My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 95 The Circumstances Outside (1)

[NSFW: Warning! There will be an R-18 scene in this chapter. Please skip this chapter if you dont want to read stuff like this. All chapters with R-18 scenes will have this warning tag to help with your reading experience. Otherwise, to the ones who stuck around, please enjoy! ;D]

Jin… Oh, my dear Jin…

Even after fifteen years, you havent changed one bit. You were just as gallant as the day wed met. You had retained your overwhelming good looks and became even more charming with every passing year. Especially after youd finally turned into a Vampire as wed planned.

You are powerful and dependable, yet you possess a sensitive side that would make any girl swoon. You had a heart of gold and love for me that felt heavier than the entire ocean weighing on me.

You were… My unadulterated guardian knight.

Time hasnt changed you one bit.

But I shouldnt be surprised.

You were my Jin, after all.

All these years, I could only watch you from afar. I knew that I was a jinx, a harbinger of bad luck. And I wasnt the only one who thought that. The other girls, especially Irina and Lilith, always sought to prevent us from meeting again. And I couldnt blame them.

I was the one who caused your injuries fifteen years back. I was the one who made you suffer all those years. I was the one… who made you forget all of us.

Did you know? Whenever I saw you suffer on the hospital bed, whenever I saw you getting bullied for being weaker, and whenever I saw you cry alone… My heart felt like it was being pierced by a billion burning needles.

I would have given anything to take your place. I didnt want to see you suffer any longer.

But even when youve dived down to your deepest point, even when the whole world had seemingly given up on you, Jin…

You persisted.

You never once gave up on yourself. You took the adversity on the chin and persisted onwards. So what if you couldnt use magic or train martial arts as you did before? You became one of, if not the best magical researcher on the planet.

You were a shining beacon of light. The epitome of hard work beating talent. Even when you were crippled and unable to move a single muscle, you continued working hard. You continued on your path to greatness against all the odds.

Compared to you… I truly was lacking.

But, I finally knew what I had to do.

I wasnt as beautiful as the other three. I didnt have the talent that they had. I didnt have the brains that they had. And I wasnt ever going to become as influential as they would be. But, I did have my effort.

I trained tirelessly every day, putting in the hours no matter how tired, scared or emotional I was. I didnt let anything be my excuse, and no matter if it rained or shined, I would work every single day just as youd taught me.

And as expected, my effort didnt betray me.

Over the years, Id become the best martial artist in my generation, and my control over the Blackburns House Ghostflame had reached near perfection. And for the first time, I heard something that no one had ever said to me before.


All of my peers and teachers said that I had infinite potential and could one day turn into a general who could lead the Blackburn House to greater heights. They all claimed that I had immense talent and I was a generational prodigy.

But I knew the truth.

It was your words that made me who I am, Jin.

Without you, I would have remained the same crybaby who would never stop feeling sorry for herself. I would have stayed in the shadows of Irina, Lilith and Rosa, and my name would have been lost to history.

You were the one who changed me. The one who guided me. The one… who protected me.

Therefore, I was going to do the same.

As much as it hurts my heart, I couldnt stand by your side. I knew how much of a jinx I was. I knew that if I remained with you, you might suffer the same fate as you did fifteen years before.

But… Please pardon my selfishness just once.

I didnt want to leave your life altogether. Even if it was just a glimpse of you… I wanted it.

And so, I swore an oath to protect you from the shadows. Just like you did with me, I will ensure that no harm will ever fall upon you. I will be the one who makes the sacrifice this time, as I use my honed skills to kill any threat that might fall upon you.

That was my earnest wish.

As long as I could see you smile… I would be content.


You disagreed with my selfishness. You didnt want me to stay by the sidelines. You… didnt want me to hide in the shadows.

In this isolated chamber where no one could see us, you asked me to be your woman.

Thats just… unfair, Jin.

No woman on the planet can resist your charm! And when I saw your earnest eyes filled with love and lust, I couldnt say no. My heart was beating faster than ever before, and my blood sent tingling sensations throughout my body.

When you mounted me, my breath choked in a combination of bliss and excitement. Your thick, large arms grabbed onto my head as you plastered your face into mine. Id never kissed anyone before, so Id let you take the lead.

Electricity pulsed through all of my veins each time your tongue invaded my mouth. Even when I was suffering and out of breath, my desire for you never waned. No, it was strengthened each time I felt you inside me.

Clearly, I was suffering to breathe, and yet… I was ecstatic.

This was a new feeling for me. Id never thought that being so vulnerable in front of the man I loved brought so much fulfilment.

Was I a masochist? I dont know. No, it didnt matter. If Jin wanted to rough me up, I would gladly oblige. If he wanted to use all of his strength to choke me, push me down, treat me like a ragdoll or a toy… I would be more than happy.

But he didnt do that. He tenderly went down on me like a gentleman, giving love to my lower lip with his tongue. The pleasure that came from his sensual actions was divine, as sensations Id never imagined possible overtook my nervous system.

I felt happy. Happiness that Jin desired me so much and was willing to go this far to pleasure me. I was happy that he reciprocated my love and opened a new door in our relationship.

I was sad. Sad that Id kept him at arms length for this long, denying him the opportunity to make love to me. If Id known that such pleasure had existed, I wouldnt have sworn to live in the shadows.

Id also felt… jealous. Jin had to learn these skills from somewhere. Although I might have distanced myself from him, that didnt mean I was clueless about everything. I knew hed spent the past few months with Irina and Lilith. And given how those two felt about him… There was no way they would let him remain celibate.

But that was fine…

They werent here, were they?

Right now… I monopolised Jin. I was the one he was making love to. I am the person hes lusting for.

I greedily sucked on his blood, almost knocking out my conscious mind. Jins blood was exquisite, packed with a dense flavour Id never tasted before. It felt like a soup that combined all of the worlds best ingredients and was stewed and fermented for decades. The taste of Jins blood itself was enough to excite my womanly desires, but I just had to examine the fine specimen that had mounted me.

Jins body had become toned like a Greek God, with muscles that seemed to be carved out of pure marble. Id seen plenty of muscular men in my capacity as a Major of the Blackburn House, and many had much bigger muscles. However, Jins body had a perfect balance.

After turning into a Vampire, Jin had grown to 1.99 metres tall, which was easily half a head taller than me. And his height wasnt the only thing that changed. His facial features, which had been sickly and gaunt, were now crafted in perfect symmetry. With cheekbones that could cut steel and hollowed cheeks that made his face seem like a valley, Jins face was now beyond that of the golden ratio.

It didnt help that his blue eyes glistened with the glamour of the alpine sky, sparkling under the well-groomed short black hair that completed his dreamy look.

I couldnt bear it!

Jin had grown to be the man of my dreams! Isnt this just plain unfair?! The resolve Id built up for fifteen years just evaporated with one look. I was not fit to be a knight… Im better suited to be…

His woman.

When Jin unveiled his member, my throat instantly gulped. It was huge, veiny and meaty, unlike the images Id seen on the internet. A pungent smell of lust burst forth into my nostrils, and as if an innate desire was speaking to me, I unconsciously widened my legs.

Was the male reproductive organ supposed to be that alluring? The woman in me couldnt keep my eyes off it, and Id even moved to touch that monstrosity.

How great would it be to stuff that down my throat? If Jin treated me like his possession and choked me with that mighty rod… Oh my god! What bliss!!!

But Jin didnt treat me as roughly as Id imagined. Instead, he gently placed his member at the entrance of my wet, slimy cave and held my head with both his hands.

“Ysabelle, may I?”

Ah… You dont have to ask for permission. Just do me as you please. I wanted to be ravaged by the lustful demon that was Jin Valter. I wanted to lie underneath your arms as you continuously pounded into my secret place. I wanted you… to fuck me.

Jin smiled happily at my response. And without waiting anymore, that massive dragon roared into my cave and arrogantly made it into its home.

“A-Ah! Ah! AAAHHH!!!”

Jin mercilessly pounded into my crotch, sending shockwaves of pleasure with every thrust. They said that a womans first time would be painful, but I didnt feel that. Maybe there was pain, and maybe there wasnt…

The only thing I could feel was the endless pleasure that Jin was subjecting me to.

He grabbed my head tightly as if he were trying to hold me in place. At the same time, his mouth alternated between ravaging my mouth and biting on my neck for blood.

I didnt want to be the only one on the receiving end, so I clumsily followed his lead. I might have scratched his tongue a little, but the suave Adonis didnt care. He alternated between my lips and neck, sending more electric shocks down my spine.

And this whole time, Jins member never once stopped pounding into me.

I felt his warm, sturdy arms roam down to my breasts, and they earnestly kneaded them like a tofu bun. He pinched my nipples, rubbed my underboob, and roamed all over my body.

All my life, I had never allowed any man to do as he pleased with my body. It was expected of me, given that I was a noble lady of the Blackburn House. However, I did nothing to stop Jins lust. In fact, I facilitated it by holding onto his hands, urging him to be rougher.

Jin was a gentleman, and he didnt want to do anything to hurt me. His gentle movements were a testament to that fact.

But I didnt want to be treated gently…

Rougher! Rougher! Rougher!!!

You can do me as you please, Jin!

How long has it been? Ten, twenty, thirty minutes? I couldnt tell. The thick scent of love fluids overwhelmed my senses, temporarily waking me up from my lustful stupor. I glanced down at the scene of the action and saw Jins manhood completely drenched in my female juices.

The thick rod had expanded even more than before. I didnt even have the mind to comprehend how such an enormous thing could enter my body to give me pleasure, as the first thing I noticed was how thick the meaty member had become. Its veins were now as prominent as rivers, and its intense aroma had tripled over the session.

“Ysabelle, Im about to-…”

“Yes!!!” I locked my flailing legs around Jins waist and allowed my womanly instincts to take over. “Let it out! Let it all out in me!!!”


Jin unleashed his sinful fluids into my deepest place with his final thrust.

It felt so warm… My insides were now filled with Jins love. Even though it was meant to be dirty, my uterus greedily absorbed everything, unwilling to let a single drop escape. My body convulsed wildly in response, and my lower half raised itself to bind with Jin. It was as if… My body wanted to claim Jin for its own.

Was this the happiness of a woman?

Jin held onto my head with both his hands, squeezing it like a watermelon as his fluids continued to splurt within me. Our mouths separated for one second, something that was rare during our bonding, giving me a chance to see Jins face of pleasure.

Jins eyes were glazed over, and his mouth hung wide open. His hard body had become soft as all his tensed muscles relaxed, making his handsome face into a sinful one.

That kind of expression was only possible if one had reached the apex of pleasure.

“Jin, was it good?”

“My god, Ysabelle… You were amazing. I could do you a million more times.”

“Really?! Im glad!”

Hehe, so Jin liked it! Thats a relief! And if he liked it so much… We can do it more, right?

I moved my body up, unleashing Jins manhood from my feminine grip. A thick, viscous, white liquid dripped down my thighs at that moment, and I instantly moved to scoop it up. Jesus, Jin really unloaded a lot of it in me, and the insides of my body couldnt contain it all. But I wasnt going to let it go to waste.

Scooping up the remnants of our love, I coated my hands with the white liquid and dripped the rest into my mouth. Like licking melted candy from my hands, I ensured that none of Jins precious liquid would be wasted.

Jin watched my actions with a shine in his eyes, and the rod that had simmered down for a moment had become erect once again. Unconsciously, my tongue licked the last bits of cum from my hands, and I stared down at the massive rod like a tiger eyeing its prey.

Oh dear, I have become a naughty girl…

And its all your fault…

My horny knight.

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