My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 70 The Second Night (2)

I woke up with the sound of the shower crackling with a ray of moonshine permeating my skin. The world was spinning, and my head was riddled with bits of permeating pain. And the sound of the showers didnt help. It felt like a throbbing headache that couldnt go away, no matter how much I attempted to punch it out.

Yes, it felt exactly like a hangover.

Raising my neck up, I supported my back on the beds headrest and carefully observed my surroundings. I was lying on a familiar bed, with nothing but my pyjamas bottoms on. My body was slightly uncomfortable, but there werent any signs of injuries, given that I had superhuman regenerative abilities. Alas, even my regeneration could do nothing about this fucking headache that I was getting.

I slammed my head with the bottom of my wrist and attempted to recall what happened when I passed out.

If I remember correctly, I had a duel with Sirius. He kicked my ass and eventually revealed that he could phase through objects. Seriously, what a broken character. Not only was he the strongest Moonreaver on the planet, but he could phase through attacks. Didnt that mean I couldnt land a single hit on him?

Urgh, what happened next, though?

We fought for a while; I used my named spells, which drained all of my magic power until eventually…

Wait a second…

Didnt I manage to pierce his chest?

Hold on!!! That wasnt a dream, was it? I really managed to drill my hand through his body! Jesus, does that mean that I won? Against Sirius Moonreaver? Goodness, what happened next?! Was Sirius going to uphold his promise?! Will I get to live with Lilith in the future?!

Fuck, what happened?! I just had to pass out at the best time!!!

Fortunately, I didnt have to wait long to get my answer. When my mind began to clear, I finally remembered the room that I was in. I had slept in this room since I arrived at the Moonreaver Dimension, and the things Id done on this bed werent allowed to see the light of day. Well, of course, we didnt go all the way yet, but due to my previous experience with Irina, Id corrupted Lilith by showing her a move or two.

The room was still the same. I was dressed in the exact same negligee as before. No, I was dressed a little kinkier. Without my shirt on and without any form of underwear, I was just one pull away from revealing my package.-.

And well, the only person who could possibly dress me this way was just about to show herself.

Lilith, who had been washing in the shower, emerged with a bathrobe draped over her shoulders and a towel wrapped around her neck. Enticing spring aroma from her silky blonde hair previewed the arrival of Spring, as with each step she took, my face perked up with anticipation.

Her gorgeous vale eyes blended together with her steamy white neck, making it impossible for me to look away. Although her bathrobe was baggy, it couldnt hide the immaculate contours of her perfect body. Not to mention the white thighs that betrayed the fact that she was wearing nothing underneath.

And finally… Her neck… Her fucking neck.

It was perfectly placed in my peripheral vision. My mouth began to salivate, and my teeth were starting to show. I wanted to pierce my fangs into that milky, white nape and suck the life out of this gorgeous woman. But before my primal senses could overwhelm my mental functions, I was disrupted by Lilith disappearing from my vision and leaping into my chest.

“Jin! Youre awake!”


The first thing I noticed was the sweet smell of shampoo. I have been with Lilith for over a month now, and I knew very well what she smelt like. And while she usually smelt great, this added layer of scent brought something Id never experienced before. She was most likely wearing a host of products, from makeup to perfume, from shampoo to deodorant. It seemed odd to notice these things when her face was drizzling down tears, but I couldnt help myself.

That was how alluring this girl had become.

“Dont worry,” I smiled as I rubbed the back of her head. “Im good now, arent I?”

“Yes,” Lilith separated her face, showing her tearful smile again. “Youve recovered perfectly!”

“Haha, how long was I out?”

“Half a day,” Lilith explained with her arms firmly glued to my waist. “You were suffering from a lack of magic power, and I didnt know how long it would take for you to wake up! For you to recover in half a day… Your Vampiric blood must be stronger than wed expected!”

Hoh? After thoroughly exhausting the tank, I was incapacitated for a few hours? Thats not good. Luckily, nothing happened this time. My guess is that Lilith protected me before that bastard Sirius could do anything to me. But still, this flaw cant be overlooked.

I cant be fainting every time I exhaust myself! Tsk, I will need to research countermeasures later, but for now…

“You were thinking about training again, werent you?”

Lilith pouted as she watched my face turn. After being with me for over a month, the girl had learnt all of my tells and had a near-telepathic connection with my thoughts. It was as if she could guess my next move even before I thought of it. Smiling, I desperately changed the subject.

“O-Of course not! A-Anyway, since Id passed out, Im unsure about what happened next. Could you fill me in on the details?”

“Hmmm… Im not sure that I trust you when you say that, but whatever.”

Fortunately, Lilith wasnt going to press the issue and happily agreed to my request. However, she made sure that we were seated next to each other, her thigh overlapping with my lap before she began her recollection.

Lady… Are you trying to make me pounce on ya?!

Nonetheless, I was a dignified man. I wasnt going to behave in an unseemingly manner. At least… not yet.

“Heres what happened after you defeated my brother…”


Moonreaver Dimension. Moonreaver Lord Mansion.

Many moons had passed since the Moonreaver-Bloodborne war. Although the war only lasted for a single day, the damage done to the Moonreaver Dimension was irreversible. Towering monuments that had stood firm since the dawn of their creation were now in shambles. Dozens of magnificent castles had been burnt violently, leaving nothing but ashes behind. Broken rock littered the Moonreaver Dimension while hundreds of Blood Servants worked around the clock to bring back the grandeur of their demolished home.

And the Moonreaver Lords mansion was no different.

After the siege from the Fifth Consort and the full-on assault by the Bloodborne elites, half of the mansion had been utterly destroyed. And while the Lunar Throne was still intact, most of the grand hall had been reduced to rubble.

The Moonreaver Dimensions destruction was a pain in the ass for the Moonreaver family executives. And the one who was feeling most of the heat was none other than the Moonreaver Lord himself.

Even though the Bloodborne House had surrendered and willingly agreed to pay reparations, Sirius job didnt get any easier. Day after day, he had to attend meetings, meet with architects to plan new buildings, listen to the High Elders nag about his incompetence for letting the Bloodborne House invade… The list of internal affairs that Sirius had to handle was endless.

However, that wasnt the leading cause of the Moonreaver Lords concern.


Sirius spent his rare day-off brooding on the Lunar Throne. His arms rested on the armrests, and his beautiful white complexion had turned ghastly pale. Many of his most trusted subjects were standing right before him, showing visible concern on their faces.

“My Lord… Shouldnt you get a change of clothes?”

“Leave me be,” Sirius blankly blurted out. “Leave me… be…”


Those who didnt know of the duel could only scratch their heads as to why their Lord was wearing a shirt with a hole in the centre, blatantly showing his chest and nipples. However, since Sirius had ordered them to leave the matter alone, they didnt dare to broach the subject.

Capella Moonreaver, the woman who knew the true cause of Sirius lack of reaction, couldnt help but intervene:

“Sirius, its unsightly. You may not care, but your image is important as the Moonreaver Lord who rules from the Lunar Throne.” The female knight snorted. “At least wear a coat over your shirt.”

“… Get a coat.”

Sirius didnt argue and gestured for a female Blood Servant to fetch something to cover himself with. Still, he couldnt help but reach towards his bare chest, rubbing it ever so occasionally as if he were in disbelief.

“Sirius, what happened? I know you would have won that duel if you didnt freeze. Its not like you.”


Sirius looked down at Capella for a few seconds and received the coat from his Blood Servant with a cold gaze. Shaking his hand, Sirius dismissed all of his subordinates other than Capella, leaving the two of them alone in the Hall of the Lunar Throne.

“Capella… Has your Stargazer ever felt… fear?”

“Huh? What are you talking about? These tenacious mythic weapons would even stand up to ancient monsters like Matriarch Innocence or the Bloodborne Ancients. Heck, your predecessor used the Stardevourer against a Demon Lord! How could they ever feel fear?”

“Thats what I thought…”

Sirius raised the Stardevourer that had remained silent ever since the duel ended. What he felt wasnt a hallucination, nor was it an illusion spell cast by Jin to throw him off. At that time, Sirius and the Stardevourer felt the same innate, primal… fear.

Jin hid something dangerous within him, whether he knew it or not. If he was in control of thatsomething, he might one day grow into the worlds greatest fight. However, if he was unable to bring that monster under his reigns…

“Shit! And I cant just force Lilith to stop seeing him!”

“Hey… Dont you think that you should stop blocking your sisters love? I know that youre a siscon, but…”

“I dont want to hear it from you!”

Sirius scoffed at Liliths lack of awareness. The only reason why hed developed such a strong siscon nature was because he modelled how siblings should behave by observing Capella and Lisa interact. In the end, he developed the same obsessive, overprotective nature that Capella had.

“No, youre right… Lilith is a grown woman now; I cant keep sheltering her from the world.”

“Plus, you have to uphold your end of the bargain.”


Sirius shook his head and turned around. As much as he hated to admit it, Sirius had lost to Jin fair and square. And now that Lilith had a legitimate cause to leave, there wasnt anything that Sirius could do to prevent her departure. Yet, the Moonreaver Lord couldnt help but shake the feeling that something was off with Jin.

That power that he possessed wasnt natural. It was something beyond his comprehension, and nobody knows if that dangerous power wouldnt point its head at Liliths naive and feeble body.

If only Sirius had a way to protect her. Since reconstruction had just begun, there was no way that Sirius could leave his post. And judging from how she firmly went against him after the duel was over, Sirius knew that accompanying Lilith physically was unreasonable.

If only there was someone who was free and shared the same overprotective nature as he did.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Capella felt a shiver run down her spine as her Lord looked at her as if she were a piece of fresh meat. After a thousand years, Capella knew every facial expression of Sirius and knew that something terrible would happen. However, before she could make her grand escape, Sirius arm grabbed hold of her collar.

“Hey, I have a favour to ask of you…”

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