The car is burning with the driver inside. I thought I was going to sweat because I heard that he was good at racing. In just 15 minutes, hes defeated. That is way less than the amount of hus troubles. Not just because of drugs, but also because he molest minors!

I slid back in my car and drove my way back to my friends with a proud smirked.

I won.

I was still far away but I could already see Elton, Mozes and Macsen jumping for joy. I already know why, thats because I won the race. When I parked the car, my friends greeted me immediately.

”Damn dude! It was epic! ” Elton said, he opened the car door. He handed me a beer and I accepted it.

”How is that? We won again. When will we lose? ” Macsen said boastingly. Who wants to lose this race? If the replacement is death? I shook my head.

Keion approached me and made a fist bump. ”Are you okay? ” he asked. I rolled my eyes.

Sometimes I wonder if this Keion is really a man, because he is so thoughtful. To all of us hes this too much I worry about.

”Yeah, Im good. ”

He nodded.

”One down, many more to go! ” Mozes screamed and raised his glasses. We have to consume them as soon as possible! ” Everyone nodded except me.

”What? ” said Mozes while looking at me.

”What, what? ” I asked him again.

e the only one who doesn agree. You don want a girlfriend, dude? ” He said with a curious face.

I stared at him. ”Did I say something that I didn want? ”

”Thats right, you should nod too. ” At once the fool laughed.

”So, whats the plan? Lets go home? I miss baby Zella… ” Elton pouted. I immediately shot him an evil look.

Should you call Zella a baby? My face grew hot at what he said in great annoyance.

”What did you just say, **er? Baby? You called Zella, baby? Is that it? ” Everyone looked at each other while smiling except Keion who was just serious on the side.

”Gotcha! ” They shout at the same time apart from Keion.

”What the **? ” I said because I was confused. I dont even know why Im pissed. But Im pissed hearing someone calling Zella, baby, or any **ing endearment! I just think my nose is getting smoky!

”Finally! We can see that you like Zella … ” Elton stated. ”We were still in America when we realized that you already have feelings for her. ” The stupid dog woke up.

”Are you always on the lookout for emails? I thought whose email he was waiting. His mom emailed him and because there was an attachment photo of Zella baby! ” Dale burst out laughing.

I shot him an evil look.

”Shut the ** up! And don call her baby! ” Im already simmering with anger but the idiots just laugh even more.

I don like that woman. I just want to…get in her pants. Thats all. Love isn in the picture. But I somehow care for here. Maybe its because mommy is fond of her, too.

After they harassed me, we decided to go home in a helicopter owned by Keion and he was also its pilot.

The underground is on a private island where the race takes place. Above it is a normal beach house mansion. You wouldn think there was a race track underneath. We split up with friends in buying that island. As well as our construction of the mansion and everything in it. We have equal rights. The five of us own this organization.

We can also call ourselves drug lord hunters.

After an hour, we reached Manila and landed at our companys helipad. Thats where our cars are parked. The gang wants to hang out at home first so I can do anything because they insisted.

I kinda miss her.


I was just lying down when suddenly there was a knock on the door. So I got up and found mother Helen.

”Zella, did I disturb you? I need your help in the kitchen… ”

”Oh, its okay, Im just lying down. And…what is the problem mother Helen? Its kinda late… ”

”Oh my, Taiden and his friends came home. I thought he was leaving for America, but he suddenly came home. I don know. ”

I didn hesitate to go down to help mother Helen.

I noticed that I was wearing a silk green cotton sleeping wear. Its a good thing I haven taken off my bra yet, because I haven really planned to sleep. But the fabric is too thin, I feel disgusted, but I have no time to change my clothes.

The whole household could hear them laughing in the swimming pool area. Even though Im already in the kitchen, I can still hear them. We are preparing their dinner. Mother Helen and I were able to cook quickly and I was the one who presented to set the table.

”Zella hija, you call them, its time to eat… ” she said and I immediately nodded and went to the swimming pool area.

I caught them laughing as I approached. When Dale saw me, he whistled so everyone turned to me. I immediately felt ashamed.

”Ahh .. the food is ready, come on in. ” I said.

”Its like I don want to eat, Im full all of a sudden. ” And Taiden shot Dale an evil look so he ran away. The others followed, aside from Taiden who stared at me intently from head to toe while swallowing.

He looks angry.

Whats his problem now?

He approached me and pointed me up and down, to what I was wearing, so I looked at myself. Whats wrong with what Im wearing?

This monkey is being crazy again.

”What the ** are you wearing ?! ” He told me emphatically.

”Sleepwear? What do you think? Two piece? ” My philosophical answer.

His gaze grew darker on me. And grabbed his neck, at the same time he took a deep breath.

”I know. But why didn you change? ” Now his tone is calm. Theres something crazy about this monkey. I do not understand!

I laughed full of sarcasm and waved.

”Do I still need to get dressed? We
e in a hurry to get dinner ready for you? Do you think I can even think of changing? And whats wrong with what Im wearing? It doesn look ugly. ” At the same time, I was angry with him.

He bent down and touched her lips. Before even looking at me.

”Don wear something like that in front of my friends. Do you understand me? ”

I just stared at what he said and left me immediately. Whats wrong with my sleeping wear? Is it forbidden to face a guest dressed like this?

I followed them into the kitchen. Not minding Taidens statement.

”Zella, go to sleep. Ill take care of them. You still have school tomorrow. ”

”Oh, let me help you, how much will you wash if Ill leave them to you, ” she nodded and I knew she wasn going to give it up.

”No, its fine hija. Go and rest. The other maids are still there… ” she assured and I didn argue with her anymore.

I slumped down on the bed and took off my bra. I was planning to go to sleep but suddenly my cellphone rang.

It was Taiden.

Are you sleeping now? Can we talk?

What kind of sermon this monkey has now again? Talk my ass. Even Im annoyed, I threw my cellphone at the bed.

Im annoyed with him again, instead of being okay when I texted him earlier. His mood is getting even worse like a girl on her period! I couldn understand him.

I didn realize that I had fallen asleep because I was so annoyed when I heard a soft knock. I looked for the cellphone first and checked the time. 3 AM ?! Who is knocking at this time? Madam? Maybe something is needed. So I hurried to get up.

I think I lost sleep when I opened the door. Taiden, leaning against the door and rolling his eyes. Is he drunk?

”What do you need? Maybe you know what time-. ”

”Im sorry … ” he said before I finished speaking.

Is what I heard really true? Is he sorry? But for what?

”For what? ”

”I don know. ” And he averted his eyes and almost fell.

e sorry, but you don even know what you
e aplogizing for? Are you boang? ” Its really Anjos fault. Hes from Cebu, thats why I sometimes heard him use that foul word. This, I learned.

”Maybe, for everything that had happened earlier. I don know. Im just feeling … sorry. ” His face was very sad.

What he did before was not a big deal to me. But he apologize, Im easy to forgive. I also don want to harbor resentment.

”Apology accepted … ” I smiled at the same time ”Go, leave… ” His face suddenly wrinkled after I sent him away. What should I say? Shoo?

”You want me to leave right away? ” He sounded shocked and his eyes were wide open. He was still at the door, leaning over.

”Why? Do you have anything else to say? ” He didn say a word for a few seconds and just stared at me. My hair stood on at what he was doing, so I asked him again.

”What? Hurry up. Ill go back to sleep, I still have classes tomorrow. ”

But instead of answering me, he suddenly turned me over to him and kissed me on the lips.

I couldn move and I slowly closed my eyes to his kiss. He smelled of alcohol, but the voltage of the electricity slowly flowing through my body was more dominant.

His tongue wanted an entrance, and I immediately welcomed it. We
e now kissing torridly and my mind went blank.

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