My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 59 They Really Came! (2)

Five auras rushed right towards Liliths residence, wholly ignoring the carnage and chaos that was falling all around them. Even without seeing their faces, I could tell that the people that were arriving were far from friendly. Not to mention, judging by the indentations in the fabric of Space, these five enemies were anything but small fries.

“Looks like we have company,” I remarked casually and almost instantly; the Asterias sent by Sirius bounced into action.

The silver-haired Vampire knight drew her rapier and gave it a swift swing. As if on call, fifteen figures rushed into the building, each one of them dressed in the same armoured battlesuit as the fierce lady. Evidently, the Asterias didnt come to protect Lilith all alone. She had brought her entire elite squad to back her up.

Good god, just how overprotective was Sirius? No wonder he stabbed me without any warning the moment he saw me getting close to his sister.

“Secure the perimeter,” Capella commanded with a sharp tone. “Protect the Young Miss with everything that you have. Make sure that not a single hair is harmed on her body, else…”

There wasnt any need for the woman to breathe another word. The fifteen True Vampires, who all seemed to have more magic power than me, instantly bowed down and shouted in unison: “We hear and obey!”

Capella nodded in satisfaction before turning to Lilith, who still had her arms wrapped around mine, and said: “Young Miss, please stay here and follow my subordinates instructions. Please dont be afraid! We will keep you safe no matter what!”

“Thank you…”

Lilith naturally accepted Capellas gracious offer. No matter how angry she was at her brother for being overprotective or harming me for no apparent reason, she wasnt stupid enough to push away an Asterias for her own ego.

“Lisa,” Before the silver-haired woman left to meet her foes, she stopped right before Liliths butler and pinched her cheeks. “Look at your thin face! Youve barely trained since we last met!”-.

“Sister Lissandra…”

“Hmph! I knew that youd been slacking off, but this is too much! How will you inherit the Capella title in the future?!”


Oh? As expected, these two beautiful silver-haired ladies were related. Well, I kind of expected it just by comparing their facial features, but with Vampires, you can never know.

“A thousand sessions,” Capella snorted as the grip on her fingers tightened. “Once this crisis is over, Ill personally request Lord Sirius to give you a leave of absence so that I can train you personally! Hmph, with your frail body, youre going to be a liability to the Young Miss!”


“Dont call me!”

The Asterias flicked her free hand and reached into her dimensional pocket. It was a speciality move of the Moonreavers where they placed items into a small storage dimension, similar to what gamers would call an item pouch. Funny story, when I first created a pocket dimension, Liliths jaw dropped so wide that I was tempted to close it with my own mouth. But I digress.

“Here, take this armour set. Itll protect you from harm. Also, dont be a hero and put your life on the line. If something were to happen, you run away immediately! Do you understand?”


One by one, Capella pulled out a myriad of armour pieces. From a knights lanky helmet to seven layers of chainmail, steel pauldrons and a hefty chest plate. If Lisa were to wear it all, she would be as decked as a knight from medieval times. No, she might be even more armoured than every modern tank combined.

Ah… I see now…

Sirius Moonreaver wasnt the only siscon in this Vampire House. Perhaps, it was a personality trait of the Moonreavers to be overly protective of their siblings?

Unfortunately, my train of thought could only end there as the five presences became more and more prominent. It seems that they would arrive within a minute if nothing blocked their path. Therefore, Capella left her sister, who was flushed with white steam rising out from her crown, and went out to face the enemy.

“Hey, Lilith. Can I watch the battle?”

“… Are you planning to go out?”

“Haha, not yet!”

Although it was a tempting offer, I wished to see what the fabled Asterias could do first. If the Moonreaver Dimension survives this calamity, my duel with Sirius Moonreaver would proceed as planned. And while Capella might not be on the same level as the strongest elite in the Moonreaver House, she could serve as a good starting gauge.

“Hmmm? If youre not planning to go out, how are you going to watch the battle?”

“Haha, quite simple, actually!”

Magic power flowed into my hand, summoning out my Soul Armament in the process. A radiant rainbow light beamed from the ring on my thumb, and almost instantly, sixteen floatingeyeballs were created. I linked the floating eyes together through my soul and sent them flying out from the fortified mansion. Once they were outside, I created three large televisions and projected all of the images that the eyes saw onto the two screens on the side.

However, the main screen in the middle was left empty until I saw a clear image of Capella facing the direction of the enemy. Like a producer of a live sporting event, I projected the camera angle I wanted onto the main screen, giving us a full view of everything outside.

Naturally, Capella frowned when she saw so many eyeballs floating around her, but she quickly realised that I was their manipulator. Seeing that it wouldnt hinder her battle and could potentially act as a means for Lilith to see the danger first-hand, the Asterias didnt destroy my makeshift live production and focused all of her attention on the enemies that were about to appear at any moment.

“… You can even do that with your Creation magic? Dont tell me… Even when Im in the bathroom…”

Lilith gulped and shot me an incredulous look. Haha, even when youre shocked, you look adorable! A-Ahem, I shouldnt be distracted now, especially when the enemy is upon us. Flashing a brilliant smile, I gave the girl a simple wink and didnt say anything else.

I ignored how Liliths pure white skin completely turned red and watched as Capella Moonreaver bravely waited for the five distinct auras to reach our location.


Capella Moonreaver. One of the seven Asterias of the Moonreaver House. Capella was one of the few elites that grew up with Sirius from a young age. However, just because she was close to the current Lord of the Moonreaver Clan, it didnt mean that she became an Asterias through underhanded methods. She won the right to be calledCapella far and square.

When she was Lissandra Moonreaver, the young Vampire fought in countless battles, charging into hopeless fights and somehow making it out alive. Even though she was barely a thousand years old, the wealth of battle experience she accumulated far surpassed many ancient Vampires. Heck, she might even be more experienced than Sirius, given that he inherited the Lords position at such a tender age.

Furthermore, now that she was Capella Moonreaver, the Vampire knight had one more trump card up her sleeve.

The Stargazer Rapier.

Every member of the Asterias inherited a Mythical weapon, one that holds the powers of their predecessors. When a person fights an Asterias, they dont just fight one person. They fight all of the elite generations of True Vampires that held the Mythical weapon.

Which was why even though five elite Bloodbornes were staring her down, Capella Moonreaver felt no fear.

Watching behind the safety of his makeshift live production, Jin instantly recognised four of the Bloodborne members. They were the same Shadowfiend squad that invaded the Moonreaver Dimension a few days back. However, there was one foreign man that stood in front of all of them and based on their humble actions, he was unquestionably above them in the hierarchy.

“Horatio Bloodborne. To think they sent a member from the Royal Bloodline to kidnap the Young Miss.”

The suave young man smiled in response to Capellas words. Donned in a rich red and golden garb, the man didnt seem to be a participant in the war. Rather, it felt like he was a wealthy scion who had just come out for a late-night stroll and just stumbled upon this area. Sweeping his rich black hair backwards, the man answered with a sweet voice:

“The current generations Moonreaver Lord is infamous for his sister complex, after all. They knew that he would protect his sister with some heavy firepower. And well, their prediction turned out to be correct.”

Capella frowned as she watched Horatio Bloodbornes friendly appearance. The man might look like he was in his early twenties, but he was far from a young sprout. Aged over four thousand years old, the black-haired man was a bona fide direct descendant of the Vampire Progenitor. Or to be more precise, Horatio Bloodborne was the grandson of the Vampire Ancestor himself.

At this point, even Capella couldnt help but be confused. It was one thing for the Bloodborne House to initiate a war out of the blue. However, sending the grandson of the Vampire Progenitor to kidnap a mere twenty-five-year-old girl was well beyond the scope of their war.

Wasnt their whole aim to capture the lost arm of the Progenitor? Why were they sending such a strong force here then? Yes, Lilith was a valuable asset to the Moonreaver House and was well-established as its future heir. However, to the Bloodborne House, the girl was effectively useless. Unless…

“What is the Bloodborne Houses plan exactly?”

“Haha, if we tell you, wouldnt that just spoil the fun?”

Horatio laughed with his impeccable, porcelain face shifting up and down. Such perfection was criminal for a woman, let alone a man. However, that was the miracle that was the blood of the Progenitor. Those that possessed or even drank his blood in the past, were certain to be the peak of human perfection. Furthermore, their powers were enhanced to an incomprehensible state, which gave them the ability to suppress ninety-nine percent of all True Vampires.

Alas, Capella wasnt part of the ninety-nine percent.

Brandishing her rapier, the female knight pointed its tip at the five enemies. Capellas face showed no fear, even as the innate power of the Bloodborne House was putting pressure on her body. With a voice as cold as steel, the Asterias issued her only and final warning:

“Well, it doesnt matter what your plan is. Leave now, and I might spare your lives.”

Horatio looked down at the haughty knight, who was filled to the brim of confidence. At this point, he couldnt hold his gentlemanly demeanour any longer. His perfect face turned into a creepy smile, showing all of the whites in his teeth. And with a bloodthirsty laugh, the man bit his tongue and said:

“Capella Moonreaver! Lets dance, shall we?!”

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