Never Twice

Elevator scene.

”Feel comfortable, this is also your home too ” Grandma spoke as she placed a well peeled shrimp on Leilas plate.

”Thank you, Grandma ” Leila lost her words when she felt the old lady treating her nicely.

”Barry, How can you lied to me all this time? ” Grandma glared at her Grandson who is eating like there is no tomorrow.

”What did I do? ” Barry hurriedly swallowed the food in his mouth.

”How can you keep a secret that Nicholas has a girl? I asked you hundredth times ” Grandma asked in sharp voice making Barry and Leila stiffened their bodies.

”I told you, I don have any idea. I knew her because we worked together ” Barry explained.

Leila still could not shake off the awkward feeling she had. All she wanted was for the so called lunch to come to an end, but from the look of things it wasn going to happen soon.


Leila stood in front of the mirror in the restroom. She pinched her temples between her fingers and rubbed away the ache.

”Nicholas! Nicholas! Where did I heard that name? ” Leila lost in her thought. ”Gosh! ” She took a deep breath and brushed through her hair with her hand before she came out.

Leila didn surprised when she saw Barry waiting for her. He walked straight towards her and asked, ”Prove that you are Nicholass girlfriend ”.

With exhausted voice Leila replied sharply, ”I am not Nicholas girlfriend ”

”Then, Why are you here? ” Barry snapped.

”Thats what I want to know ” Leila replied with annoyance. ”Is Nicholas your brother? ” Leila asked.

”Yes. Cousin Brother ” Barry said as he brought his gaze to hers.

”Please call that N-Nicholas. I need to talk with him ” Leila requested.

With his hands in his pockets, Barry chuckled. ”You want me to call him ”.

Leila raised her eyebrows disinterestedly.

”He is Nicholas Wayne ” Barry stated in sarcastic tone as she placed his phone in front of Leila.

Leila followed up with dreamy sigh. She scratched her earlobe as she muttered, ”Celebrity! ”.

Barry laughed as if he had heard a funny joke.

”You don know him. Really! He is the one who pays you monthly ” Barry said in ridiculing tone.

”What are you…saying? ” Leila was dumbfounded for a moment, staring at Barry as she wondered what he was saying. In next second her breath hitch when a picture crossed in her mind. ”Nicholas….YourB foundation! ” Leila mouth hung up opened.

Of course, She knows him. She works in YourB foundation.

”Nicholas… Wayne! ” Leila started little panic and nervous.

”Yes, Our CEO Nicholas Wayne ” Barry lips twisted with amused smile. ”Answer me honestly, Why are you here? ” Barry raised an eyebrow at Leila Green.

Leila pressed her lips in thin line. She took a deep breath and explained, ”Yesterday, I went to club with my best friend. And yes….I went to washroom to refresh myself as I felt little dizzy. And in the morning, I found myself here becoming Nicholass girlfriend ”. Her face went a shade closer to purple in nervous as she explained to Barry.

”The man who saved her yesterday was her boss ” Her mind was in mess right now.

Taking a deep breath, Leila said, ”Why am I explaining to you? I should explain to Grandma ” She shifted on her feet but Barry suddenly held her wrists making her stop.

”Why? ” Leila snapped while Barry look at her in hardened expression.

”Get off! ” Leila snapped her hand back from his hold.

”No. You can say that to Grandma ” Barry almost shouted.

”Why? You want me to answer honestly ” Leila was exasperated.

Barry was silent for a while before he softened his gaze and said, ”You see, Grandma is not emotionally stable right now. ”

Leila glared at him. ”Give me your phone first ” Leila demanded. Barry handed the phone as she demanded. Leila quickly pressed someone.

”Hello, Who is this? ” A lady thin voice came.

”Cherry. I am Leila ” Leila replied carefully.

A crisp, clear voice sounded from her phone as she had to distant her phone a little bit away before she went deaf.


”She is your neighbour ” Grandma asked excitedly.

”Yes… Grandma. If it is true that she is Nicholass girlfriend, You are very lucky. She is just like the girl that you always wanted for young Master ” Aunt Seila continued.

”She is pretty, nice, smart and have good manners. Everyone in our locality was envious of her parents ” Aunt Seila asserted. Grandma fixed her eyes on Aunt Seila and then her eyes glowed silently.

Grandma picked up the cup and took a sip, then asked, ”So, Both her sister and brother are doctors? ”

”Yes. And the youngest son was now attending X university. ” Aunt Seila added.

”Seila, You know! I am very worried about my grandson. He is so arrogant and picky. Any girl didn last more than a month with him ” Grandma face turned frosty.

”Don worry! Grandma. Maybe your Grandson didn yet met a girl who melted his heart ” Aunt Seila said.

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