Deep darkness nothing in the view , An orb of white light seems to be floating

I am not in someones ass, I think





Sorry , Bad joke I guess , But what do you expect of someone who is floating in this darkness for god knows how much time

I am not the type of guy who threw jokes like this you know , Well not like I remember WHO or WHAT i was or am.


”hmmm ” (???)

Suddenly ??? felt somethind behind his back.

What was that and who is that old dude

Old man or disguised Rob or (this is his real appearance?) looked at ??? and smiled.

”would you look at this ” (old man)

”who are you old man ” (???)

”hmmm? ” (old man )

”interesting , normally souls gets excited or feel fear or sometimes gets angry but from what I can sense you are feeling nothing my boy. ” (old man)

”well i dont know what feeling means , actually NO i think know what are you talking about but i am not feeling anything except contradiction. ” (???)

what I am even talking about

”Elaborate ” (old man)

” *sigh* Ha how do i sayyy , its like i am feeling nothing but at the same time i can feel everything….Ah its a pain to explain though i dont even know what pain is you know ” (???)

”well , i think you overstayed in ***** . Its starting to affect your emotions . lets change our location. ” (old man)


Both of them teleported to a green hill where there is only a single hill and green planes stretching to the horizon , clouds are light purple in colour and blanket of stars can be seen twinkling in deep space .

”Ughh , please dont do that again. ” (???)

”Sorry for the inconvenience , and now ”

(old man)


”You will recieve some common sense and emotions ” (old man)

”Aghhhh ” (???)

??? knelt in pain and held his head with both hands and start panting .

”Dont worry , The pain will subside within a minute and you will start reciving your personality and some necessary memories. ”

(old man)

As if waiting for old mans snap , Some memories starting to flood through ???s mind bringing pain like whole head is getting stabbed by Needles .

When the pain started fading away , ??? took long breathes and started examining the newly acquired memories .


??? looks towards the ground for a minute then asks the old man

”So i am dead? ”(???)

”Still calm huh , interesting , and YES you are dead my boy ” (old man)

”Why dont i remember anything about my life Except fictional stories and shows ”


”Well if I have to define your previous life in a single word then it will be HELL . So I erased that part of your memories my boy . The #*#* does not want to watch a broken persons reincarnation ” (old man)

”Reincarnation huh , so my next life if am getting any going to be just a show for you guys ” (???)

”Well everything has a price and purpose ”

(old man)

”quite an interesting line old man . I only have memories of fictional stories and shows , so i am going to reincarnate in one of them i suppose ? ” (???)

”Aren you a sharp one , Yes you are going to reincarnate in NARUTOverse ” (old man)

”hmmm naruto huh . So what cheat/system/op skills i am getting or can i choose powers myself old man? ” (???)

”Dont call me old , i am not that old my boy ”

(old man)

”Then dont call me my boy , i am getting chills by listening your Dumledore shit even though I have no body you know ” (???)

*long sigh* Haaaa , you sure have a foul mouth . And for your question , NO you are not going to get a system or op skills . But i will fullfill your one of yourwish with some restriction of course ” (old man)

”hmmm , let me think please ” (???)

-(Timeskip = 7 minute 53 sec)-

”okay i have decided ” (???)

”Oh , then what have you decided ” (old man)

”My wish is… ” (???)

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