Rise of the serpentine

Wu: (prologue) Long before time had a name, the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago using four elemental weapons. But when he passed, a dark presence sought out to collect them all: Lord Garmadon. So I, Sensei Wu, his brother, sought out to find four ninja to collect them first.

(The episode begins at the Monastery of Spinjitzu with Wu meditating in one room, and the ninja are making combat sounds in another room.)

Kai: (off-screen) Fire strike! Oh, my gosh, is that the greatest move youve ever seen?

Cole: (off-screen) Stop trying to do it yourself. We need to attack as a team.

(Wu goes to the training compound and finds that none of the ninja are training there.)

Jay: (off-screen) Zane, why are you wasting your special attack on me? You have to save it.

(Wu goes to look for them in a different room and finds them playing video games.)

Jay: Fantastic, Im out of lives

Zane: But the lesson lives on, and I am getting the hang of it. Hee-yah!

Cole: Okay, now!

(As the ninja continue with their game, Wu unplugs the television.)

Ninja: Aw…

Cole: Aw, man!

Jay: What? What happened?

Cole: It took us three hours to get there!

Jay: Why would you do that? Why?

Wu: Just because Lord Garmadon escaped through a vortex doesn mean he won return one day for the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu.

Zane: But Sensei Wu, ever since hes been gone, Ninjago has had nothing but peace.

Jay: Yeah, peace is boring. Theres no one to save. Theres nothing to do.

Cole: We can train tomorrow.

Wu: Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.

Cole: Well, I was gonna eat this pizza tomorrow, so if thats the case…

(Wu kicks the pizza slice off his hand.)

Cole: Ow!

Wu: No pizza for you! In order to reach your full potential, you must train

Kai: Uh, remember when we did a little thing called the Tornado of Creation? I thought that was pretty insane.

Wu: Oh. You four have merely scratched the surface of your full potential. There are still so many secrets you have yet to unlock. You haven even begun to tap into what powers your golden weapons hold.

(Kais Sword is shown to be burning a pizza slice.)

Cole: You wanna talk secret powers? Check this out.

(Cole uses his Scythe to plug back the television so that the ninja can resume their game.)


Zane: Don worry, Master. We will be ready when Lord Garmadon returns.

(Nya enters the room running.)

Nya: Guys, Lord Garmadon, hes returned! He was spotted approaching Jamanakai Village

(The ninja struggle to prepare for the mission. Nya gives Jay his Nunchucks.)

Jay: Uh, th-thanks, uh–

Nya: Hurry!

Jay: Okay!

(The ninja rush to the dragon cabinets to travel with their dragons, but show signs of unfitness. One of the dragon doors hits Zanes head. Cole drops his weapon when mounting on his dragon. Jay fails to mount on his dragon.)

Nya: Uh, can I help?

Kai: Sorry, sis, where we go, danger abounds. This is a job for the ninja.

(Kai fails to reach his dragons reins.)

Kai: Uh…Uh, a little help? Heh-heg

(The ninja fly off to Jamanakai Village with their dragons.)

Cole: Yeah!

(With Nya and Wu.)

Nya: Will they ever reach their full potential?

Wu: In time. Maybe a long time, but in time.

(The ninja are shown to flying up on the sky.)

Cole: Just like old times, eh, Rocky?

Kai: You guys believe what Sensei said about unlocking our full potential?

Jay: He may be onto something. I mean since we got these golden weapons, its not like we ever had to use them. I wonder what they do.

Zane: I, for one, look forward to the future. If there is more for us to accomplish, let it be.

Cole: Don know about you, but is anyone else a little excited about battling Lord Garmadon? Ive been looking forward to trying out some new Spinjitzu moves. Could be the perfect opportunity.

Jay: Ha-ha! Race you there?

(The ninja race towards Jamanakai Village.)

Kai: (Near their destination.) Jamanakai Village. First ninja there wins.

(The ninja speed through the last stretch while approaching Jamanakai Village. They all land at the same time.)

Kai: Ha-ha! I was first!

Jay: No! No one was faster than me!

Cole: Ha-ha-ha! My feet were down before yours!

Zane: You were all disillusioned! It was clearly me!

(The villagers are screaming and running to their homes. An evil shadow appears and an evil laughter is heard in the background. The ninja prepare for this scenario.)

Kai: Stay sharp, fellas. Whatever happens, never let your guard down.

(The laughter and shadow turned out to be owned by a young boy wearing a black hoodie.)

Boy: (Laughs evilly.) It is I, Lloyd Garmadon! I demand all the candy in town, or else!

Jay: Lloyd Garmadon? I thought we were gonna face Lord Garmadon.

Cole: Its his son.

(Jay grunts.)

Cole: Looks like he escaped his boarding school for bad boys again. And to think we couldve been doing Spinjitzu already.

Lloyd: Er… er… gimmie your candy or Ill release the Serpentine on you!

(The villagers start booing at him. He attempts the old can trick on them, but they start throwing vegetables at him.)

Lloyd: No way! I asked for candy, not vegetables! I hate vegetables! (Starts grunting and falls down.)

Kai: Hes gonna have to do a lot better than use an old bedtime story to scare people.

Zane: The Serpentine are real, Kai. They
e not something to joke about.

Kai: Serpentine? Real? We
e talking about the ancient race of snake people who once ruled Ninjago and were supposedly locked underground.

Jay: (Whimpers.) Sealed in five different tombs to separate the warring tribes and ensure they don unify to exact their revenge upon those who put them there.

Kai: It was an old wives tale to teach kids not to poke their noses where they don belong. Don you think its a little suspicious no ones ever found one of their tombs?

Cole: Well thats because youd be a fool to look for one. If there was anything I hated more than dragons, it was snakes. Rubber or not. (The ninja grab Lloyd, who hits Jay with the can.) Don worry, folks, well take care of this. Nothing to see here.

Lloyd: Bow down to me or suffer my wrath! Ill give you to the count of three! One! Two!

Kai: What are we supposed to do? Spank him?

Lloyd: Two and a half!

(Lloyd is shown to be hanging on a sign with food all over him.)

Lloyd: (Screams.) You just made me your nemesis! Mark my words, youll pay for this!

(The citizens laugh at him as Zane buys candy for him and his comrades.)

Cole: Next time, try paying for your candy.

Kai: Crime doesn pay, muchacho. You can take that to the bank.

Jay: (Taunting Lloyd.) Mmm… cotton candy.

(Lloyd screams in rage.)

(The ninja mount on their dragons when Kai accidentally drops a scroll.)

Kai: Huh? I don remember putting this here.

Zane: That Senseis bag. You mustve accidentally taken it in the rush.

Jay: What is it?

Kai: Its a scroll, windbag.

Jay: I know its a scroll, but what does it say? Its written in chicken scratch.

Zane: Not chicken scratch. The ancient language of our ancestors.

Kai: Uh, can you read it?

Zane: Well, I can try. This symbol means ”prophecy ”.

Jay: Prophecy?

Kai: It means it tells the future.

Jay: Of course. Ha-ha. I knew that.

Zane: ”One ninja will rise above the others and becomes the Green Ninja, the ninja destined to defeat the Dark Lord ”.

Jay: (Gasps.) Oh, look, a picture!

Kai: Dark Lord? Hold on… you think they mean Lord Garmadon? Wait a minute! Is that us? Is anyone else thinking what Im thinking?

Jay: Like how good Im gonna look in green? Ha.

Kai: Isn it obvious Im gonna be the Green Ninja?

Jay: The color obviously suits me!

Zane: Technically, I am the best.

Cole: Everyone, stop it! Remember why Sensei brought us together in the first place. We
e a team. We weren meant to see this and probably for good reason. Come on, lets head back home. We have training to do.

Jay: Its about time I added some finesse to my routine.

Zane: Well, I could use some exercise.

Cole: Yeah. I gotta work on some new moves.

(All the ninja except Kai head home).

Kai: (To himself.) Could I be the Green Ninja?

(Lloyd is wandering aimlessly at the Glacier Barrens.)

Lloyd: Stupid ninja. Ill show them who they
e dealing with.

(Lloyd kicks a stone that lands somewhere, making a clang sound.)

Lloyd: What is this?

(He rubs the floor to find out what it is.)

Lloyd: Hey, what is—

(It is shown that he found the f

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