Naruto The SENJU Saga


”My wish is to get nine tails amount of chakra and perfect control over it ” (???)

”Oh ” *Disappointing face* (old man)

” Oy , To whom that disappointing face for ” asks ??? aggresively.

??? felt that the old man is taking him for some idiot who is wasting some golden opportunity .

He is not an Idiot you know .

He thought for the wish for all 8 mins you know .

He is definetly not stupid . DEFINETLY .

”Ah sorry , I thought that you will ask for some ridiculously powerful skill or a system ….. I dont think I even need to put any restriction on your wish now. ” (old man )

Unable to contain his curiosity old Rob asks ???

”Why didn you wished for powers to rule the world or powers to make women fall for you or otsutsuki body or tenseigan or whatever it is? ” (old man)

??? was surprised by the sudden outburst of questions by the old man .

realizing his own outburst old man quickly composed himself and collected remaining piece of respect in young mans eyes and apologised.

”Ah, apologies I lost myself a bit there. ”

(old man)

”Haha no problem , And to answer your question first of all I doubt you will give such powers to anyone because even as an audience I don want to watch the show where a character simply win with his overpowered abilities and skill. ” (???)

”Impressive , Its true that I cannot give such powers but still I can give you much more powers than this . don you know there are characters in this world who has more chakra than nine tails and can kill you like an bug. ” (old man)

”I know old man but there will be no fun and value if everything will be given to me on silver plate , I want to get everything with my own powers ” (???)

”Then why do even wished for nine tails amount of chakra if you want to everything by yourself . OH So you are a HYPOCRITE huh , now I understand ” said the old man while nodding his head wisely like he finally understood the character of the young soul in front of him .

A tick mark appeared on the non existent head of the soul while he shouted

”Dont nod your head like that and dont give me that judgemental look. ” shouted ???

aftet calming himself down he continued

”As much as I hate to wish for such thing , I also know that i will come to like and love people in NARUTO world and to protect them i will need power , thats the sole reason ..

I also choose chakra control because more the chakra you have , more difficult it gets to control it and i dont want to waste my time meditate to make my chakra control better. ”


”You thought that much far ahead again i am impressed young man , but you still have to train even when you have nine tail amount of chakra.Your enemies will be far greater and dangerous ” (old man)

”I dont think I will hate training if it will lead to a FULFILLING life but i Don think think I am the type for meditation shit thats by I whished for PERFECT CHAKRA CONTROL ” (???)

”You know you are basically aaking for two wishes ” (old man)

”I know but you will accept both of my wishes ” (???)

”Ohh , and why do you think i will do such thing ? ” (old man)

”First intuition and second my observation ”(???)

”You are quite scary you know ”(old man)

”Thanks for my first ever compliment in between my first and second life ” (???)

”your humor sucks ” (old man)

”Thanks I guess ” (???)

”as you said I will accept both your wishes .

For your first wish you will not get nine tails amount of chakra directly and you have to wait for 7 years to even start getting that much chakra. ” (old man)

”huh , why ? ” (???)

”your infant body will not be able to handle such vast and dense chakra and will burst , and in ninja world , age 7 is perfect for physical and chakra development.

At the age 7 you will reach one tail amount of chakra and after every year there will be increment in tails and your chakra. ”(old man)

”so that mean when i will be 16 i will have same account of chakra as nine tails ” (???)

”yes ” (old man)

”so what is the condition on my second wish ” (???)

”haha quick as always huh , YES there will be a correction in wish too . you will get BEST control chakra not the PERFECT chakra control ” (old man)

” *sigh* I dont even want to know the reason ” said ??? with an heavy sigh .

”which timeline I am going btw ” (???)

”oh , you will be the same age as naruto ”

(old man )

”and family or clan and not uchiha clan please ”(???)

”Dont worry you will not be an uchiha and both your parent will die before your birth ”

(old man)

”Oh , thats sad ” said ??? with a sad smile

[I dont even know why I am feeling like this] (???)

[Its sad that you will not get parental love in this life too] thought old man without showing any emotion

shaking his head and thinking about how to enjoy his next life , ???s soul shines a bit more brightly while he says with confidence

”I am ready , so which clan i will born and dont change my gender , i want to be an healthy male ” (???)

”Dont worry , I will not change your gender.

But there is one thing remaining ”(old man)

”What ” (???)

”your appearance , well many wants to be super handsome and many wants to be the most beautifull , so tell me young man how much handsomeness you wants ” (old man)

”you are giving creepy SALE**AN vibes you know ” (???)

”Answer ” asked old man with a staight face

”I want my appearance same as my previous life ” (???)

Old man raised an eyebrow in surprise and aked again

”Are you sure? ” (old man)

”100% ” (???)

”Ok then , I hope you will live a great life ”

(old man)


[At least live this life happily] thouht old man.

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