My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 34 Rising (4)

Two days had passed since the Winter Hunt had come to an end. Apparently, my antics with the Ice Dome were a bigger deal than Id imagined, and the whole Everwinter Estate was in an uproar. Fortunately, the Matriarch had given her orders, and no one in the Everwinter House came to disturb me, but I still had to keep a low profile.

All that commotion gave me ample time to rest and recover. Throughout the month, I had been training non-stop, and that fatigue really piled up. In fact, I was too tired to even suck my beloved sisters blood, something that I would do at least once a day.

And when I finally did recover, I couldnt even leave the premise as it would have drawn too much attention. Perhaps this was what stardom felt like?

But luckily for me, there were two people who could still fly under the radar.

“Mom… Dad… Have you packed your bags?”

“Jesus, you asked us that question a dozen times already! Are you senile or something?” My mother warmly chastised me as she dragged her luggage to the door: “Cant you see that Im packed to the brim? Or do you want me to smuggle you inside here as well?”

“Honestly, not that bad of a plan.”

Apparently, I couldnt even go to the training grounds as there might be people trying to catch a glimpse of me. I didnt expect that my small display of strength would bring in eyes from all corners of the Everwinter House. Although the Matriarch had ordered that no punishment would be meted out, there were a few proud Vampires who were still bitter. Or they were acting as spies for their respective factions.

Urgh… I just want to get out of this hellhole.

“Haha, as much as I would love to bring you back, today is the day where we part ways, my son.” My father, who was carrying the bulk of the luggage, happily tapped on my shoulder and laughed. “Besides, it was your idea, wasnt it?”

My father was right. After realising the status that Id reached, I knew that it was dangerous to keep my parents around, particularly in the Everwinter House, which was hostile to me. Especially since it had nothing to do with them. My parents werent Vampires but ordinary human beings. Their place wasnt with the Everwinter House; it was with our home in a human city.

Also… I couldnt rely on my parents to protect me anymore.-.

“You have grown so much in the past month that I doubt our relatives would even recognise you anymore! Youve also become so strong… Who would have thought that my bedridden little boy would have been capable of causing an uproar in the esteemed Everwinter House?!”


“Haha! Sorry about that! But it sure is refreshing to see those snobbish Vampires react to my son!”

What the hell are you saying in front of three other Vampires? Fortunately, Variel, Irina, and Luminita were a good sport and just smiled it off.

“What are your plans now? I doubt the Everwinter House will look fondly at you now. You know, its not too late to return home with us. You might be a Vampire now, so there might be some issues with getting permission, but we can work through it.”


“Haha, whatever are you saying? Even if it means breaking the law, we will keep our doors open for you! Well do anything to keep our little boy safe!”

“Mom… Im twenty-five…”

Hah… Even at her age, my mother still behaved like a little child. No, perhaps the main reason they acted this way… was to make me feel safe. Ever since the day I was crippled, my parents did everything that they could for me.

They quit their jobs. They worked odd hours. They abandoned going out with their friends. They basically uprooted their entire lives to tend to my every need. It wasnt a stretch to say that they had sacrificed fifteen years of their prime just to care for their good-for-nothing son.

Thats why… I cant burden them anymore.

“No, Im not going to go back home.” I smiled as I rejected my parents goodwill. “There are still many things that I need to do. Besides, you saw how strong I became. I can protect myself now.”

“Yes… Yes, youre right. You have become strong.”

My fathers face loosened up, and his shoulders relaxed. He saw how I dealt with the fifteen True Vampires that came to attack me. He participated in my training every day for the past month, trying to impart as much physical training as he could in that short period of time. If there was anyone who knew how much Id grown, it would be him.

“Youve grown so strong within this short time… I fear to imagine how strong youll be in a year.”

“Haha, by then, I bet that he would be able to beat you!” My mother interjected with her signature joyful face. “He also has Irina to train him!”

Laughing as she walked, my mother reached my oblivious little sister and winked: “Thank you for taking care of my stupid son, Irina! Ill leave him in your hands!”

“Y-yes, Ill take good care of him!”

Over the past month, Irinas relationship with my parents has improved dramatically. In the beginning, my parents were wary of my beautiful sister, so much so that they flew to the heart of the Everwinter House just to take care of me. However, as they got to know Irina a little better, the suspicion that they had dissipated away, and my mother had even fostered a loving relationship with the girl. Sometimes, it was odd to see the two bonding over my childhood photos, but I didnt care as long as they got along.

“Mom, can you stop all the worrying? Im perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”

“HAHAHA!!! Its my god-given right to worry about you. You are my son, after all!”

“Yes… I am your son.”

I remember the days when I would suffer from my illness with pain searing through every fibre of my body. I remember the many times when I couldnt even muster up the strength to eat my meals. I remember the fifteen years Id spent as a cripple, always fearing that the next day would be my last.

And no matter what the situation was, my parents were there. They didnt just treat me as their child; they treated me like their precious belonging and tended to my every need. They treated me when I was sick. When I needed companionship, they would be there. They encouraged me to pursue my studies and did everything in their power to make that happen.

The things that they did for me over those fifteen years… I could never repay.

Even though I had become a True Vampire, I am and will always be the son of Jael and Elna Valter. It didnt matter that we were two separate species now. It didnt matter that Vampires looked down on humans.

These two angels were my parents. That was the unadulterated truth.

And they will always be my family.

“Mom… Dad… Please bear with my selfishness once more.”

Before the two could finally leave for the aeroplane, I stopped them right at the door. It would probably be a long time before I could see them again, so I had to do this now. Holding each one of their hands, I went down to my knees and stared them straight in the eyes.

“Jin?! What are you doing?!”

“Jin! A man shouldnt kneel down to others so easily!”

Naturally, both my parents were stunned by my sudden gesture, and they quickly urged me to stand up. But for the first time in my life, I was going to be a disobedient child.

“Yes, youve taught me that… And so, this will be the first and last time that Ill kneel to another person.”

I released their hands, giving them a chance to take a few steps back and observe my sincerity. My father was right; a man should never kneel to another so easily. Even Variel, Irina and Luminata were shocked by my sudden actions. But, it wasnt a deed that I was going to regret.

My eyes never faltered for a second, and my parents finally understood how firm my resolve was. They paused for a moment before turning solemn. They knew the magnitude of the situation and responded accordingly.

Haha, I guess we really do share the same blood.

Holding back my emotions, I pushed my forehead onto the wooden floorboards giving them the most respectful kowtow that I could muster. I couldnt see their faces, and neither could they see mine, but oddly enough… I could feel that our hearts were connected. And thus, from the bottom of my heart, I said:

“Mom… Dad… Thank you… Thank you for raising me!!!”

It was just one sentence. One sentence was all I wanted to say.

However, that one sentence carried fifteen years of weight behind it. The many years of sacrifice that my parents had to go through. The many years of suffering that they had to endure on my behalf.

They could have abandoned me. They could have sent a caregiver to take care of me while continuing their work. They could have just left me to die. But they didnt. They gave me everything and more.

And thus, they deserved my knees.

The knees of a future sovereign.

“Goodness, what are you doing in front of Irina?”

My mother bent down and helped me up. As I looked up, I could see her eyes turn misty even though she was still plastering the joyful smile that I knew and loved.

“Youre really such a handful… Are you trying to make it harder for us to leave?”

“Hehe, if youre up for it, I can turn you into a True Vampire, and you can turn Dad into your Blood Servant. That way, you can stay here.”

“Stupid child, we dont want to become Vampires!!! Though, making your Dad into my Blood Servant does sound nice!”

“… What stupid ideas are you putting in your mothers mind, Jin?”

The three of us broke into laughter. Ah, I am going to miss this. The days when I could be carefree and relaxed with my parents. Alas, all good things must come to an end. If I held them up any longer, the nightly winds might be too strong for them to fly back. Standing back on my feet, I pulled the two people who had influenced my life the most into my arms.

“Mom, Dad. Stay safe. Ill miss you.”

“Stupid boy,” my mother returned my hug and said: “Our door is always open for you. It doesnt matter if youre a Vampire or not.”

“Do call us every now and then. Well be worried if we dont hear from you.”

My parents said very parent-like things just before our final farewells. Even till the very end, the two couldnt help but treat me like a child. But well, I guess this was what fifteen years of bonding looks like.

Digging my face deeper into their bodies, I burnt the memory of their scent into my brain. Not that Ill ever forget it in the first place. From now on, I will continue on my journey without them.

“Take care…”

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