Life Path [Permanent Until Completion]

1. Multi-billionaire with Excessive Free Time

2. World Leader

3. Nobel Prize Winner of Choice Field

4. Ultimate Villain

5. Symbol of Peace

Kline looked at the list for a fraction of a second before choosing option 1: multi-billionaire with excessive free time. Why? Why the ** not? Thats why!

World leader? Buy politicians like everyone else!

Nobel Prize Winner? Hard work! Ever heard of Thomas Edison?

Ultimate villain? Money is the root of all evil!

Symbol of peace? Bomber jets are surprisingly cheap!

Enough money can buy anything. If it can , it can buy you advisers, helpers, and things that can.

Can you buy a womans true affection? Of course, you can!

Not with a blank credit card like an amateur. However, you can pay for a private investigator and a personal assistant to get her gifts that show how much you pay attention to her. Shell get a chinchilla, youll look like a charming billionaire, and your statistical chances of getting fellatio will skyrocket exponentially. Win.

If money and free time gave Batman superpowers, itd make any dream he had come true!

”Option one. Lets gooooooooo… wait, hold up! ” Kline cried in confusion, staring at the new screen that popped up with hungry eyes.

Primary Life Goal [Non-Permanent]

1. Fame.

2. Love.

3. Prestige.

4. Talent.

5. Lifestyle.

6. Harem.

7. Health.

8. Contentment.

9. Excitement.

10. Eroticism.

Every option on that screen was excellent. He imagined lives filled with happiness, fulfillment, excitement, fame, and respect. Each was a dream come true.

However! Harem. Ha~reem. Har-rem. Hareeeeeeeeem!

The amount of money he had spent unlocking Isekai novel chapters that year alone could bankrupt a high school teacher. So his mind was already balls-deep in unrealistic polygamy fantasies when he saw the option.

”I disgust myself. ” Kline sighed, choosing the harem option, ”I will make no excuses for my cultured ways… said every virgin ever. God, Im the worst. ”

Naturally, he went through the obligatory rounds, telling the world [I know, I know. Im the worst.], but his eyes and beating heart screamed [yall are just jealous, bitches!].

A third option window popped up.

Growth Rate [Non-permanent]

1. Fast.

2. Medium.

3. Investment.

”To the moon! ” Kline chuckled, pressing one without giving it much thought.

However, when he saw the next screen, he immediately searched for the back button.

Fast Growth Enterprises [Non-permanent]

1. Social Media Influencer

2. Multilevel Ponzi Scheme

3. Crypto Scamming

4. Racketeering

5. Phishing Sites and Hacking Operations

”Where the ** is the back button!? ” He cried in a panic, ”I turned down the ultimate villain path! ”

[Lithco: Thats why you
e getting petty criminal options.]

Kline jumped for joy when he saw Lithco message him. ”Lithco, my dear friend! Can you please take me back— ”

[Lithco: Theres no back button. You should have thought about your future instead of proving you deserve bad luck.]

The blonde-haired teens eyebrow twitched. ”Why didn you mention this? ”

[Lithco: Why didn you think about your life before impulsively picking dopamine-grinding options? See, I can ask stupid questions too.]

Klines facial muscles tensed up reading the screen, and he admitted he was wrong. Silently. There was no way in hell hed read a [told you so] right after finishing his will.

”It says its non-permanent; what does that mean? ” He sighed.

[Lithco: Hoh hoh! It seems you do have the faculty to think. You have no idea how much money I just lost on that bet.]

The blonde-haired teen closed his eyes and took a deep breath. ”Please? ”

[Lithco: Wow, a please, too? You
e a jack-in-the-box of surprises today. I can turn down such desperation in good faith, so Ill answer your question.

To change your path, you need to choose an option and establish proficiency or a working enterprise before shutting it down and choosing another option.]

”So, in other words, Ill need to scam people until it makes me a multi-millionaire, and then I can change my path? ” Kline asked with the eyes of a dead fish.

[Lithco: Correct.]

After confirming the situation, the teen let his body crash back down into his hospital bed.

”I deserve this. ” Kline groaned, no longer caring about his image, ”That means… oh, ** me. ”

1. Social Media Influencer

His eyes glazed over, and he immediately encouraged his soul to leave his body and escape. ”Please kill me. ”

A new pop-up opened on his system window.

[Request: Abstracted Suicide.

Illegal Operation: Request Denied.]

Kline began cackling ominously, looking at the screen in disbelief. ”This is so twisted. Fine, Ill play along. ”

He chose Social Media Influencer and awaited his fate.

A fourth window popped up.

Milestone Concentration

1. Talent Building

2. Fame Building

3. Networking

4. Scam Training

5. Learning

His sense of romanticism got doused with cold water before the options even arrived.

”Learning. ” Kline groaned, ”A mixture of hard work and knowledge always leads to success… if you
e willing to do anything. And, well… anything is better than this. ”

The teen looked down and saw his full body cast. It was pure white when it started but had yellowed since the accident.


”An alert? I guess if Im not looking, it lets me know if theres a notification, huh? ” He chuckled lifelessly, looking up at the screen again.

Path established!

You have received two new branches!

Branch 1: Get an Invite to an All-Female Retreat

Details: Youve been invited to join the Swanson Spa Female Leadership Retreat by Rit Manson, the events owner, and cosponsor. All females present will know you
e joining.

Requirements: 1. Make it to the retreat healthy and on time. 2. Post nightly blog posts.

Path: Improve your interpersonal skills and social image by interacting with women. The event is highly compatible with your life goal to have a harem.

Branch 2: Take a video editing course to jumpstart your content creation.

Details: A renowned media company is raffling off tickets to a high-priced video editing course—and you
e nabbing one.

Requirements: Travel to New York to take the course onsite.

Path: Directly aligns with your primary path as a social media influencer and your concentration on learning.

Kline groaned again. He picked up a pillow and smothered his face with it so he could whine louder without alerting the nurse.

Due to his mistakes, he needed to do something he hated. Now, he was torn between becoming improving his life with the systems help and going on a harem-hunting adventure.

”Lithco, how permanent are these options? ” He asked with a shameless voice, awaiting a roasting for considering the harem adventure.

Contrary to expectations, Lithco wasn phased. It seemed that way, anyway.

[Lithco: Branches are system-assisted opportunities. You can leave the events whenever you wish and end the participation requirements.

The only trade-off is opportunity cost since you can only go on one.]

Klines eyes widened in surprise when he saw the explanation. ”Theres no penalty for wasting your time and resources? ”

[Lithco: You
e only hurting yourself.]

”I see…. ” The teen replied pensively, ”Sooooooo… will you judge me if I go harem-hunting like a degenerate? ”

[Lithco: I will forever judge you for making [harem] your primary life goal. However, the damage is done, and youll never achieve redemption.

The system leads you to your chosen path. Since you
e using the system as designed, Ill remain professional and silently judgemental from now on.]

”Appreciate it, Lithco. ” Kline replied, lacing his fingers and stretching his arms, ”Now, then. Lets get this party started. ”

He looked at the screen and selected his choice with his thoughts.

Branch 1 Accepted: Get an Invite to an All-Female Retreat

Warning! Requirement conflict detected.

Requirement: Make it to the retreat healthy and on time.

Details: It will be physically impossible for you to reach the retreat healthy and on time with natural healing.

Searching for available solutions. Please wait.

A suitable solution has been established.

Please wait patiently. A representative will be with you shortly.

Warning! There are no alternative solutions. To attend the retreat, you must comply with the current conflict resolution.

”W-Whoa-whoa-whoa! Wait up, slow down. ” Kline cried in a panic, ”Im not a fan of that language you
e throwing around. What do you mean— ”

Knock! Knock! Knock!

”Hello, Mr. Noble. My name is Dr. Mathers. ” A friendly brown-haired doctor said with a wide smile, walking through the door.

His very presence inspired trust and made the teen feel safe. However—

”And this is Dr. Irvine. ” Dr. Mathers added.

—the doctor beside him inspired a primal paranoia in Kline that he would get used as a gruesome test subject if he even talked to him.

The man looked like Sigmund Freud. White hair. Balding head. Looked like satan from 90% of the angles and snapshots one got of him.

His smile was twisted, and he had jagged coffee-stained teeth. Judging by the mans visible rib cage, he primarily survived off coffee as he pursued his lifes work.

That type of guy.

The man standing before him told him that a guaranteed harem wasn worth the systems conflict resolution.

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