I wake up after 1 year ,my company and my relatives called me . My parents cried and my siblings too. I didn expected that they will cry, I was happy but I didn say what happened with me,a doctor came in my ward and introduced himself doctor Lee Yang who take care of me. Dam… he was hot,handsome and young I could take my eyes out of him but I question come in my mind was him who raped me?; some day later I was disgarded and in my mind come an idea that i will come some days later to meet doctor Lee Yang. ”Some days later ” Could I meet Doctor Yang? the nurse asked if I have an appointment I sayed no, so she said me to wait; I waited … and waited… but he didn came because he was busy; when I was about to leave the nurse tell me to go to his ward. I was nervous but confident when I meet him he was smiling , he asked me why I came there , I sayed ”doctor Lee was him who touched my body when I was in coma ”.He smiled and take off is glasses and sayed ”yes,it was me ”; I asked him why he do this to me ,he tell me with a big smile that he love me in first-side. ”miss Lina you know that when you came in this hospital i was in love but didn know this love will grow, the first week i couldn but

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