Im cutting garlic because its Sunday. Sofiyas party day, and the dress is ready in my room to wear. It was also from Madams personal designer. Im feel sorry, I can wear that, because Im not going to that party.

I just need to put the garlic in my armpit for a few minutes. After I take the garlic there, I will then take the temperature myself.

I can help but think of what Taiden said yesterday. Im not allowed to flirt anywhere? Why? Because Im just a mere nanny, is it forbidden? Not that I want to try that, because my education is more important to me than that.

But he belittled me too much. Like Sofiya, she viewed me as just a humble helper. So, that kiss…. I will forget that kiss. I don want to assume. I do not want to be hurt anymore.

Madam and I are now sitting next to sir Darius in her room in front of the vanity mirror while we are getting makeup.

I already have the little garlic in my armpit. Ill just find the right time later to say Im not feeling well.

I was wearing a satin puff sleeve ruched backless in color red. I was a little uncomfortable with the dress because it was so fit to my body and I could see my chest too much. But Im being amazed in myself lookinf this beautiful.

This is my first time wearing such a beautiful dress.

”Madam, are you sure this is your nanny here? I don think I can believe it. ” Said the gay fixing my hair after makeup. I am really grateful to my british father, because even though I am poor in life, I am rich in appearance.

”Rene, working student. Not a nanny. For me, its different. ” said madam next to me and she looked at me in the mirror and smiled.

Madam has been very kind to me. I hope Taiden lives a little with it, too.

The gay laughed at what the madam said. ”It seems like its just the same, Madam. ” At the same time, he parted my fake curly hair.

Madam looked at Rene and the disgust on her face was obvious.

”Family … thats the difference. I don treat her here as a nanny only, but a family also. Did you get my point, Rene? ” Madam said and only now have I heard her in such a tone of speech.

I bowed because I was ashamed of what Madam said. Hopefully, every maid in the world has this kind of boss, who will treat you like family not just a helper.

”O-Of course, Madam. I understand. ” He said and never spoke again about me. Maybe he also saw in Madams face what I saw earlier.

”All done! Such gorgeous ladies. Im sure youllbgrab their attention there, Madam. ” Rene said. But its true. Madams beautiful with het off shoulder lace insert ruffles in black. She looked so elegant.

I was also amazed at my own appearance. Im fine tonight. Its a pity that Im going to feel bad soon.

I parted my hair while staring in the mirror, so the garlic spilled out of my armpit! Earlier I pinned it to my armpit to keep from smelling.

”Whats that? Why … why does it smell like garlic? ” Rene, looking around for the smell. Madam sniffed the air.


”Do you smell that Zella? ” Madam asked. I was nervous that they might be able to smell me. I need to wash my armpit before I even get caught!

I blinked and grinned awkwardly.

”Uh … Madam … can I go the bathroom? ” Thank god Madam nodded. if they see the garlic on the floor, I will just gonna act surprise about it, too! I need to clean my armpit to get rid of the smell!

I hurried to the bathroom and cleaned it up. I looked at myself. Who would have thought that Im just a nanny? I look like Im rich in this dress. Its up to what happens later. I just want to enjoy the way I look.

I heard a loud conversation outside so I hurried. Maybe we need to leave and I

e waiting for me! I hurried out of the bathroom and my eyes immediately found his eyes.

He examined my gaze from head to toe with a hard groan and a frown. I already know this.

”Will she come? ” Taiden asked her mom. Just as I thought. Of course, he didn want to let me go to the party.

”Son, Sofiya invited her. Gorgeous, right? ” Madam said but he just gave me an annoying look as if he didn want my dress! This is how he looked at me when I was in my pajamas and his friends was here for dinner.

I understand why he stares at me like that, because Im too ambitious to dress like this? Yes, Taiden, I know what you
e thinking. Just don open your mouth and we might fight in front of Madam. I will be evicted in no time.

”Just … fine. ” He said and I rested deeply because he did not add any bad comments.

”Lets go? Its about to start…. ” it was sir Darius who had just entered the room and touched Madams waist and kissed her on the cheek. Hopefully, I can also find someone like sir Darius.

”Shall we? ” said Madam.

I nodded before the couple left. I followed them but the person next to me spoke before I could even get out of the room.

”Are you kidding me? Are you coming out? ”

I was stunned by the confusion of his question. Ill probably go out to get away.

”How am I going to go to the party if I don come out? ” I said irritably.

He closes his eyes slightly and bit his lips very hard. It was as if he was doing that in slow-motion to me and as if he was pulling my cheek at the same time… it was hot. He looked sexy when he closed his eyes and bit his lips.

Wait? Why did I suddenly consider this one? Ehh, lets just say Ive been getting annoyed lately.

”I mean, why are you coming out? Aren we going to be together? Youll leave me staring at you here? ” he said.

And thats it. My jaw dropped at what he said. He wants us to be together? Why do I feel like hes sulking at what he said. Or maybe Im just imagining it?

I blinked and sneezed to calm my chest that suddenly rumbled at what his statement.

”Then, lets go… ” I sighed, using a disgusted voice so that he would not notice that I was affected by what he said.

e so mean to me, then you
e so kind to that stunt. ” Its no longer just my fantasies. Im sure that sounds sullen!

It was as if something flew in my stomach because of it. I think my cheeks got even hotter!

”His name is Anjo. Its not a stunt! ” I insisted.

”Did you see that? You
e still defending him. Lucky asshole. ” He said and whispered saying the latter but I still heard that!

I don know but I suddenly smiled at the last thing he said. Not because he curse Anjo, but because, he seems to be…jealous?

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