Naruto The SENJU Saga

\'REINCARNATION\' you know

-(Timeskip = 5 Years)-

[??? POV]::

”98….99….andddddd….100 ” (???)

”ha..ha….ha (panting) , ok Saitama senseis training finished ” (???)

its been 5 years huh I thought while laying on the ground.

Well for starters my name is AKIRA SENJU .

I am an orphan who lives in Senju clans residence which are completely empty because multiple members of the Senju clan fought and died in the shinobi wars and I am one of the two remaining Senju , You can guess who is the other person .

I have only met two people in my short 5 year life . One is the Third Hokage and the other one is the hawk mask Anbu who provides me with daily ration .

Well until the last year hawk Anbu gave me already cooked food but now I have to cook my own food , Anbu only provides me the ingridients I lists out. *sniff*ninja kids mature too fast*sniff*

Wiping my crocodile tears ,

Hokage also visits me from time to time and starts giving the will of fire speech (Always) , That Oldie is clearly manipulating me , My Ears are getting burnt marks by continously listining his will of fire.

Speak normally to a child for gods sake .

Hokage , For me is not a bad guy (Except manipulating me) but just a pitiful person who is Obsessed with PEACE (And will of fire).This Obsession of him lead him to make some bad and worst decision.

DEFINETLY not a bad guy.(sorry uchihas)

But Dont manipulate me geezer , I am just a Cute Little child you know .

Whenever I asked him about my parents , He always gave the same excuse that i will tell you about your parents at the right time ….that old gezzer

I also dont think too much about my parents because I starts to feel like someone placed a boulder on my heart. I guess I was an orphan in my previous life too or maybe lost parents….lets wait for the right time

Ok , Lets forget about that and lets take a bath , I am sweating tons of buckets because of the training .

Its been two years sice I have started training.

I am not doing some intense training , at least according to ninja standards.

I have started training with some push ups , pull ups and running (at the age of 3). Now I am currently doing 100 push ups , sit ups and squats ,,,, 10 km running (5 years old)…(Hail saitama) .

I also asked Hokage to train me But he refused saying I need to wait for the academy which I am going to attend 3 years later BTW . (same as Naruto)

I have great amount of chakra WITHOUT THE WISH , perks of being Senju you know.

Senju bloodline is considered better than the Uzumaki bloodline in the amount of chakra , well not by a long margin though. (according to cannon)

I have the best chakra control in the shinobi world at least that was my wish . I have unlocked chakra just after my birth which is also one of the reason Hokage manipula*cough* visits me.

Any normal ninja unlocks Or feel their chakra at the age of 4 or 5.. But I am an exception .

Hokage always tells me that I will become a great konoha ninja and as a leaf ninja it will be my duty to do everything for the peace of the village (Clearly Manipulating a 5 year old child)

Old fossil wants to include me in his plans for PEACE.

I cant say such things to his face though because he is also protecting me from danzo , I dont know what are his reasons though (except for great ninja shit , But I think there is something more to the reaons).

One day when I was training a root anbu came for me to ask If I want to join root , if I joined them then they will tought me some cool jutsus and blah blah blah which I of course politely refused (I was 4 year old that time BTW ) , But he came again and again to give me root named candy .

Well , There the Hokage came to my rescue and saved me from the shady root salesman.

I am pretty sure Hokage must have known when the Root Anbu came for the first time but I guess he wanted to be a hero infront of me but I am not going to fall for that geezer .

My relationship with Hokage is the same as Naruto have with Hokage . i dont that oldie though… sometimes I can see real concern in his eyes for me , but geez he is too much of a Peace Obsessed Manipulator

Hokage told me to never leave the Senju compounds for I dont know reasons and i also didnt complain because I was being cautious of Danzo , you never know what that One eye bastard can do.

If my memory serves me correct then the tension between the Uchihas and village should be all time high right now….only 3 years are remaining for Uchiha Massacre.

I think that is also the reason Danzo stopped pestring me because he should be focused on making plans for uchihas .

I dont know if I want to do something about Uchiha Massacre or not . Yeah , there are characters I like , such as Itachi and Shisui but Uchihas arrogance is also a problem for the village .

I know Death is not the mean to put down the arrogant people but what do you expect from a reincarnated child .

Should I tell hokage to give uchihas another chance but would he give them another chance , NO the first thing he will do is to ask me how do I know such information (plans for Peace) which is only known to Hokage and the Elders .

Should I tell Itachi to stop Shisui from revealing his Mangekyou to Hokage and Elders , if I do that then Danzo will never know about the Shisuis Mangekyou abililiy KOTOAMATSUKAMI ( the ability to change any persons will to ones own convinience) and convince Shisui to use his Mangeeyou to stop Uchihas who are planning the COUP

*Frustated sigh* (Akira)

”Ahhh….knowing future is both a Curse and Blessing ” (Akira)

I just want to enjoy my life…..I am not going to pretend good or bad , I am just going to be me.YES MEE.

Knowing future is such a pain you know.

Lets think about my training regime and future plans tommorow,

Well , Today is my fifth birthday…


”soo ” (Akira)


*CHIRP**CHIRP*(birds talking to each other ignoring the lonely poor child)

”Happy bithday to me , I guess ” *SNIFF* (Akira)

Anyways forgetting about my Maelodramatic Inner Monologue

Hokage told me that today I can go outside the Senju compounds and tour the village and gave me a Chakra Induction paper as my birthday present to check my nature affinities. Well he wanted me to check it infront of him but I told him that I will do it only when he will take me to BBQ (Yeah they have it here)

I am not excited about my affinity because I already checked it before when I found chakra induction paper in senju library….. And dont ask me the result because its for the next chapter (sorry)

but why did I lie to hokage about my affinity if I know it before….. well because I am fed up with my own food , I just….. I cant anymore .

I tried….. I tried REALLY REALLY hard you know….but making food is not my cup of tea


I saw him tying to cook..Believe me i saw him

But no one is perfect for god sake … NO ONE


Ok , Todays mission is to empty out the wallet of the Hokage at the BBQ .

I know its childish but i am a child you know

BUT first lets check the village out .

(Why do i have such wierd and moody personality)

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