”Madam, this is Zella, shell replace Venus… ” said Mother Helen to her employer.

We are now in the mansion of the Hernandez family. Owns a company where they make racing cars, as well as luxury cars. Hernandez Cars is very popular all over the country. They are the leaders in the field of vehicles. So it is no wonder why their family is a billionaire.

”Welcome hija, come here. Sit down… ” said the woman who was probably in her mid 50s. Sophisticated and even aged, its body is still beautifully shaped. Wearing is fancy dress that screams luxury.

I sat on the sofa and she was in front of me, while I was next to mother Helen.

”Good morning. ” I greeted for madam.

”Zella dear, how are you? Are you still studying? Why are you working as a maid? You don look like you
e just a housemaid dear. I think you
e not fit for this job… ” There was sadness in the eyes of madam Sonia.

I was surprised at her question. This is always the case when I apply for a job. Im half Australian, my dad is Australian. But before I was born, they got separated. I got my gray eyes from him. I have white skin and freckles on my shoulders but not that many. My nose is also narrow, my eyebrows were just right and I had heart-shaped lips that were reddish. No matter what I do during the day, I don turn black.

”Ahh … mother Helen said you need a housemaid here. Im saving for my college. Its hard to get a job by just having highschool diploma… ” Madam nodded.

”Don worry madam. I watched this child grow before her mother died. So I can assure you she is kind and trustworthy… ” said mother Helen.

”Oh, Helen, you won be the head of the househelp here if I don trust you. So, whoever you bring, I trust you too. ” Madam grinned and looked at me.

”So dear, you want to go to college don you? ” the madam said.

I nodded.

”All right, Ill take care of your college. Just show me that you work hard, no matter what course it is, dear. Ill take care of it. ” said madam with a big smile on her lips.

The Hernandez family is really kind!

”Mother, do they really have only one child? The size of their mansion, then their only child is not even around. ” I asked mother Helen as I wash the dishes.

”Oh, yes Zella. Madam had PCOS then so it was a long time before she got pregnant. And when she got pregnant, she went through a lot of hardships. So the couple decided that one of child is enough. Its a boy. Its up to Taiden to spread their last name. ” She said while brewing coffee.

So thats how it is. But why in more than a year I have been here has their son sir Taiden didn even came home?

I should ask mother Helen.

”Eh, why didn sir Taiden come home at least once? Didn he miss them, madam and sir? Its so sad. Hes the only child. Hes still with this house thats too big. ” I said.

Mother Helen smiled and I was surprised.

”Because Taiden is very stubborn, they were always called to school, the madam, when he was still in elementary school. So they sent him to America. Maybe its his last year in college if Im not mistaken. ” said mother helen while sipping coffee.

So that is why. Stubborh, huh? What a pity for his parents. If I had been the rich daughter. I will really be kind. I wouldn give my parents a headache.

I was in my second year of college. Tourism is my course because I want to become a flight attendant. This has really been my dream ever since. Because my dream was to go to Australia to find papa. If I hadn been able to work here, I might have studied becoming a teacher. Because FA is much more expensive than becoming a teacher.

Its really good and the Hernandez couple is very kind. I have never been scolded. I do my job well. Luckily for me, someone came to pick me up at school! And madam actually enrolled me in a private school. Oh see? Luxurious!

”This is your tea madam. ”

I said. Madam is in the office and reading papers.

”Thanks Zella, dear… ” she took a sip to the tea at the same time. Then she looked at me. ”How is your studies? ” she asked.

Well madam, good grades s as usual.

”Its good madam and Im still on the deans list. ” I said confidently. The madam smiled.

”Very good dear, just keep it up. I know you can reach your dream. I can wait that one day, Darius and I will board the plane and you will be our flight attendant. ” said madam who was still smiling.

Sometimes I miss mama because of madams kindness. My mom is like that too. If only she hadn gotten sick. I think she would still be alive today. And also, I could take her on the plane while I work. Ang papa, how is he now. Is he still alive?

”Flowers for you baby… ” said Anjo.

Anjo is the gardener of the nearby mansion. Here again and flirting. Anjo is thin and tanned skin. He looks like a person whos one cough will kill him because hes so thin. I don know if his boss is still feeding him. He looked like a dog was gnawing when a dog sees him.

I accepted the three pieces of red roses he brought.

”Thank you … maybe its from maam Sofiya! She was mad at you because you gave me her suitors gifts. ”

He always does that. Once again he brought chocolates, I thought he bought them. That was from Sofiyas suitor. And when Sofiya was looking for it. Gone. Anjo already gave them to me.

He smiled. I can almost see his gums in the extra width of his grin.

”Oh no … its from the garden. I planted it myself and took care of it… ” he replied while grinning.

Most likely, you are a gardener.

”Won you answer me yet, baby? ” said Anjo with puppy eyes. He was horrible to look at. Why is it that this mans eyes are so big! Its about to come out! But I admit that he is very sensible. Even if not in appearance.

”Anjo, didn I tell you, I don want to have a boyfriend. Im going to graduate first. I don want distraction. I have grades to take care of. ” His forehead furrowed as if he didn understand me.

”Zella baby, Ive been waiting for you all my life, when I was a gardener I flirted with you. But now Im also a driver. Ive improved Zella baby, but your heart is still not improving, ” he said while shaking his head.

My God! Im going to have a headache here!

”Hey Zella! Have you seen the bulletin board yet? ” said Suzie, my bestfriend.

”No, why? ”

e the Top 1 stu

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