I just came home from school and Sofiyas insults to me are still circulating in my brain. Even though what she said was true, I was still hurt. This is an honorable job, I know. Maybe they can appreciate it because they were raised with silver spoon on their mouth.

I immediately put on my house clothes and went downstairs to help in the kitchen. I came across Madam as I was going downstairs, she was talking to someone.

I frowned when Sofiya saw me. What is she doing here?

”Hi Zella! ” she greeted with a big smile. The plastic bitch. Like she didn insulted me at school earlier.

I just smiled a little. I don want to deal with her now.

”Oh hija, you
e in the same class as my Sofiya? ” madam asked me.

Madam is Sofiyas god mother. This is actually the first time she visited her.

”Yes, madam… ” I answered. I was about to turn around when Sofiya spoke.

”Mommy bring Zella to the party too. Im inviting her… ” Sofiya told madam.

”Is that so? Oh, all right. Taiden, Darius and I will be together… ” Madam replied.

Why would she want to invite me to that party? We are not friends. And one more thing, she was annoyed with me because I always outdone her at school. I have a bad feeling. I will surely refuse the madam later.

The party will be held on Sunday. Its Sofiyas birthday.

”Come on, think of a way for me not to be at that party. ” I told mother Helen.

I asked for her help from her. I really don want to go to the party. I don fit in there.

”How come? Its too late for me to suddenly order you to clean the whole mansion on Sunday. Madam will be surprised. ” Mother Helen replied while having coffee.

I was depressed and wondered what could be my alibi with madam.

”I need to get sick. ” I said with a smile. Madam will definitely not force me when she finds out I am ill. But how?

”My God you
e young. Is that how you don want to go to that party, and you want to get sick? ” she said.

If it was just another party, I wouldn hesitate. But its Sofiyas party. I know that. Maybe she has plans to embarrass me again so, I don want to go.

I immediately researched on the internet what can be done to get sick. I like the one that is a bit mild like, fever. Just a short-lived pain.

Time passed but I could find nothing. Just How to avoid everything comes out. Who else on earth looking for a way to get sick?

Yes just me.

My eyes widened on a quora website and I read what was written there.

I would say this is myth. It is just possible that ”local ” application in the axillae (armpits) of juice from onions/garlic might cause ”local ” inflammation, and subsequent use of a thermometer at that same site (after removal of the onion) MAY record slightly higher skin temperature. This is only speculation.

Hmm, thats it!

I was in the middle of watering a plant in Madams garden when I suddenly smelled a very strong smell. It smells good, but its too much, it hurts my nose. Whose perfume is that?

I followed the smell where it was coming from. It took me to the lush parts of Madams flowers. My forehead furrowed. Why does the smell come from here?

I could smell it around its lush leaves when something suddenly came out of there. To my great surprise, I pointed the water hose that I was holding….at him, which I hadn turned off, so he got wet.

The hose was darted on his face, so he just closed his eyes and was like a statue.

”Anjo ?! What are you doing there ?! ” He was very wet and he was still wearing a polo shirt and a suit with his pants, the colours were just like the tablecloth design.

He looked at himself soaking wet. I immediately felt guilty for what I had done. I didn mean to. Even the three roses he brought were wet. While on the left hand is a pack of What Ta Tops chocolates.

I approached him and tapped his clothes even though I knew there was nothing I could do to keep it dry.

”Are you surprised, baby? ” He said and I stared at him.

”The strength of your smell! Thats why I came here. Did you bathe yourself in the perfume? ” I asked and immediately regretted what was said because his fac became sad.

”Sofiya said you want a man who is fragrant, so I sprayed a lot to myself. ” he said sadly.

That woman.

”Don believe what your boss is saying. Come inside and change your clothes. ” He nodded and handed me the rose he had brought and chocolate.

Im really annoyed with Sofiya.

We went upstairs and grabbed a t-shirt. Anjo is thin so anything will fit him. Because he is so thin, it looks like he will be blown away by a storm.

He change right in front of me. Their mansion is close by, so I only lent him my clothes. There is no malice in me for him to take off his polo shirt. I looked at his body. I can really see his ribs.

”Baby, II can really see godly amazing, but your stare is rude. ” He said jokingly and I laughed there.

”The height of your confidence level, Anjo. ” I said.

”D-Do you want to touch it? ” He said and I was surprised by his question. What does he mean?

”Which? ” Confused of his question.

”This … ” He pointed at his body at the same time.

I laughed out loud because of what he said and shook.

”No! I was looking at your ribs, really… ”

”All right, its okay with me. Just a minute, okay? ” At the same time, he took my hand and imitated it towards his body and I touched his abdomen for a while. I was surprised because he just suddenly took my hand.

”What are you doing? ” A baritone voice spoke somewhere. I turned around and saw Taiden and his gaze was dark on my hands still touching Anjos stomach.

”Uh … baby Ill go ahead. Ill just return your clothes tomorrow. ” Anjo left without looking back.

When Anjo disappeared from my sight, I planned to leave because I didn want to talk to Taiden. He looks out of the mood.

”Are you really flirting at my house? And with that stick man? ” He said in a poignant insulting tone.

I clenched my fist at what he said was flirting because that wasn true! And stick man? I still thought he wasn that kind of person.

I stared at him wickedly. I know where Im going, because Im just a nanny. But I can miss what he said.

”Im sorry, but Im not flirting in your house and Anjo don deserve to received insults like that. Hes not doing anything wrong. ” I said directly.

His face darkened even more and he grinned slightly.

”Not flirting? But the your hand on that stunts body ?! ” I was surprised because his voice rose a bit.

”Wait a minute. Whats wrong with you if I touch his body, huh? Im sorry, if we flirted here in your house. And don call that person a stunt because his name is Anjo. ” I said without letting go of his gaze.

His jaw tightened at what I said and he took a deep breath. He already looks angry. I think I will be get fired for answering him. That is not possible. Im about to graduate. I don know where Id go if the madam will fire me.

”The hell I care with his name. The point is … you
e flirting. ” He said in a relatively calm voice but his gaze was still fixed on me.

Is that flirting? To my knowledge, thats not what flirting does.

”Fine! Im gonna flirt somewhere else. Sorry for for that. Next time well be out there. ” I said irritably.

Ill just explain to madam if she calls me wants to fire me for doing something like that here in her mansion.

”You can flirt anywhere. ” He said and I stopped walking.

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