When Taidens friends and Suzi friends went home, I immediately washed the glasses they used for drinking. It was ten oclock in the evening and mother Helen was asleep. And even though Im tired because of what Taiden told me earlier, I can still did my house obligations.

I don know why he prepared so many orders for me earlier. Keion and I hardly talked anymore. He was just nice to talk to, I thought he was like his other friends whose mouths were full of disgust. I have never heard Keion speak rudely about me or any other woman.

So Im more comfortable with him than with that Taiden! And speaking of the devil.

”Exchanging phone numbers, huh … ” he said and leaned back near the sink. I raised my left brow. And wiped hands after washing the glasses.

”What now? ” I said.

He chuckled and smirked.

Whats his problem? What about now that I gave my cellphobe number to Keion? Hes kind. So I didn hesitate to give him my number.

”Even if you
e in the same place, you really need to text him? ” he spat.

He had something to say. Keion and I texted earlier because he wants me back outside. Its his fault why we texted earlier, it is because of the number of his orders! He even asked for a flower vase to put on the table outside where they drank!

Like seriously?

”Whats that early, huh? ” I raised my eyebrows even higher and folded my arms. Only now did I realize that he was half-naked! His whole body was very exposed and it looked like he had just taken a bath because his hair was a bit wet.

My eyes went to his shining shimmering abs! I swallowed and immediately looked up but my soul seemed to let go of my body when I saw Taiden staring at me and smiling! He must have noticed my stares at his body!

I turned around and walked away.

”Delete his number … ” he commanded. I turned to him and raised one eyebrow.

”I don want to, and why are you interfering? Its my cellphone, so I have all the right about what Im going to do… ” and I left immediately without waiting for his answer.

Imagine who can command me. Well, I think he can. But it is no longer within his power to order me to delete Keions number.

You want me to delete it Taiden?

In your dreams!

I woke up early the next morning to get ready for school. Fortunately, Taiden didn wake up early. He might send me to school again! But the exact opposite is what I want.

Until I came home from school I did not see him. Maybe hes with his friends, obviously.

”How many more days since he came home? I thought it would be a long time that he would be here … ” said mother Helen.

She suddenly spoke as she wiped the counter island in the kitchen.

I wondered what she said. Who is she referring to? Isn it … Taiden? That seems impossible. Its only been a few days since he came home and he was still here last night!

”Who mother Helen? ”

”Taiden … ” it was as if something was hurting in my heart so I touched my chest. Thats weird. Why did he leave again? I thought he would be here for a long time.

”And here, Zella … ” mother Helen took something from her pocket, a folded paper. My forehead furrowed. ”Taiden want me to give this to you. ” she handed me and I reached for the paper. I opened it and I saw eleven numbers there.

Cellphone number?

”He said, you should text him when you receive this and he got something to tell you… ”

First of all, why did he give his number to me? He thought I wanted to get it? And whats that something he wanted to say to me?

”Yes….all right. ” I answered.

I immediately typed in his number and named him monkey in my phone. I smiled at what I did. The hell I care about him. Ill text him later because Im getting late!

I hurriedly walked into the school when Suzie saw me. She waved at me and came walking and running at the same time. I laughed because Suzie looked really cute while running.

”Hey I have gossip for you… ” she started.

”Wow, your radar is really strong. ” We laughed at the same time.

”I know right? Especially, when its about Taiden. ” she said and I immediately turned to her with curiosity on my face and I knew Suzie noticed that so I avoided her gaze, looking like I didn care about the gossip she would say, but the truth is, I really want to know.

”Hey I saw that! I saw that look! ” She scream at me while pointing ger finger to my face. ”The face of curiosity, I saw that Zella! And don you dare deny it! ” I immediately rolled my eyes and turned back to her.

”All right, yes. What is that? ” She finally grin, which surprised me.

”Because… Taiden isn in your house now, right? ”

I nodded.

”He has a race now, Dad said. He said the opponent is big time and good at racing in that case, he needs to be knocked down because hes a drug lord… ”

I don know but I suddenly felt cold at what she said and I was worried about Taiden. Thats why he left because there was a race. Does his parents knows about this?

”Where is the race? ” I asked and she shrugged.

Now my heart and mind are full of worries, so I didn listen too much in class. What if he lost tye race? Will he be burned inside of his car?

I suddenly thought of his number. Thats right. To end my worries. Ill text him. Mother Helen said that I should text him because he had something to say.

I immediately took my phone out of the bag and typed a message.

Where are you? Take care.

I was surprised at what I typed so I immediately deleted it. Are you guys close, Zella? You sounded like you
e his girlfriend! FYI you
e just their nanny.

I preach to myself.

Hi! Its Zella. Mother Helen said you had something to say?

I sent the message. Just a few seconds passed and immediately someone replied. Its Taiden.

Yeah. Take care while Im not around. Ill be home soon.

I frowned at his reply but my heart was already racing. Its pulse is too strong. Is this all he will say? I even thought it was something very important! But I admit, something mysterious touched my heart. I lost my annoyance with him again.

So fragile!

All right, you too.

I replied to him and I immediately put the cellphone back in my bag. I don want to read his next reply, I might faint from the excessive force of my heartbeat.


”GOODLUCK DUDE! ” said Dale as he patted my shoulder. I nodded once before sipping the drink from my glass. We are here in the secret underground for a race to be held.

”You know the drill, right? ” said Mozes who was next to me while I was holding him.

”Race as ** and don die. ” They all said at once.

My annoying friends are complete for the race. This is how we always are, supporting each otger during race.

Keion would have been racing today against the mayors son. But I forced him to let me go first. We are complete with the evidence against that idiot who is a drug lord. So, here is him in the underground and he will race against me wether he like it or not.

We know that this is illegal, but we
e doing this for the society. We don want to wait for the government to find a way to arrest these idiots because we know that there are very few people who can be trusted in the government.

Before, this is just for fun. Until we figure out why not we include the bigtime drug lords in Asia and anywhere in the world. Apart from reducing them, we will also be entertained.

”Wanna get laid before the race? I can make you an arrangement. ” Elton said on the other side of me. The stupid dog just woke up and was excited for the race.

I took my phone because it rang.

Its Zella.

I smiled because she finally texted. I thought she wouldn text me. Earlier, I had no desire for rye race. But now Im in good condition! I immediately replied to her.

Yeah. Take care while Im not around. Ill be home soon.

A few seconds passed and she immediately replied.

All right, you too. she said.

I smiled so much when I put my cellphone back in my pocket. Of course my friends saw that.

”Alright! Alright! Who is it? Dude, you
e aware that you
e smiling like an idiot, right? Who is that? ” Dale took my phone at once but I immediately gave him a death glare so he slowly took his hands off with a smile.

”Fine! But who is that? ”

I rolled my eyes. ”Curiosity kills the cat. ”

”Im not a cat. ” he replied, still curious.

I gave him a baa stare. ”Well, I can kill you. ”

He just laugh like a fool at my statement.

”Don mind him. Be safe. ” Keion told me. He was leaning on the car Im going to use.

”Is that ready? ” I asked Mozes. Hes good at checking the cars and whatnots. Maybe the opponent did something to my car in order to beat me in the race, so Mozes checked our car every time there was a race….just to make sure.

He thumbs up. ”All good, dude. ” I nodded and got into my McLaren 570S car. I immediately started the engine while the door was still open. I saw on the other side the mayors son grinning like a did a dog at me.

Smile all you want, **er. Thatll be your last

I said to myself.

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