My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 37 The Second Soul

[NSFW: Warning! There will be an R-18 scene in this chapter. Please skip this chapter if you dont want to read stuff like this. All chapters with R-18 scenes will have this warning tag to help with your reading experience. Otherwise, to the ones who stuck around, please enjoy! ;D]

Irinas words were the final nail in the coffin. Overwhelmed by my lust for her, irrelevant thoughts in my mind quickly faded away. There was only one thing on my mind, one thought that dominated my mind, body and soul…

I wanted to ravage this woman and make her mine.


I directed my manhood into Irinas petite little hole, thrusting it slowly so as to not hurt her. Irina moaned loudly at my action, but I did not know whether it was from pain, pleasure, or a combination of both, I did not know. All that I could focus on was the feeling of ecstasy that my lower half was in.

One would think that such a small hole couldnt take a behemoth. However, with the help of the natural lubricant our nether regions had and Irina positioning herself to help me enter, the tip of my manhood pierced the forbidden garden.

Almost instantly, I felt something tear in Irinas body, and Id instinctively pulled out before I went any further. I looked down, mainly at her womanhood, only to find traces of blood dripping from that precious hole Id just pierced.

“B-Brother? Why did you stop?”


Irina might have said something, but I couldnt hear it. My attention was focused on the beautiful juicy fruit that was concocted with a mixture of sweet nectar and Irinas virgin blood. And it wasnt any kind of virgin blood; it was blood that came straight from the hymen. If I were a regular human, I might have been turned off when seeing something red flow out from the vagina of the woman I loved, but…

“W-Wait! B-Brother, stop!!!”

Once again, Irina seemed to be saying something, but my ears were blocked. No, it was fairer to say that my desire to drink from that juicy, juicy tap overwhelmed my five senses. I kept Irinas legs spread as my mouth descended straight for the most seductive thing Id ever seen in my life.

I couldnt help it. Even if I wanted to stop, my body moved all on its own. Not to mention, my mind and soul were hellbent on drinking that blood. Before Irina could even react, my upper mouth connected with her lower mouth, and I gave her the deepest kiss Id ever done.

My tongue greedily forced its way into the hole, which had been torn bigger by my extraordinary member. The hymen had been ripped apart, and the blood that came from it was less than a few drops. However, those few drops were extremely precious, and I didnt want to waste even a single cell.

Almost instantly, my taste buds were overwhelmed. The sweetness of Irinas blood was still there, and there was a hint of familiarity to it as I sucked her blood every night. However, there was a distinct difference. Mainly, it was far more concentrated and thick. Not to mention, there was a salty and slimy texture that came from Irinas natural lubricants.

But no matter what texture or smell it produced, my verdict remained the same.

It was fucking delicious.

Lost in my desires, my tongue swirled around inside Irinas womanhood, hoping to find even one more drop. I became like a ravaged beast and continued sucking for god knows how long. I came to my senses only after a gush of fresh liquid squirted out from inside her.

I removed my mouth from Irinas vulva and looked in shock as the girl covered her reddened face with her arms. Her whole body was spasming slightly, from the back of her ears to the tips of her toes. And most importantly, tears were falling from the corners of her eyes.

“Irina! Are you okay?!”-.

“B-Brother… Youre mean… I told you to stop…”

“I-Im sorry, did I hurt you?!”

“No, you silly!!!”

Irina grabbed my wrists and pulled my body up on top of her. She positioned herself once more so that we were back in a mating position, with my manhood lying directly over the delicious hole that Id just ravaged. She grabbed my member with one of her free hands and directed it into her gaping vagina.

“You went ahead and made me feel so good that I could not control myself. I wanted us to enjoy our first time together!”

“Ah, so thats why you were crying?”

“Im not crying!” Irina used the hand behind my head and pushed my lips down towards hers. Once more, our tongues did the dance as we both greedily tasted each others saliva. After a full minute of debaucherous tongue activity, Irina separated our mouths, leaving a transparent trail of sultry liquid behind.

“Brother… Do you know how long Ive waited for this day? These arent tears of sadness or pain! Im just… so happy!!!”

“You little imp…”

Fine then! If its happiness that my little sister wants, then its happiness Ill give her!


I thrust my hips and immediately pierced into Irinas womanhood. The girl moaned once again, but this time, I could tell that it was from pure pleasure. My fully erect member dug its way through the tightest hole imaginable, and eventually, it reached the holy grail of Irinas secret garden. Her baby-making room.

The pressure mounting on my fifth limb was immense, and any slight movement could force me to prematurely ejaculate. Luckily, I managed to hold the urge in, but just barely. I looked down at our connected nether regions and was amazed by the sight I saw. Only two-thirds of my manly rod made it in, while the remaining third was still unable to taste the warm embrace of her heavenly body.

“Irina, its in… Do you feel any pain?”

“N-No… I feel fine…”

She said that, but I could see her biting the bottom half of her lip. Perhaps my manhood was a little too big for her at this moment. But alas, it was too late to turn back now.

“Ill move slowly, okay? Tell me if its too much.”

Carefully, my hips pulled out until I could feel my member just barely reaching the exit of her special place. I thrust once more, this time at a slower pace and on and on, the pattern repeats. My first few pumps were at a snails pace, probably at one pump every five seconds. And that was a consequence of my fear of causing even more harm to Irina, the woman I loved.

But that slow pace came with an unexpected advantage.

I could fully enjoy the moment, untethered by my raging lust.

Euphoric waves of pleasure pulsated through my entire body each time my manhood pushed against her tight vaginal walls. When the tip of my hardwoodkissed Irinas womb, a wave of electricity, one that Id never felt anywhere before, forced my legs to go numb. The perfume of Irinas body had been diluted away by her falling sweat, creating a fragrance note that was irresistible to a healthy male who wished to mate.

The taste of her body each time I licked her neck. The fragrance overwhelmed my senses each time I sniffed her. And most importantly, the image of her perfect face as she endured the pleasure, even going so far as to close her eyes and scrunch up like a baby who had eaten something bitter…

I loved it.

I loved all of it!!!

“Irina, Im going to go faster, okay?”

I leaned next to the girl who was desperately trying to avoid climaxing and whispered softly in her ear. That turned out to be a great idea as the moment my warm breath tickled her cheeks, her body convulsed adorably as another gush of fluids lubricated my lower half. There was a small amount, but it was significant enough to create a stain on the bed.

Embarrassed by her actions, Irina covered her face with both her hands, her complexion turning redder by the second.

My god… How can someone be this cute?

“Im going to take that as a yes.”

Although I didnt receive her verbal consent, Irinas body gave me her answer. I placed more power into my hips and began thrusting at a speed similar to that of a cuckoo clock. With Irinas womanhood now wetter than an entire ocean, it became much easier for me to slide in and out. Each time my member entered, it reached all the way to the entrance of her womb, creating an electrifying sensation whenever I kissed it with the tip of my hardwood.

The feeling of pleasure was indescribable. It was a euphoric experience that no mere human could ever feel. Even with my enhanced senses, the pleasure was able to override my thoughts as everything in my mind was filled with Irina and her otherworldly body.

Again and again and again and again…

I continued moving my hips, imitating the motion of waves crashing onto the sandy shore. Irinas beguiling voice resonated within the basement room, echoing from wall to wall and further enhancing my lust for her. Even though I was in the middle of making her my woman, it was far from enough.

I wanted more. I wanted to hear more of her voice. I wanted to see her embarrassed face turn even redder. I wanted to feel the hole that I was thrusting turn even wetter.

More… More… MORE!!!

My desires soon overwhelmed my brain, and I was no longer capable of rational thought. My hips momentum went out of my control as I could hear the sounds of slippery slaps every half second.


Irinas moans only got louder, and she also became incapable of thought. Her body was limp as if she was entrusting everything to me, giving me the ability to do whatever I wished to this enthralling young woman.

And if she was going to give control of her body to me… I was going to do whatever I wished!

My lips fell upon hers, and my tongue greedily licked on her strawberry, decadent, honey lips. Irina reacted to my immoral kiss with a lustful deed of her own. Grabbing the back of my head, Irina forced my face deeper into hers, and her tongue invaded my mouth, reaching straight to my uvula.

Like two beasts battling for territory, we exchanged tongues, all while my hips slammed into her crotch. Nothing was going on in our minds other than the feeling of our bodies coiled together like serpents doing a mating dance.

Our kiss lasted for god knows how long, but when we finally released our lips, both our tongues and lips had become swollen. I looked down at the aftermath of our lustful deeds, only to see Irinas adorable face drenched in sweat and her hair completely unkempt. Her womanly fragrance burst forth and overwhelmed my nose, and most importantly…

Her beautiful, snow-white neck…

It was enticing me… Enticing me to take a bite.

And thats what I did.


Irina let out the loudest moan of the night. My fangs sunk straight into her white flesh, forcing more of her sweet blood to flow into my mouth. As if in response, Irina bit the other side of my neck to claim her prize as well, drawing blood away from my body at a rapid pace.

We were unable to control ourselves anymore. The feeling of sex was already intense enough, and now that we were sucking each others blood… Our minds blanked out from exhilaration.

It was a feeling that no human could ever hope to reach.

It felt like we were both bonded together in a cloud, untethered by gravity and the woes of the world. Everything was so liberating. Our souls were conjoined together, and our feelings melted into one pot. It was as if our entire existence had merged together as one.

And with that feeling of bliss controlling my body, I lifted up Irinas waist and thrust my hips in one final push. My manhood was at its largest possible size, and I stabbed it all the way into Irinas body as if I wanted to skewer her with it. And as if to welcome me, her womanhood finally accepted everything that I had.

All thirty centimetres were thrust inside Irinas forbidden fruit as it pierced into her baby-making room. And with an electrifying pulse, my lower body reacted.

Splurt!!! Splurt!!! Splurt!!!

I didnt know how long my ejaculation lasted. It felt like a second, but at the same time, it felt like an hour. There was no way to tell. However, I could see the aftermath of my lust.

Soon after I released my first load, the consciousness that had evaded me quickly returned. The euphoria Id felt was settling down, and my limp legs were slowly regaining their strength. As much as I wanted to remain, I slowly retracted my fifth limb from the tight embrace of Irinas lovely cave and watched in shock as a puddle of white fluids dripped out.

Looking at that gooey mess, I couldnt help but think that Id overdone it. It was my first time, and I hadnt relieved myself ever since turning into a Vampire. Thus, my first load was naturally much more than usual. But then again, did Vampires regain vitality after doing the deed? I would need to experiment on that later. What was more important…

“Irinas soul… Its gone!”

We started indulging in our lust for each other that Id almost forgotten the original purpose of this activity.

I looked deep into my soul and noticed that the white blob had been completely removed! Although three other blobs remained, Irinas soul had been extracted successfully, and as a consequence, my soul was starting to grow brighter and stronger.

I had finally… returned Irinas soul!!!


“Irina! Ive returned your soul!”


Hearing my words, Irina checked her soul. The Aspect of the Winter Sovereign appeared on the back of her right hand, shining brighter than Id ever seen it before. At the same time, I could feel Irinas magic power grow slightly more powerful, further proving my theory.

“We did it! Thank you, Irina!!!”

I couldnt contain my elation and hugged the girl with all of my strength. Fifteen years ago, Irina tore out a quarter of her soul to help me. It must have been painful back then, and ever since, she had been living with an incomplete soul. One can only imagine the suffering shed been through as her powers couldnt fully materialise.

And now that Id returned her soul to its rightful owner, Irina can now live a complete life.

But for some reason… The girl didnt look all that happy.

“Whats the matter? Why arent you celebrating?”

“Brother… Of course, Im happy that my soul has returned, but…” Irina looked up at me with her signature puppy eyes and said: “If you dont have to return my soul, we dont have a reason to do this anymore. Im just having mixed feelings about that.”

This girl… Was she lamenting the fact that we couldnt have sex anymore?! What a pervert! But well, having a perverted little sister wasnt that bad.

“What are you talking about? You have to take responsibility.”


“Yes,” I gently stroked the side of her cheek and lovingly gave her nose a kiss. “You made me experience something otherworldly, a feeling that can never be topped! And youre saying that you wont do it with me anymore? Arent you too cruel?”

“N-No, of course not!” Irina hurriedly panicked and flailed her arms about. “We can do it again, no, in fact, I want to do it again! If Brother likes it so much, lets do it every night from now on!”


I couldnt help but smirk at my little sisters animated response. After seeing my smile, the girl finally widened her eyes and pouted like an adorable squirrel.

“Youre bullying me! Hmph! Stupid brother!”

“HAHA!!! There, there… I was just joking.”

To placate the angry girl, I gave Irina her favourite head pats, and at the same time, I allowed her to drink a little of my blood. This is how you appease an adorable Vampire; at least thats what I read in a book.

“But still, every night, huh? We might need to buy a lot of protection then.”

“Hmmm, why would we do that?” Irina took a break from drinking my blood and shot me a quizzical look. “Vampires dont use protection, you know? We have trouble reproducing as it is, so no True Vampire would ever use contraceptives.”


“Yes,” the girl continued while her secret garden rested happily above my erect manhood. “On average, a female True Vampire takes about twenty years of trying to conceive their first child. And the stronger the blood, the harder it is to reproduce. After all, Vampires are immortal. We dont rely on reproduction to survive.”

That actually made a lot of sense. The main reason why living creatures reproduce was to ensure that their species would evolve and live on to fight another day. But in the case of Vampires, we had no true need to reproduce as we essentially lived forever. Yes, there are things that can kill us, but those are external factors. When it comes to evolution, we are practically at the peak.

“With how pure our blood is, Brother being a first-generation True Vampire and me being a direct descendant of the Matriarch, the chances of me getting pregnant is so low that its virtually zero.”

“Its that bad?!”

Wait, so I couldnt conceive a child with Irina? That might be a problem… Yes, I didnt want a child right now, but maybe when Id become strong enough…

“But if we really make a baby after one try… Would you dislike it?”

“You little imp…”

Hah… Lets think about those complicated matters at a different date. Right now, there was something far, far more enticing to do. My veiny manhood stood erect, or should I say, it had never lost its desire to keep pounding into Irinas gorgeous hole, even though it had been stained with both our fluids.

And when Irina saw that, she smiled in glee and spread her legs once more, throwing thick, seductive pheromones into my sensitive nose.

“Come, Brother… You can do whatever you want… No one will come and stop us.”

“My god!!!”

My lust instantly shot up to a billion points, and I pounced on the girl once more. All of my concerns were thrown to the back of my mind that night. My parents, my training, my soul… All of that didnt matter.

All I wanted to do from now on…

Is ravage Irina all night long.

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