”Jude, Are you sure you
e OK? ”

”Im fine. You don need to worry Sister Teresia. ”

The beautiful sister once again asked with a worried face, to which the young boy named Jude replied with a bright smile on his face.

”I understand. Then go wash up and get ready for breakfast. ”

Seeing the smile on the boys face, with which she had grown accustomed to seeing, the beautiful blond Sister Teresia frowned for a moment before instructing Jude to wash up while she prepared breakfast for all the other children of the orphanage before any of them woke up.

As for the young boy in question, with all that had happened after waking up, it was quite obvious that something had happened, and all he could do was feel slightly relieved at seeing the Blond Sister accept his reasoning.

Jude had been living at the nameless orphanage in a small rural town near the border of the kingdom of Targana ever since he was abandoned as an infant on a cold winter night 13 years ago, and it was Sister Teresia who had worked hard to raise him together with the other orphans for those 13 years.

To Jude, who had never gotten the opportunity to see the outside world, it wasn an exaggeration to say that the orphanage was his whole world, or so it was supposed to be until this morning when he gained the memories of a completely different life.

”A past life? ”

”How odd? I remember experiencing death, but at the same time, I don . ”

”Everything here feels new but old at the same time. Its as if I have been living two lives at the same time. ”

”What a weird feeling. ”

”Reincarnation? ”

”Is that the reason why my appearance is the same as it was in my past life? ”

Its just as Jude had said.

Arriving at the small wooden cubicle waste room located outside the orphanage, Jude gazed at the cracked mirror on one of the walls.

Black hair, Black eyes, a slightly feminine face with pale white skin, along with a small mole located under the right eye.

This face, which would be considered more pretty than handsome, was something that Jude was more than familiar with, and although his current face looked smaller and more immature, it was without a doubt the same face he had been used to seeing for the past 18 years of his previous life.

It didn seem like staring at his own face was going to get him any answers, so he decided to change the topic a little bit.

”Hey, Ive been wondering about this for a while now, but where did you come from? ”

Jude asked the system out of curiosity as he finished his business and began walking towards the water well located right next to the waste room in order to tidy up his face.

”You don know? ”

”Then why did you boot up now rather than before? Does it have something to do with me regaining my memories? ”

”I see. I think I understand now. But theres one more question Id like to ask. ”

For a brief moment, Jude smiled before looking up at the sky solemnly as he asked his final question that had been on his mind from the moment he regained his old memories.

A question that had been on his mind ever since he woke up to Jude, who had already accepted death. this was probably the most important question.

”Why was I reincarnated into this world? Or more specifically, how was I reincarnated? ”


”Whats wrong? ”

”You don know? ”

”I see, I figured as much. You don need to apologize. ”

Jude had a fairly decent sense of what this so-called system knew and didn know based on their conversation thus far, but he figured that it wouldn hurt to ask.

”Who knows, maybe the answer to that question will present itself to me one day. ”

Despite not getting the answer he was looking for, Jude wasn too disappointed by it. There was no need to rush he believed that as long as he lived in this world, the answer to his question would eventually present itself.

Finished with asking his questions, Jude continued his slow walk back towards the Orphanage as he continued conversing with the system with idle chatter.

”You know even though I was reincarnated, I don feel very surprised about it. Its as if I belonged here all along. ”

Perhaps it was because he had already been living in this new world for the past 13 years.

Maybe it was due to the challenges that he had faced in his past life.

Or it could also be a combination of both

If Jude had to pick between the 3 it would most likely be the last one.

Not only was that the most logical conclusion, but also because that was what his instincts were telling him without even needing for him to think about the question.

”Thinking back on it, I remember there being a time when I read an article about different worlds back on earth. ”

”Written by someone who had nothing better to do, I thought of it as complete nonsense. ”

”Haha, Who would have thought that there would be some truth to it ”

Jude chuckled with a small smile on his face, as he returned to the orphanage where his new home and life awaited him.

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