My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 9 Everwinter Estate (2)

“So youre the Vampire that made Jin this way…”

My mother looked straight at the newcomer in the cabin, her expression bordering between pure rage and morbid curiosity. Similarly, my father had his posture placed in combat mode, with his arms ready to strike at any given moment.

Well, their reactions werent all too surprising. From the moment they received the news that Id been transformed into a Vampire, they had been dragged from place to place. Not to mention, they had been put under tremendous emotional pressure from seeing their only son turn into another species.

It was natural for them to display animosity toward the culprit who made their son that way.

“Mom, draw in your killing intent a little. Its suffocating, even from here.”

Now that I had become a Vampire, my body had become much more sensitive to minor changes. Moms magical power was creating an invisible pressure that even I could feel.

“Are you defending her already? Did she brainwash you?!”

“No!” I deeply sighed at my overprotective parents cry. “I just want to give Irina a chance to explain herself. And she probably cant do that if youre breathing down her neck.”

“Jin is right, Elna.” My father stepped in to help by tapping on my moms shoulders. “You know better than anyone that if Jin is brainwashed, there will be traces of magic all over.”

“He could have been subjected to a Blood Servant contract. Even without brainwashing, Jin will move to protect her.”

Blood Servant contract? What was that? Was that why I couldnt feel any hatred for Irina? Jesus, I really dont know anything about Vampires. Fortunately, someone was quick to my rescue.

“Theres no way Ill make Brother a servant!!!”

Irina hollered out at the top of her lungs. The sudden outburst stunned everyone else in the room, including my fuming mother. Without waiting for any replies, Irina continued:-.

“Rest assured, Brother hasnt become a Blood Servant! The best proof is the fact that he is able to use Magic!”

“… Youre right; Jin shouldnt be able to use magic if hes a blood servant.”

My experienced father nodded in satisfaction as he examined me from head to toe. Seeing that I was confused, my father further explained.

“Vampires are grouped into two main categories. True Vampires and Blood Servants. True Vampires are the purest form of Vampires. They are the beings closest to magic and are, in general, the types of Vampires you see in books. On the other hand, Blood Servants are a sort of discounted Vampire. They live to serve the Vampire who created them and wont have the full capabilities of a True Vampire. So, while their physical capabilities and healing factors are similar to True Vampires, they wont be able to use magic.”

Hearing that explanation, I could feel a weight drop from my shoulders. If I became a Vampire that couldnt use magic, it would have been the greatest disappointment of my life.

“Still… You transformed him into a True Vampire… Whats your motive?”


Irina fell silent and stared back at my father. Her eyes began quivering, but not from fear. Instead, there was an unwavering determination.

“You may not be aware, but Brother was in serious danger that night.” Irina raised her hand and gently stroked it on my lap as she said that. “Over the years, Ive watched him grow his soul, ensuring that nothing bad would ever happen to it before he fully healed. It has been fifteen long years since then…”

Irinas cold expression quickly turned warm and affectionate.

“It has taken a long time, but my brothers soul has finally healed up. However, his weakened body could not withstand the power of his rejuvenated soul, and it was beginning to tear itself apart. Especially since it was strengthened by my Vampiric soul.”

The entire room remained silent as Irinas words turned from an explanation to a monologue.

“At this point, my brothers soul is as powerful and pure as a True Vampires one. If he were to remain as a human… His body will explode. Especially when the Night of The Blood Moon arrives.”

Ah, so thats why I felt that pain on that night. My soul had already evolved into a Vampires, but my body couldnt endure it. If thats the case, everything suddenly made sense now.

“I apologize for turning Brother into a Vampire without your permission, but it was a necessary evil! If he remained as a human, Brother would have died yesterday!”


My mother, who had been silently listening this whole time, frowned with a bitter expression hidden within her eyes. For one, I could tell Irina was telling the truth. Anyone with a little bit of common sense would have known that there was something off with my soul back when I was human.

And now that I have turned into a Vampire, the illness that had plagued me my entire adult life has all but disappeared. Heck, I feel healthier than Id ever been in my life.

“If youre still worried that Brother might be a Vampire servant, you dont have to be. I used a contract of equals on him which turns him into a True Vampire! Hell be free from anyones influence and can do whatever he pleases!”

“I see…”

At this point, even my mother was at a loss of words. To be quite frank, I could understand the mental turmoil she was under. For one, she was still pissed off that Irina had turned me into a Vampire. Any mother would, for that matter. However, she also understood that Irina was laying out the facts logically. If it werent for her, I might have died yesterday when the Blood Moon rose.

So how was my mother supposed to feel? Angry that Irina changed me into a species that wasnt human? Happy that she saved me from a life of torture? Or irritated that a Vampire had taken her beloved son?

Either way, my mother had found her match in this cold beauty.

“Before we proceed, could I ask you a question?”

“Feel free!”

“Why are you calling Jin your brother?”

It seemed a little late to ask that now, but my mother appeared to be grasping for straws. I could see that most of her anger had subsided, and now she was mostly trying to gather herself.

“Because hes my brother?”



Both Irina and my mother looked at each other with emptiness in their eyes. In Irinas, there seemed to be a derision that was saying:Why are you asking such an obvious question? while my mothers eyes were definitely scolding Irina with:What nonsense are you spouting?

“No, no! I never had a daughter like you! Unless!”

My mother sharply glared at my father, who was immediately aggrieved that he was brought into the picture for no apparent reason. However, it didnt take long for him to quickly shake his head and exclaim:

“Ive never been with anyone else!”

“Yeah, you wouldnt dare!”

The glint in my mothers eyes eased up as her faith in my father overwrote the doubt that Irina had cast over him. Her suspicious gaze was then cast over the snowy-haired girl whose expression had barely changed.

“No, Brother and I arent related by blood. But, hes unquestionably my beloved brother!”

“No, no. Thats not how biology works…”

Needless to say, my mother was firmly on the side of science. However, Irina wasnt going to move an inch on her claim that I was her brother. So, as a funny consequence, the two women stared at each other with unresolving determination.

It was pretty amusing to see my mom at a loss of words. Usually, she was the one leading everyone by the nose, but it seemed like shed finally met her match.

“Okay, lets move on for now,” My mother gave up with a sigh before her mental capacities malfunctioned. “So what are you planning to do to my son now?”

With her composure now regained, the invisible pressure that befitted that of a veteran Hunters returned and wrapped itself around my mother. There was no way that my mother, the overprotective woman that would rather quit her high-paying hunting job to care for a cripple like me, would allow Irina to get off that easily.

I was confident that if Irina were to enslave or control me, my mother would immediately behead the young girl right before my eyes.

Fortunately, Irina didnt have any of those intentions.

“I will bring Brother back home!”

Irinas cold demeanour broke down as a wave of exhilaration overwrote her expression. Her smile was intoxicating, especially to me, as I could feel her intense joy bubbling in my soul.

“Although he seems to have recovered, we cant be completely sure! Plus, I need to teach Brother everything he needs to know to live as a Vampire. Dont worry, if you want, you can follow him back to my estate! I swear that no harm will come to you! Also, all your expenses will be paid!”

… I didnt know Vampires could be this expressive.

Irinas overwhelming excitement felt reminiscent of that of a desperate salesman trying to pitch a shady deal. I didnt know why, but it seemed like Irina was in a hurry. Was there something off with my soul?

Nevertheless, Irinas shady pitch seemed to have paid off. My parents, who were hell-bent on enacting revenge on the Vampire who had turned me, were now primarily meek. If anything, they were glad that another Vampire would completely heal me.

“… Fine, well accept your offer.”

Defeated, my mother had no choice but to agree to Irinas suggestion.



A staple in the night sky. Twinkling masterpieces that donned the carpet of black. The only thing brighter at night was the glorious luminous lunar orb that lit the world with a mystifying glow. Some of the stars faded as the night went on, while others shone with the light of a thousand suns.

Nothing compared to the magnificence of the night sky with its river of celestial stars falling into place.

Especially with a beautiful woman as its backdrop.

Seated in an isolated area where the clouds could reach the earth and the ocean couldnt touch the sky, a young woman watched the stars with her rich vale eyes. Her beauty was different from Irinas, with a less than ample bosom and a more scholarly appearance. But that didnt mean that, for a second, she was less alluring than the snow-like beauty.

Her blonde, glossy hair seemed to be kissed by the Gods themselves, blessing it with near-perfect proportions. Her face was on the thinner side, which properly matched her perfect appearance that was balanced in a way that no fat could permeate out from her unwanted regions.

If there was a model for the modern-day Athena, this blonde woman would unquestionably be it.

But unlike Athena, she wasnt a holy goddess.

Watching as the stars twinkled, the womans eyes turned blood red, and her noble expression promptly scrunched up into an angry frown. With her eyebrows furrowed, the woman growled in a low voice.

“Irina, what have you done?”

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