I stared at the hotdog, twisted it and stabbed it. I don know, if I have no appetite or if my stomach hurts. There seems to be something in my stomach as I think about what had happened last night.

”Is there a problem, Zella? ” I was taken aback by my stare at the hotdog as mother Helen spoke. I blinked and drank my water.

”Uh .. because … I couldn sleep well last night. ”

Obviously a lie. I can forget Taiden, he kissed me. I can tell mother Helen about it. What else might she think if shell knew? And I am very indebted to this family. They may think that I am ungrateful and I seduced their only son.

But Im not attracted, am I? He kissed me. I just didn push him right away. Why didn I push him right away, though? And I let our lips linger on each other like they were sparring!

”Why didn you sleep well? Were you tired last night? Im sorry hija.

I shook. ”Oh no, thats not it. Uh … there were mosquitoes … and that … bit me. ” I bent down and closed my eyes firmly as I remembered Taiden biting my lip last night. I think I said those words with double meaning.

”Mosquito? Did your window open last night? So you got bitten? ” she asked again. Now, I have a hard time thinking of alibi. I have never been bitten by a mosquito in this house.

Why did I use mosquito as an alibi anyway?

I was about to answer when Taiden entered the kitchen, and he immediately found my eyes. I averted my eyes and resumed eating. Theres something in his eyes now and I don know what it is. I can stand it either.

”Hijo, good morning… ” mother Helen greeted him sweetly.

”Good morning… ” he responded.

”What do you want, hijo? ”

”Anything … ” he said and I hadn even looked up and he sat down in front of me. The table is a bit long and his position is more okay with me now.

”Oh okay , wait a moment. ” And mother Helen left immediately. I eat quietly but I speed up even though Im filling my mouth with too much food. I want to finish as quickly as possible. Im not comfortable that we
e in the same place.

”Are you that hungry? ”

He said so I looked up. He immediately laughed when he saw my face….chubby cheeks because of the food. I felt ashamed. So I hurriedly drank some water and stared at him.

”Heres your food, Taiden. Do you want anything else? ”

”Nothing, this is fine. Thanks. ”

”And you Zella, Ill take care of your room. Ill spray with mosquito repellent, so you can sleep well later. ”

I looked up and nodded to mother Helen.

”Is there a mosquito in your room? ” Taiden asked me curiously.

Oh god. How far will this conversation go.

”Oh my gosh, and she wa ”Oh my gosh, and she was bitten last night so.. ” mother Helen explain it to him.

It was as if I was floating in shame, not knowing why I should be ashamed. Im afraid Taiden gets what mother Helen were talking abour. I just hope not!

”Did the mosquito bit you real good? ” Taiden who was plastered grinned on his face. Im sure he got what mother Helen said.

I didn feel embarrassed so I stared at him.

”Yes, I was bitten by a mosquito. The next time he bites, Ill kill him… ” I warned with piercing look.

He chuckled before he drank the water. He looked amazed or was I just imagining what that on his face?

”You can kill that mosquito easily. Before you knew it. Hes already sucking you. ” He winked at me. I glared at him but he just laughed. ”Your blood i mean, chill. ” He added.

I was even more annoyed because of his grin. Im obviously annoyed again. But I will not give up!

”Ill keep an eye on him next time. Before he could land to my skin, Ill kill him. ” I said irritably.

”Lets see that. ” he said getting amazed by the conversation.

Here we are again.

”Its a simple thing. A mosquito, but youve been able to talk. ” It was madam. I was suddenly nervous because of her sudden appearance.

Did madam hear everything? She may have thought that I did not respect her son. Because of our conversation, I didn even call him Sir.

”Good morning, Madam. ” I greeted her and she immediately smiled.

”Good morning to you two. ” He turned to me and Taiden at the same time. ”Im glad to see you talking. ” Because of that, Taiden smiled foolishly.

Why would Madam be glad that we were talking? Im just a humble helper. I can even understand if she gets angry because I didn even call her son sir.

I reluctantly walked into the school. I can forget Taiden and I kissing. Is this really the effect of a kiss? Didn put my system to sleep!

”Hey! The depth of what you
e thinking, Ive been calling you since forever! ” Suzie exclaimed.

”Uh … I didn hear you. ” I sighed.

”Do you have a problem? CanI didn hear you. ” sounded worried. Is it okay for me to tell her about what happened last night? Shes my friend anyway.

I turned to her.

”What? ” Suzie waiting for me to say something.

”Uh … have you ever been kissed? ” My question is straightforward. Her jaw dropped immediately at what I said.

”Did you kiss? Who? When? Where? Sure! Just last night… ” thrilled she said. I was the one whos shocked to her answer!

”Really? Who did you kiss? ”

”One of Taidens friends. ” She grinned and raised an eyebrow ”You? Who did you kiss? ” She asked curiously.

I blinked and was embarrassed to tell her.

”T-Taiden… ” In a low voice that was a bit whispering. Suzie gasped and blinked at the same time screaming. Now, we have grabbed the attention of other students.

”Oh my gosh. Oh. My. Gosh! ” shes exaggerated and fanned herself, feeling like she was going to have a heart attack.

”Lower your voice, Suzie. Its embarrassing. ” I insisted.

”Im sorry girl, but gosh! Who wouldn be thrilled. Taidens handsome and you kissed him? I mean, they
e all handsome but Taidens aura is different. Its intimidating to be so sexy! ” She giggle again.

I dragged her to the comfort room because the students were already looking at us and I was also feeling uneasy. When we entered, Suzie immediately asked again.

”How did you feel? Isn it good? Its like you
e walking on a cloud nine with your eyes closed. ” she said dreamingly. I was shook my head.

”Uh … quite. ”

”Whats the matter? The kiss is so good. Well meet again later. Im sure well kiss again. ” Suzie giggled with laughter.

I was about to enter one of the cubicles when I turned around and saw Sofiya and her friends standing there. They laughed even though nothing was funny.

”Did you hear that? Our nanny has been kissed! ” They laughed again at the same time. ”Let me guess, hmm…isn that Anjo? Our skinny gardener and has popping wide eye. ” They laughed again.

”Not Anjo! ” Suzie sighed.

I restrained Suzie and she might slip and she could even say that it was Taiden I kissed. Im sure they won believe me and theyll tease me even more.

”Who else would kiss a maid? Of course , also her fellow house helper… ” Sofiya said sarcastically.

”Enough, Sofiya. ” I said, because it starts to hurt me at her contempt for me.

”Why? Isn it true? That a nanny like you are suitable for those like Anjo, a gardener. ”

They all laughed even more.

Maybe she was right. Those like me are only suited to the men who has the same life with me. That is really the truth. I don want to have the illusion that Taiden likes me just because he kissed me.

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