My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 78 Circumstances Of The Blackburn House (2)

The science behind the teleportation device that the Moonreaver House had created was quite simple. Firstly, two points in the fabric of Space had to be connected together via waypoints. Usually, the waypoints were nothing more than a device that the Moonreaver technicians had installed.

Next, using stored magic power, the two waypoints would establish a connection, requiring the two operators from either side to be in sync. Funnily enough, Vampires used satellite technology that man had created to establish this communication line.

Finally, once the connection had been established and the two points in Space were connected, a spatial wormhole would be created, allowing anyone to pass through.

It wasnt a complicated logic, but it was technically impossible to achieve without the Moonreavers expertise in dimensional magic. In fact, the Moonreaver Houses primary income source was from the maintenance and installation of their Warp Gates, which was by far the best method of transport.

Utilising the Warp Gate was as simple as walking through it.

This was why travelling to the Blackburn House was extremely uneventful. Stepping through the portal that the Moonreaver House had created, we instantly arrived at our destination. The first thing that greeted our party wasnt the sweet smile of my future lover or a grand welcome party but the odd sight of operators scurrying around like rats.

The Blackburn Houses Warp Gate wasnt as picturesque as the Moonreaver Houses as it was nothing more than a large auditorium. Countless men and women dressed in an array of clothes were moving about, adding to the hustle and bustle.

However, no matter how many people surrounded us, none of them paid attention to our odd party. There were a few looks here and there, but they were just curious glances, directed mainly at the two beautiful flowers that took each one of my hands. But no matter how enamoured they were, they quickly returned back to their busy schedules, rushing around like a packed train station during peak hour.

“Whats going on?” I asked innocently.

“The Blackburn House is currently in the middle of an operation, so theres more movement here,” Capella answered my question while observing the rush. “Im guessing that theres an Outer Demon attack somewhere, and they require the use of the Warp Gates.”

“I see…”

After listening to Capellas explanation, I zoned in on the surroundings. As she said, most of the people around us were soldiers or operators supporting said soldiers. Oddly enough, based on the scent that they were putting out, only half of the people here were Vampires.

While there were plenty of True Vampires and Blood Servants around, a large majority of those present were humans as well. Not to mention, some entities were giving off a foreign smell that was neither human nor Vampire. In fact, I couldnt sense an ounce of magic power from their bodies. However, based on their poise and how well they conducted themselves, I could tell they werent just magicless nobodies.

Lilith saw my perplexed reaction and promptly explained: “Those people are Werewolves.”.

“Werewolves? Since when did Vampires and Werewolves get along?”

“We dont,” Lilith explained with a sly grin. “Although our two races are considered creatures of the night, we dont get along at all. Throughout our long existence, there have been countless wars between our two races. In fact, during the dark ages, the Werewolves stood with the Holy Church to prosecute the Vampires.”

The blonde woman continued her explanation, her voice unable to disguise the disgust she felt for the foreign race.

“While in modern times our relationship has improved significantly, we wont reach racial harmony anytime soon.”

“Is that so? If thats the case, why are there so many Werewolves here?”

“Well… The circumstances of the Blackburn House are special…”

Lilith sighed and examined the uneasy peace in the auditorium. While it looked like peace was the law of the land, there were some suspicious undercurrents, mainly from the Vampires and Werewolves. Some of them glared at each other, but neither was willing to make the first move. While some Werewolves groaned at the sight of the Vampires and vice versa.

“What do you know about the Blackburn House, Jin?”

“All I know is that they are part of the Ten Guardian Houses.”

“Thats right,” Lilith nodded in response. “However, even amongst the Ten Guardian Houses, they are unique. Unlike the Everwinter House that isolates itself or my Moonreaver House that works on the commercial side of things, the Blackburn House is the closest thing the Vampire race has to a working army.”

“An army?”

“Yes, theyre basically the only House that focuses on churning out the strongest warriors. Essentially, they are the War House of the Vampire race.”

A War House? What on earth was that? Fortunately, I didnt have to wait long for Lilith to answer my doubts.

“The Blackburn House is the largest family House amongst all of the Ten Guardian Houses. And its not because they reproduce quickly, but rather they accept every Vampire into their ranks. So long as they are willing to fight in the numerous battles that the Blackburn House participates in, of course.”

“Do they really participate in that many fights?”

“Of course! You name the war; the Blackburn House possibly had a hand in it. Be it against Outer Demons, Werewolves, Humans, Elves… They fight against anything that poses a threat to the Vampire race. If the Ten Guardian Houses are the shield that protects the Vampires, the Blackburn House is the sword that strikes our foes.”

Hoh? So this noble House was this important, huh? But that doesnt explain why there are so many Werewolves and Humans here.

“You must be wondering why there are other races here then?”


“I can answer that.”

Before Lilith could continue with her comprehensive explanation, a croaky voice broke into our conversation. A middle-aged man walked forth with a pleasant smile on his face, all while keeping eye contact with our group. He was dressed in a similar butler suit that Variel wore, just that his was a little less luxurious. Nonetheless, from the way that he conducts himself, I could tell that this Vampire was not just a face in the crowd.

He rubbed his hands together and welcomed us with the warmest smile Id ever seen.

“Greetings, Mistress Lilith, Esteemed Capella and Miss Lisa of the Moonreaver House. Mistress Irina, Honoured Variel Caramitru and Miss Luminita of the Everwinter House. Also, you must be Master Jin Valter. Nice to finally meet all of you!”

“Nice to meet you?”

The man accurately identified all of us as if he had been given an answer key beforehand. While I was surprised that he actually knew who I was and didnt just address Lilith or Irina, I had a better question to ask.

“My name is Julien, a servant of Mistress Ysabelle. She has sent me to bring you to your rooms and to help accommodate your stay. Please, treat me as you would a normal servant.”

“… Wheres Ysabelle?”

Before I could ask my burning question, Lilith cut the queue and asked it for me.

“Mistress Ysabelle is currently out on a mission and is unable to come today. She wants me to inform you that she heavily regrets not being able to pick you up and will be looking forward to the day when she finally meets you.”

“Is that why theres so many Werewolves and Humans here?”

“How astute,” Julien praised me with a clap. “The Blackburn House is currently allying with the Warclaw Tribe and Hunters from the region to combat the Outer Demon threat. Mistress Ysabelle is currently busy with an expedition up north to deal with the recent outbreak.”

“I see… If shes busy, it cant be helped.”

I cant say that I was thrilled by the news. Meeting Ysabelle was the sole reason why I came to the Blackburn House in the first place. But alas, if the girl wasnt here, all I could do was wait patiently for her arrival.



Unbeknownst to me, Lilith and Irina were making some funny faces. However, I was hyper-focused on Ysabelles issue that I missed it entirely.

“Please tell her Im available if she needs any help.”

“I will deliver your concern, Master Jin.” Julien bowed respectfully to us with the same unbroken smile. “Now, if you dont mind, let me show you to your rooms.”


It wasnt the best first day that Id envisioned, but it was only a matter of time before I would meet Ysabelle once more. In the meantime, I should ask around and figure out what problem was plaguing the Blackburns. Chances are, I was going to be dragged into it anyway.


Deep in the labyrinth that was the Blackburn Estate, a young, black-haired woman sat silently within her chambers, her eyes moving back and forth from the dozens of reports on her table. While sipping on a goblet of red wine, a knock on her door broke the girls concentration. After receiving confirmation, a middle-aged man calmly trotted into the room and gave the young woman a firm bow.

“Oh, Julien. Whats the matter?”

“Mistress Ysabelle, your guests from the Moonreaver and Everwinter Houses have arrived. They will be staying at the guest villa for the foreseeable future.”

“Thank you, Julien.”

Ysabelle received her butlers notification with a gentle wave of her hand. However, the girl didnt move out of her seat to rush out of her chambers. Instead, she focused on reading the reports that were laid out on her table.

Seeing that the girl wasnt going to move, Julien took the liberty of changing her empty cup before saying:

“… Are you not going to meet them?”

“Not yet; Im busy.” Ysabelle frowned before looking up at her servant. “Did you tell them that I was here?”

“No, certainly not. I followed your instructions word for word.”


Ysabelles firm gaze softened as she reverted her eyes to the reports she had on hand. As a professional, Julien didnt dare to go against his Mistress words. Though, that didnt stop him from playfully adding some comments.

“Ah, Id almost forgotten. Master Jin wanted me to deliver a message.”

“… What?”

Ysabelles ears perked up, but her short black hair quickly hid that snappy reaction. The young Vampire tried her best to look as aloof as possible, but she could not hide it from someone who had interacted with her for twenty-odd years.

“Master Jin said that if you need his help, hell run to you in a heartbeat. He said hell go through hell just to be by your side and-…”

“Alright, you can stop lying now,” Ysabelle sighed, not knowing why she got her hopes up. “If youre done teasing me, you can go now. Im swamped.”

“Haha, I might be exaggerating, but Master Jin really did say that he was available if you needed him.”

“I see…”

Ysabelle swivelled her chair around, hiding her face from Juliens sight.

“Do you have any messages for him?”

“No,” Ysabelles toneless voice replied. “Just tell them that Im busy and I wont be able to meet them for now.”

“I hear and obey!”

Julien actually had many other things to say, but he swallowed his words for now. After all, he was just a mere servant. It wasnt wise for him to make any decisions for his Mistress.

Once the pesky butler had retreated from the room, Ysabelle brought her fingers onto the bridge of her nose and started to rub it.

“Jin… Oh, Jin… You really have a knack for choosing the worst possible times.”

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