry lips.

“My liege, my old blood isnt any good. I would arrange for some virgins to be served if youd like.”

“Hmmm, are you disobeying my order?”

“Not at all, my liege. Im sure that you wouldnt like an inadequate snack like me. My bloodline is nowhere as pure as youd like.”

The two stared each other down like two deers that were about to lock horns. While the seemingly young woman was far superior in every aspect, the older butler didnt flinch. He stood his ground and endured the burning gaze that the Matriarch was shooting him.

“Hah… You know, among all of the men Id ever wanted, youre the only one that Id never got to sleep with.”

“Im honoured.”

“HAHA!!! You should be, my little doll!” The Matriarch stood up from her seat and walked toward the elderly man. Grabbing the butler by the chin, she brought her lips closer to his and whispered: “How long have we known each other? Three thousand years?”

“Three thousand, one hundred and sixty-three… My liege.”

“And in all those years, you have always rejected my advances. I wonder if youre just impotent or gay.”

“I had a wife, my liege.”

“I know you did,” the white-haired lady smiled and said nothing more. On his part, Variel shook his head and kept the silence. As for this part of their history, some things were best left unspoken.

“Right… Speaking of lovers, didnt Irina take in a boy toy recently?”

“… Youd forgotten about it?”

“Haha! Though that brat made quite an impression, hes nowhere near worthy of my memory.”

That was true. For the Matriarch, a newly created Vampire was nothing more than an amusement. In fact, the ancient Vampire couldnt count the number of Vampires shed created out of sheer boredom. It would be stranger if Matriarch Innocence could even remember Jins appearance.

“So, hows he faring? Has he become the strongest Vampire in the world yet?”

The Matriarch chortled in a demeaning tone. Clearly, she didnt think much of the boy toy that her granddaughter had picked up. However, Variels reaction wasnt as mocking. Rather, his face turned ashen as he grimly said:

“My liege… Havent you been reading my reports?”

“Reports? Whats there to read about a mere boy toy?”

“My liege…”

This time, it was Variels turn to feel a headache. He should have anticipated this since he was well aware of the Matriarchs temperament. Alas, it was his fault for not personally reporting this matter sooner.

“Whats the matter? Why are you getting so tense over something so small?”

“My liege… That boy toy that you had just talked about… Just defeated all of my Blood Servants.”

“… What did you say?”

The Matriarchs teasing smile quickly turned. For the first time since the butler arrived, the ancient Vampire seemingly let go of her facade and showed her true face for a moment. A face of shock and bewilderment.

“All of them? Wasnt Zuno part of your Blood Servant army?”

“Yes,” Variel nodded harshly. “Zuno was defeated three days ago.”

“… Youre saying a one thousand-year-old Blood Servant lost to a child that was born a month ago?”

“Thats right,” the butler answered without a tremor in his voice. “If I didnt witness it myself, I would have been questioning the result, just like you.”

The Matriarch fell into thought as, for the first time in a long while, the woman didnt show her playful side. Almost instantly, the cordial persona that she draped on evaporated into nothingness as the cold-blooded Vampire who led the Everwinter House into their glory days, returned.


“Yes, my liege.”

Variel knew the severity of the situation and solemnly knelt down on the floor. The Matriarchs affectionate eyes had all but disappeared, and all that remained was a piercing gaze that didnt allow a single ounce of falsehood.

“It all started when Id first started training the boy. In the beginning, I sent two of my weakest Blood Servants to train his body and teach him how to move in his Vampire body. And I must say, he learnt the basics extremely quickly. Id never seen any True Vampire with a learning speed like his.”

The butler recollected the rapid pace that Jin picked up all of the basics. Regeneration, body-strengthening, high-speed movements, enhanced senses… Within a week of training, the young boy had taken significant strides in mastering all of them. While he wasnt perfect, Jin was able to put up a fight with the Blood Servants that Variel sent. Of course, he wasnt beating them yet, but with the help of his former hunter parents, Jins training had seemingly doubled the fruits of his labour.

“As our training intensified, Jins learning pace just got quicker. Eventually, his body finally grew into its final mature state. That was two weeks ago.”

“Hoh, he took two weeks to grow his body. Thats much faster than Id anticipated.”

“Yes,” the butler nodded at the Matriarchs estimates. “Before then, he wasnt able to beat a single one of my Blood Servants. While he was becoming stronger and putting up a fight, he was no match for my well-trained soldiers.”

“Huh? So what happened?”

Variel paused for a moment. Knowing that this was key, the butler didnt want to rush his account. Rather, he firmly stared back at the bewildered Matriarch and boldly said:

“We awakened his Aspect.”

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