”Hi Zella! ” said Dale, and Macsen whistled. They were noisy at the table. I just woke Taiden up with an unexpected event, which I never want to remember.

We are all here at the table. Madam wants me to eat with them. Mother Helen and the other helpers already finished eating.

”Dude, what takes you so long? We
e hungry… ” Elton annoyingly said.

Taiden had just arrived, and he immediately caught my eye. He didn even look at Elton. I averted my eyes because my body hairs stood up again!

He sat in front of me, next to me is madam. On the other side of me was Keion, next was Mozes.

In all of them, Keion will be next to Taiden if we
e gonna talk about handsomeness. Hes just as quiet and mysterious as Taiden but he smiled at me.

Mozes, on the other hand, is very transparent. You can see in his face whether he is happy or angry. And I was just as comfortable with him as I was with Keion. Unlike Dale, Macsen and Elton. That the mouths are full of paralysis. But all in all, I can say, there is no trash on them.

”So whats your plan today? ” madam asked to the young men.

”Auntie, well go home first and maybe next week, well come back here. If its okay… ” said Keion. I was amazed at his voice. Its super calm and soothing to listen to. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

”Of course! Our house is always open, just behave and mind you … ” madam said to the young men ”Zellas off limits, understood? ” she reminded them, again.

Theres a slow chuckle from them and they all nodded except for this cold eyes watching me intently…Taiden. He has no emotion on his face. I can read what hes thinking.

”But why Tita? ” it was Mozes.

”What if one of us will court her, are you going to kick our asses then? ” They all laughed as well as Taiden! Miracle. Sir Darius just shook his head.

Madam blinked before answering with her raised eyebrows together.

”Well, her suitor will pass me first, I don want Zella getting played on. This girl is so kind that the one who hurts her can taste a piece of me. ” she said at the same time, she held my hand and squeezed it on the table.

”This will be hard then. ” and Keion.

All attention turned to him.

And I saw Taiden staring hard at Keion and his jaw was clenching.

”Off limits is off limits … ” said Taiden.

All attention is now turned to him. I don know if Im the only one feeling the tension at this table or Im just too full.

So thats just what I was thinking. I just ate too much,

Im like an ice cream melting in my seat. Why Im the topic? I don know.

Taidens friends went home after breakfast. I also helped in the kitchen with mother Helen. And after that, I want to go back to my room to rest. My room is also on the second floor. Even though I was supposed to be in the maids quarter, madam really wouldn consent. I just wish to be their child. But I don want that Taiden monkey to be my brother.

I was about to walk upstairs when someone suddenly spoke on the side of the stairs. You can see if theres anyone there.

”Don be full of yourself. You
e too plain. ”

It was Taiden.

I was a little surprised. His two hands are in his pockets and he is looking at me intently. I folded my arms.

”What do you mean? … Whats your problem, huh? ” I asked emphatically with a tone of irritation.

What does this one say. Why is he always interfering about me. Im not at fault for anything!

He stepped towards me. Now that I can look up at him, he slowly bent down and whispered something in my ear.

”They just want to get in your pants, so stay away from them .. ” and he turned his back on me.

I took a deep breath, I didn realize that I was no longer breathing with the extreme nervousness I was feeling. My heart is pounding. I don know why he affects me like this. I calmed myself down and climbed the stairs.

What does he really mean? And he even wanted me to stay away from his friends.

I don have a problem with that, but he also has no right to order me to stay away from them. I will decide who to approach and befriend. Hes just my boss, he doesn own me.

Monday is class day again. I only woke up at five oclock. This is the time I really wake up because I don want to be late for class, and thats how Ive never been late for class. I took a shower and put on my uniform. Black skirt with side slit, a black business jacket, a thick bottom heels and my black hat.

”Zella, eat first before you leave. ” Morher Helen said as I got down to the kitchen.

”Its fine mother Helen. Ill just eat in school, I have something to do in school, too. ” It was a lie. I just want to avoid Taiden as much as possible.

”Oh, its bad not to have breakfast, its the most important meal of the day… breakfast. ”

I smiled and hugged her.

”You really …okay. Im gonna eat. ”

She fed me and I sat down at the table. Eggs, bacon, bread and hot milk were prepared by mother Helen.

”Oh hijo, you woke up early… ”

I looked up and it was Taiden walking towards mother Helen. He took a glass and fetched water from the refrigerator. He looked at me first before pouring water and drinking.

”Yeah, Im going for a run today. ” Taiden replied to mother Helen.

I never looked at him again. I don want to meet our eyes again. When he suddenly spoke.

”Nana, tell Jojo that I will take Zella to school. ” I looked up with an egg in my mouth.

Mother Helen smiled.

What kind of trip does this monkey have now? I just noticed that hes wearing appropriate clothes who would take a run. Going for a run, huh? I smiled and drank some water.

His gazed didn left mine. And his brow shot up. With astonishment on the face.

”Why are you smiling like an idiot? ” he spat.

I smiled even more.

”I thought you were going to run, but it looks like you
e already dressed to leave? ” There is still a big grin on my face. He looked at his clothes and blinked emphatically.

”Then after I send you to school, and I have things to do, too. ”

Mother Helens eyes moved back and forth between the two of us.

Really, huh, it just so happened that the plan to take me was obvious. I suddenly became less annoyed with him.

”Oh hey, Im going to see Jojo, hurry up, Zella, or youll be late! ”

I nodded and went out to the garage. He just followed me.

A black luxury car was parked outside. He ipened the door for me. I was in a complete shocked.

When I entered, he turned around and got in, and the car started its engine immediately. I still can get rid of the little smile on my face and he seems to have noticed it.

”Aren you done smiling? ” he said with his eyes on the road. I looked at him and noticed how handsome this man is, especially in his side profile.

I grinned a little and came a little closer to look him in the face.

”Just admit that you really have a plan to take me today, don you? ” I asked him teasingly.

He just looked at me for a moment and theres a ghost of smile but it disappears immediately.

”Stop assuming too much, kid. ”

”Assuming? Sure Im not, and Im not a kid anymore! Im in college, hello? ” I folded my arms and looked at the road.

He chuckled softly. Ive never thought someones chuckle could be so sexy! Now he is really smiling while driving. I stopped talking and he didn say anything until we arrived at school.

”Is that Taiden? Is he the one who drives for you? Oh my god! ” said Suzie, we are now walking to our room.

”Yup … ” I replied.

She giggled. ”Hes so handsome! Especially his friends who are underground racers. ” I looked at her. What under ground racers is she talking about?

”Under ground racers? Whats that? ”

She covered her mouth. And inhaled.

”Don you know yet? Anyway, maybe that wasn mentioned in the mansion. Ill tell you what I know, but promise me you won tell anyone, Zella. Promise me. ” said Suzie and we stopped walking.

I nodded.

”Okay, so the underground racers is a group of rich and influential people. Taiden is one of the leaders, and his henchmen are his friends … ” I didn let go of her gaze because I was confused by what she was saying. ”If they have an enemy in business or anything, instead of killing them right away, they will take it to a car race. Sometimes life is at stake. And whoever loses will burn your car while you are inside. ” My eyes widened and Suzie looked at me. I can process what she said.

”Are you okay Zella? ” she asked and touched me on the shoulder. I nodded.

”Why is there such a thing? And why do you know? ” I asked curiously.

”Because daddy is also one of the leaders. Taiden is on his side but Taiden is higher than him. At first, the under ground race of the rich was just for fun, until it turned out that there was a massacre. What a pity for those who will be killed who doesn know how to drive. ” she said with a sad tone.

I really don understand, why there is such a thing. Did madam and sir Darius know about that under ground race? Or mother Helen?

”Is it okay for you to have your Daddy involved? Aren you worried? ” I said.

She smiled slightly. ”Im worried, of course, but what can I do? Hes been there for a long time, no matter how mommy stops him, he can just leave. ”

I could see the sadness on Suzies face. I know its illegal. And the very thought of being involved with one of your loved ones will discourage you. What if he doesn come home? Because he lost the race. And Taiden, isn he afraid to die? And how about his parents? He is the only child, didn he think how his parents would feel when he die?

I had many questions in my mind. But I don know where I can find an answer. But I will gather information about it. Im worried of madam.

What if she didn know Taiden was involved with this? At least this is all I can give in exchange for the goodness of the family to me.

To find out and fix whatever it is Taiden has joined.

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