My Yandere Harem Is a Nightmare

To Gay, or not to Gay?

Kline and Rebecca held their breath as they filed in, preparing to strip and join the bath. Neither of them dared to move. They were breaking boundaries!

It was entirely professional for them to be in the bath together, with her washing his naked body.

However, and colossal **ing [however] at that! There was a transpicuous problem with her being on her knees between his legs as he groped her breasts!

Naturally, keeping in their position was highly irrational, but they both seized up. It didn help that he could feel her beating heart in his hand. It reinforced his fears tenfold.

”Did you hear there was a cute boy here? ” A woman asked excitedly.

”Boy? Try man! I saw him when he checked in, hes… perfect looking. ”

”Don exaggerate, Sarah. ”

”No, seriously! Hes damn near perfect. ”

”Ill second that. If hes the guy who was there around noon, than I agree! ”

Klines heart pulsed when he heard the praise! Rebecca felt the same jolt, considering she was somehow lucky enough to get him naked in the bath alone and to touch her breasts!

The more they heard, the more they listened without moving. Until—

”Ahem! ”

—a quiet yet gruesomely confrontational cough sounded from behind them.

He turned his head to the side with the fluidity of a rusty cog.

Bell stood to their side with her hands on her towel-covered hips. Her eyes flickered with bloodlust, devoid of mercy or adjudication. ”What are you doing here? ”

”U-Using the bathing service. ” Kline stuttered, staring at the barely visible demon who stalked through the mist like a predator.

”Is that so? ” She smiled maliciously, ”If you
e receiving the back cleaning service, can you explain why you
e cleaning [her] front? That couldn get more backward. ”

His eyes widened, and he looked down, realizing he was still holding her breasts! He was so distracted and comfortable groping them that he forgot about them!

They separated, each covering their chest and blushing furiously. Naturally, it was awkward for him also to hide his chest and blush, but he did it by instinct.

”Don misinterpret the situation. ” The busty woman whispered, ”We couldn see each other in the mist, and I fell into him. Thats all. ”

”And that happened a couple of seconds before I showed up? Hmmm? ” Bell hummed.

Kline dry-swallowed. ”We were just surprised you showed up. I asked to bathe without the women present and got offered the service. ”

”Is that so? ” The brunette mused, genuinely mulling it over with a mysterious expression.

”Once again, please don misinterpret this situation. ” Rebecca whispered confidently, ”Im here doing my job. This service is available to Mr. Noble, due to his sexual nature. ”

Klines heart pulsed excitedly. It was available due to his sexual nature? Nice!

Bell frowned and looked at him with a semi-pitying gaze that made him feel nervous. ”I guess that is the case, isn it?

So I suppose itd be impossible for this to be misinterpreted. Is that right? ”

The virgin teens eyes widened in shock. Impossible to misinterpret it as anything other than a grope sesh? If that were the case, the brunette would be flaying his ass and grilling it on skewers! So why was there pity in her voice!?

”Exactly. ” Rebecca replied in a low voice.

Not exactly!

”Even if he asked to touch them like other women, it wouldn matter beyond unprofessionalism. ” The busty brunette said, releasing her arms from her chest. ”Hes harmless. ”

Harmless!? He appreciated trust in his character, but something about that term was horrifying!

”Is that so? ” Bell mused mysteriously, ”You
e right. Ive known him for most of my life, and I can verify hes harmless—and innocent. You wouldn be trying to change that, would you? ”

What do you mean youve known me for most of your life, you crazy woman!? Don improvise stories to feed your cockblocking agenda!

”Wait, what are— ” Kline tried to clarify their relationship but stopped when he heard a stampede of women entering the bath from the other side of the fog, ”Never mind, Id like to leave now! ”

Bell knew he was straight somehow. Hashtag stalking hacker suspect on the precipice of an open-shut slamdunk case!

She also had an aggressive mood-nuking regimen that she adhered to without fail!

Not nice!

Thats why he wanted the hell out of there—and fast!

”I suppose it is time to leave, isn it? ” Rebecca asked, standing up with her breasts in his face, with subtle pink peaks attempting to break through the mist like mountains under cloud cover.

She reached out her hand. However, there was a problem; he abruptly got a raging boner again, and walking around naked was impossible!

The hopeless virgin bit his cheek aggressively, drawing blood to make it go down. However, his eyes deadened when they healed instantly, and Rebeccas breasts immediately gave him another.

Luckily, his disdain for the situation made it droop a moment later, and he gratefully took her hand. However, as he stood—

”Whos in here already? ” A cute voice asked through the fog.

”I thought wed be the first. Damn, you
e fast at undressing! ”

”Right? Its been two minutes! ”

Three voices waded into the bath quickly, approaching them with record speed.

”I hate my life. ” Kline whispered, ”I hate it so goddamn much. ”

”Its okay. ” Rebecca giggled lightly, ”You
e allowed to be in here. So lets just leave, and Ill explain if we run into anyone. ”

”Explain what? ” Another woman asked from behind. Her voice sounded sweet, curious, and innocent.

The voluptuous brunette jumped, startled by the sudden shift. She didn hear or feel anything before the woman talked. It was eerie.

Kline was also surprised. For some reason, the voice sounded familiar, but he couldn remember. The feeling was annoying him more every time he experienced it—so constantly.

Rebecca turned around and found a petite woman with b-cup breasts and soft features staring at her.

The womans golden eyes and breast-length straight brown hair made her look extremely cute, but the delusional look in her eyes shattered that reputation instantly.

”Kline was bathing before we arrived, but we didn see because of the steam. ” Bell explained dryly, rolling her eyes, ”He wants to leave, but hes shy and afraid to walk around. ”

”Wait! What!? Klines here!? ” A blonde cried, materializing slightly from the mist, ”Taryn! Hes here! ”

”What did you say, Caitlyn!? ” Another cute voice cried in the distant fog, ”Give me a moment! Ill be there in a second! ”

”W-Whoa! Whoa-whoa-whoa! I don think this is a good idea, ladies! ” Kline said in a cracking, panicking voice.

”What part of shy and wanting to leave don you get? ” Bell scoffed in exasperation, ”Receptionist, go get him a towel. ”

”Don call me receptionist! ” Rebecca snapped with a twitching eyebrow, putting her hands on her hips, ”My name is Rebecca! ”

”Rebecca, Becky, Lexi, whatever. ” The fiery teen replied, ”Just do it so we can get him out of here. ”

”You do it! ” The busty woman laughed, ”You
e out of the bath; Im covering him from the eager women trying to see him. ”

”Im sure hed rather get exposed than get motorboated to death. ” Bell scoffed in annoyance, ”So stop speaking for him and do your job. ”

Rebecca looked down and saw Klines face an inch away from her cleavage. ”Im so sorry! ”

Sorry!? Sorry!? About what!? What type of—

The busty woman couldn see his cross-eyed face drooling with excitement as her breasts inched forward. So she immediately pulled away.

Klines face filled with indignation. He was hit with yet another misinterpretation facilitated by the anti-cock-hawk patrol!

An explosion of excited whispers rippled through the mist as the women got near, hearing the juicy motorboating talk.

”Theres a lot of people and… I appreciate getting shielded. ” Kline pleaded shamelessly, trying to get Rebecca to stay, ”Im very embarrassed. ”

Bell scoff-laughed and stepped down into the bath, still wearing her towel. ”Fine, Ill shield you. Just hurry up with getting the towel, you wannabe Capricorn. ”

No one understood what her trailing statement to the brunette meant. However, they knew it was an insult, and not knowing what it meant made it more offensive somehow.

Rebecca scoffed, rolling her eyes. She wanted to lay into the woman but was still at work. It hurt her soul, but she was officially an adult, so she moved aside as the firey teen waded over to replace her.

Kline was moderately excited at first. Bells perfectly proportionate c-cup breasts and volleyball bubble butt made her body his type.

However, the wet white towel around her—showcased nothing! All he could do was look at the back of her neck while she stared down the woman throngs of women like a guard dog.

”Come on! Just let us see him, at least! ”

”Isn that okay, Kline? ”

e not trying to make you uncomfortable. ”

”I…. ” Kline dry-swallowed, ”I don think thats a good idea. I can almost guarantee this is a bad idea. ”

”Does anyone here think its a bad idea? ” Caitlyn, a beautiful blonde, asked cheerily.

”Why would it be? ”

”Yeah, theres nothing wrong with him being here. ”

”You know we got a heads up about you, right? ”

e excited to have you here; you don have to hide from us! ”

”I, uh, w-wait up, ladies! I think theres a major misunderstanding. ” Kline stuttered awkwardly from behind Bell, ”Im just the writer for the retreat.

So what alternative universe makes that a reason to be excited about me bathing with the women communally?

Im not complaining; Im just very delightfully confused. Definitely afraid… but delightfully confused. ”

The women looked at each other from the mist.

Taryn, the beautiful curly-haired Caitlyn called too, decided to take the plunge.

”Forgive me if this sounds insensitive. ” She began, ”But you
e gay. That means you
e basically just like us, right? ”

Klines eyes glazed over, and he willingly walked to the gatekeepers leading him to the beyond.

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