”So, shes the girl you
e talking about before, huh? … ” Dale said sarcastically. I am here now at their house after I took Zella to school. My five stupid friends are also here.

”No way! Thats him, dude? ” said Elton with a smirk.

I was in high school in the states when my mom suddenly emailed me that we had a new nanny. Like, seriously? Does she really need to tell me? I don know who fired or replaced our workers. But, Fuck! There is a photo indicated in mamas email.

Long straight hair, with her gray eyes. Her natural eyebrows are thick and her nose is pointy. Accompanied by her perfect lips thats pinkish.

Fuck! Is this one really a maid? That was my question when mama sent it.

And since then, mama has always sent me pictures of Zella. Damn! Im always excited whenever I received an email. And sometimes I get a bad trip when the email doesn come from mama. Shes **ing too attractive to be our nanny. Not to mention her perfect body figure.


Macsen came up to me and put his arm around me. While I was drinking my eyes were focused.

”Thats hard dude. Are you falling for her? ” You know its dangerous don you? We still have a mission that needs to be completed before you can have a relationship. ” he reminded me.

I thought about what Macsen said. The fool was right. Even his mouth is foul as always, but when it comes to this kind of conversation. Hes good at it.

”We should finish that **ing mission. I wanted to have a girlfriend and get married … ” we all turned to Mozes. We both gasped at what he said. We held our bellies because of the laughter.

Since we joined the group, neither of us has had a girlfriend. All girls we had in US are just **ing bed whores. Maybe he really wants a girlfriend now.

The ** ?! Same dude! Same!

But what kind of relationship did Macsen say? I didn say anything, that I like Zella. Im just attracted to her, and I wanna ** her hard ill she can walk.

”What can you say Keion? Do you think Taiden likes Zella or he just wants to marry her. ” Fools except me and Keion laughed at the same time.

My jaw tightened and I looked sharply at the four. And at once, silenced. I took a deep breath and Keion spoke.

”For now, we should be careful … they won be suspicious because Zella is your nanny… ” he stared at me at the same time and I couldn read the expression on his face.

”We can just be friends with her. ” he added and there was a mixture of sadness in his voice. I wondered why he sounded like that. Maybe this idiot is just sad and is going through something.

But **! Now that Im here, I can imagine Zella being with other man. I think I really like that woman. Even with my friends, I don want anyone staring at her!

This is insane right? I don even know her completely but thats how I feel.

Yes, I really liked her when I was in the US. Shes gorgeous, alright? But now, that I saw her in person. My heart beats too fast and its freaking weird! Ive never felt this way before in any woman Ive **ed. Well, I haven ** her, how much more if I ** her, right?

I went home with my annoying friends. We took our car with us. I don want to bring them home but they insisted! They even use mama, that they misses her. Miss my ass. I know Zella is their intention. Like Im gonna let them lay a hand on her.

No **ing way.

When we entered the house, Zella immediately showed up in the living room having a snack with a woman. They were still wearing their uniforms. Shit. She is also so beautiful when she wears a uniform!

It showcased her long white legs. I don care who shes with. I looked at the idiots one by one I glanced at Zella. But Zellas eyes are not on me ?! I looked where her eyes were darted.

To Keion.

My cheeks suddenly became hot. And I was disgusted at the stare of the two so I spoke.

”Who is she? ” I asked while looking at the person next to her. She smiled at me. Damn, that smile.

”Ahh … Suzie is my bestfriend, my classmate too. ” she said and Suzie held out her hand to me and I accepted it.

”Hi, Im Suzie … ” she said.

”Hi, Im Elton… ” Elton interrupted. Suzie accept his hand and they introduced themselves one by one, and Elton was already eye-**inf Suzie.

I turned to the side and Zella was gone, so I turned around to look for her. And I did actually see her going to the pool…with Keion? Wtf ?! Are they close?

When else have they been close? And why are they going to the pool? Will they talk? What will they talk about? Fuck! That idiot! I need to do something. I will crush his face before he gets Zella from me.

I thought of a way I could interrupt the two.

”Lets go to the pool. ” I told them all and they obeyed. I found the two still laughing. My mouth tightened as I saw it. I immediately called Zella.

You thought Ill let you be alone with that idiot?

”Zella … get us some wine. ” I commanded her and she nodded and looked like she had informed Keion. I took a deep breath. I don breathe much anymore because of the irritation I feel. I think I can even kill a friend.

I sat in the vacant seat next to Dale. He looked me in the face with astonishment. The fool grinned, it looked like he could read my face and immediately shook.

”Really? Can I get your number Suzie? ” Elton winked at Suzie. Goodluck to you Suzie, that idiot will just ** you. But I didn say that. I was busy.

Zella returned carrying a tray with glasses, and wine. She put it in front of us. She then looked at Suzie.

”Suzie, Im just gonna change my clothes , you wanna stay here? ”

”No … Ill come with you. ” Suzie immediately stood up and said goodbye to us and went with Zella. Good. So that I don get annoyed seeing you talking with Keion.

”Shit! I like Suzie … shes cute! ” Elton shouted. All the women for him are cute, though.

”Doesn Zella have any other friends? Lets just date at your house dude … ” Dale sipped his wine at the same time, ”And at least we
e safe here, and you have a lot of guest rooms if you really can help it. .. ” the idiots laughed.

”Fuck off … this isn a hotel … ” I said.

You will give Zella more work when you use our guest rooms for sex! The thickness of this idiots gums.

”Ill ask Zella to bring more babes here, so that we don get bored and maybe well think about bromance with so much aridity … ” said Mozes.

e so stupid! ” said Elton and jokingly punched him.

I no longer listened to what they were talking about. I looked at Keion who was smiling slightly in front of his phone. Who is he texting? And I think the grin is too big. Don tell me… its Zella ?! I was simmering with anger at my thought.

I drank my wine. What is happening to me? I wasn like this before. Girls are just my sex toys. Nothing more, nothing less.

But, this is different. She is different. The first time I laid my eyes on her, I knew it, that I want her to be mine. And mine alone!

”Whats with the smile? Who were you texting? ” said Macsen to Keion. We all looked at him.

”Zella … ” was her simple answer.


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