My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 99 The Tides Have Changed (3)

“Hurry! Were getting out of this place right now!”

I grabbed Ysabelle by the waist and pulled her in close. An adorable yelp cried out beside my ear, tempting me to break my concentration and gaze into the black-haired beautys ethereal, agate eyes.

Fortunately, I was able to keep my lust in check this time as I focused on the task at hand. I had solved the anti-magic field puzzle, but that didnt mean Eyghon wouldnt counter with its own attack. In fact, as we stood right in front of the Iron Heart, I could sense the artificial Demon Lord going through some changes.

The consistent beats of the metallic structure increased in frequency, like a real heart in the midst of peril. The white jade floor began to shake violently with a vigour similar to that of a magnitude ten earthquake. Vibrations that could break bone shivered up our spines as the chamber doors slammed shut.

Suddenly, I felt light-headed as my ears started to hear a high-pitched buzzing sound. Unconsciously, I covered one of my ears with my left hand, only to feel a familiar red liquid doused with a nice dose of sweat.


Ysabelles words were soft, even though she was shouting by my side. My sense of hearing had been compromised, and that was just through Eyghons roar. It took everything I had to keep my mind on track and not collapse onto the floor.

Eyghon… It was fighting back.

It sensed that something could threaten it… How fucking astute of a robot. Whoever designed its artificial intelligence must have been a work of art.

“Ysabelle, on my signal! Take my body and jump!”

“S-Signal? W-What signal?”

“Youll know!”

I didnt have time to explain. Since Eyghon had noticed I could break through its anti-magic field, it would do everything in its power to stop me before I could do any more damage to the being. And just as I was distracted by the girl in my arms, numerous ancient structures descended from the countless stars on the ceiling.

Some of them were in the shape of mythical beasts such as Dragons, Phoenixes and Qilins. Others were humanoid structures with the majesty of a master that had reached the peak of their weapon mastery.

They all seemed exceedingly powerful and likely possessed anti-magic fields as well. But…


Magic power channelled through my index finger, feeding the embers of the illusory flame on my ring. Veins started to pop throughout my extended arm as I felt a heavy strain weigh on my shoulders. The crimson blaze burned with the intensity of a wildfire, doubling in size until it eventually engulfed my entire fist.

Tch, this new magic sure is cost-intensive. Fortunately, it didnt take long for the spell to be completed.

A seed of crimson light rose to the starry light ceiling from my ring, and a small ripple in the fabric of space curled out. Crimson lights rained down like lantern embers on the full moon festival, sprinkling the artificial monsters with fairy-like dust.

And as if they were puppets whose strings got cut… Eyghons spawns fell.

“W-What?! What was that magic?!”

Fascinated by my attack, Ysabelle dropped her jaw down and stared right at my index finger. Its a shame that I didnt carry a camera around… I could have taken some interesting pictures to show to our children. But it wasnt the time to be playing around.

While the spell was effective, my magic reserves werent infinite, and unfortunately for me, Eyghons magic reserves were.

The moment I destroyed its spawns, the starry lights on the ceiling glistened once more, creating a galactic atmosphere within the boundaries of this confined space.

Eyghon was preparing to produce more monsters to get in our way. It seemed my little stunt had awakened the slumbering beast, and it was about to purge the dirt that had infiltrated its system. If nothing was done, Ysabelles tender flesh would be ravaged by the monster, leaving nothing but blood and bones behind.

Foolish Demon… I wont let it come to that.

“Ysabelle! Ready yourself!” I barked my final order at the confused young lady and concentrated all of my attention on forming the final spell I would cast.

Only one of my powers awakened when Id first obtained my Vampire Aspect. The control over Spacetime. Using it, I could control everything in my vicinity and, to a certain extent, stop time for a brief moment.

After bonding and drinking Liliths blood, Id awakened the power of Creation. Using it, I could create anything that I wanted. The only limitation that it had was that I couldnt create life. However, even with that limitation, I could generate virtually any spell that humanity could imagine and more.

And finally, now that I had returned Ysabelles soul…

My third seal had been lifted.

The moment my third ring came alive, I instinctively knew what power slept within it. It was a ring of dominance that brought everything in the universe to its knees, a power… That could challenge the hegemony of God himself.

Everything… Everything was laid beneath my feet.

Rocks… Jades… Trees… Flesh…


There was a reason why the anti-magic field had disappeared with the awakening of my third ring. Everything was mine to toy with. Everything under creation was vulnerable to my attacks. Everything…

Was mine to destroy.


I yelled.

Not because of the searing heat that pulsed through my veins. Not because of the unfathomable amount of magic power my spell was draining. But from anticipation.

The third ring radiated a majestic, illusory crimson flame that grew large enough to engulf my entire body. At that moment, everything I had in my reserves was drained, and it was highly likely that I would faint immediately after this spell was cast. However, I didnt care one bit.

This was the undisputed, most powerful, dominant, and ultimate spell I could cast.

My aspect of Spacetime was given the name Imperium.

My aspect of Creation was given the name Genesis.

Therefore… For my third ability, I shall give it a fitting name.

My aspect of Destruction… Interitus. Was now engraved onto my soul.

All of my magic power was poured into the crimson ring. Like an infinite coil of energy being charged up, the ephemeral crimson fire burned brighter until its radiance outweighed anything in this chamber. Sensing the threat, the Iron Heart of Eyghon beat faster with every passing second as it rushed to get its spawns to protect it.

Hah… Its funny how even an artificial organism like Eyghon could feel fear. But alas, you are too late, Demon Lord.

My spell has been completed. My soul has been prepped. And… My third aspect has been itching to announce itself into the world. Therefore, without wasting even a millisecond, I pointed my index finger at the Iron Heart and, with the brightest smile… unleashed my ultimate spell.

“Interitus: Beam!”


A gigantic red laser, one that was almost the size of the Iron Heart itself, burst forth from my finger at the speed of light. The beam disintegrated anything in its path by concentrating the power of destruction into a singular point. It didnt matter if it was a humble little ant or a Demon Lords heart. Everything the beam touched… would be destroyed.

And sure enough…

The beam pierced through the Iron Heart like a hot pole moving through butter. Virtually no resistance was mounted from Eyghon as its essence was melting away. Even the indomitable shell that was impervious to any magic or physical attacks was now being disintegrated by that very beam of mine.

The crimson light continued on and on, seemingly into infinity. It felt like I was watching a beloved comic book, where the hero charged up his attack to land the final blow on the enemy. However, to be the one actually experiencing it felt surreal. And to start it off… They never showed how draining that attack could be.

With my magic power spent, I lost all strength in my index finger. I collapsed onto the floor right after my finger turned limp.

The first thing Id noticed from my vantage point were the cracks that had appeared throughout the once unbreakable chamber. Pieces of debris were falling like a Summer deluge while the ground beneath my back had started to rumble.

Strength had entirely left my body, and I could barely keep my eyes open. However, I still willed myself to turn towards the Iron Heart to confirm the aftermath of my spell. And sure enough…

A gaping hole had appeared within the monstrous structure, turning the artificial organ back into spare parts. But most importantly of all, the hard surface of Eyghon, the Demon Lord that everyone had claimed to be impregnable… Had finally been destroyed.

A path outside had been created.

The Sun, which I hadnt seen in so long, was now rudely shining onto my face. As a Vampire, Id never thought I would see the day I would be ecstatic to see the Sun. However, I couldnt savour that joy for too long.

My consciousness was quickly fading away. Everything on my body was heavy. The world was spinning around me, and my exhaustion had reached its peak. I doubt I could even walk with my own two feet after spending all of my magic power on that ultimate spell.

But fortunately for me, I didnt have to.

“Jin, you did well. Leave the rest to me!”

Ysabelle, who should have been stumped by everything that had happened, hooked the bottom of my knees with one hand and supported my back with the other. Leaping from platform to platform, the Amazonian beauty dodged the falling rocks from Eyghons corpse and rushed right towards the exit Id created.

Illuminated by the radiant sunlight, the black-haired beauty looked exceedingly stunning, as if she were a Prince bathed with valour. No, what am I talking about? Ysabelle wasnt a Prince…

She was my Princess.

My one and only Princess Charming.

And as my world faded to black… There was only one thing that I could think of…

“How beautiful…”

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