That slut when I ever see her face my head hurts, if it wasn for her I could have a relationship with my childhood crush and my fiance.MMMMH what Im saying is I don like it or yes but in my heart, there is a feeling that I like him but I don know if is for his look or the real him, we didn talk for years. ” Lina are you jealous? ” , AM I jealous? BOY YOU ARE MESSING WITH MY FEELINGS but maybe a little; ”w-why could I feel jealous? ”. ” OKAY you don have to be shy (she looks cute when she is jealous) ”, oh by the way his cousins name is Rosie and her so-called boyfriend is Ron such a sweeeeet couple (annoyed). I don why but today if my besties were here I could feel calm because after we graduate we didn even see each other. (In the car)sooooooo boring, he is busy I don have anything to do…(in her mind)lalalalalalalala…wait who is that? don tell me if Ana and Elisa. ” Lee could you stop the car(whispers) ”… ” alright, no-no problem (talking in his phone)….Lina we drop here I have something too deallllllll ”. ”Oh, ok ”yes, yes:> I can see my besties,(out of the car) ”Ana and Elsa are you there?…..Ana … Elsa ”.(Ana and Elsa) ”Eh…who called us,(searching)….oh LOOK ANA IS THAT LINA? ” ANA AND ELSA, IS ME LINA HOW ARE YOU BITCHES ”, ”we are fine bitch how are you? you look fine and have you been married to your fiancee:>? ”. ”Not now but maybe in future….hahaha hahaha! and have you been married? ”. ”Yes ù, absolutely and today is the expected day we have found you,hahahahahaha ”. ”Yes, it is … why don you come to my house !? I have to talk about so many things ”. ”Ok, we will go but if you could drop us then in our home and… ”, ”ok but you have to go to my house and then you will invite your husbands for dinner ”. ”OK, LETS GO

🙂 ”.(In my fiance car) ”Hi ladies, how have you been and if you have a party could I come? ”.(Ana and Elsa) ”YESSSSSSS why not, :> and you grow up handsome but, not like our husbands ”.( telepath) ”Stop you bitches Im embarrassed ”, ”no will not ”.HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA and all of us burst to laugh.


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