There were many things in the wide universe, but the only thing that mattered in a story was timing.

What came first was a matter of introduction, not reason. Planet, plant, and insect before the man…

…but not in a novel.

In that, mankind was always introduced first.

Letting the reader imagine them-

”Alright. Alright. I get it by now. Can we get to why you called me? ” A man interrupted my monologue.

Loki, the God of Tricks and Mischief…

But it was also not him.

”Who are you giving an introduction to? And what are those eyes behind you? ” Loki shifted his eyes.

Making contact with the transparent, floating eyeballs that were hovering around our bodies.

They were a manifestation of you readers…

Your eyes…

”Them? Readers? ” (Loki)


In this imaginary world beyond the bounds of clockwork and consistency, you can see them.

”Even though I shouldn if I was real? ” (Loki)

That too…

”No wonder you
e speaking your mind without breaks for once. I knew this wasn like you at all. ”

Loki, I need your help.

”With who and what, oh great Imaginary God? ” A smile bloomed on the handsome face of the man.

I, the great Imaginary God, was the sole existence that ruled over the domain of dream and stories.

The Realm of the Imaginary was such a place.

Since those who were
eal couldn perceive it, a place such as this might as well be nonexistent.

However, we were still here.

Still existing.

More real than those of Myriad Realm imagined.

I, myself, had a greater purpose… A real big one.

”You know I can still hear you prattling on, right? ” A pair of narrowed eyes looked at my blurry self.

One that had neither form, nor shape.

Comparatively, the man known as Goldsun Loki looked nothing like his counterpart in mythology.

Otherwise, there was no way hed look like a golden blonde spearman with a European flare.

His clothes matching modern standards.

”Like I said before- ” (Loki)

Im getting to it. Goddamn, Im getting to it.

”…Alright? ” He answered with a touch of irony.

I started with an introduction of my life and backstory, then moved on to my life goals.

Loki listened to me silently…

And it was only after I finished did he become wide-eyes. Having a spectacular expression.

e serious? ” (Loki)

More than Ill ever be.

e going to sacrifice your life for a group of friends of the past? You want their happiness? ”

Why are you asking as if it sounds crazy?

”Youll cease to exist…! ” (Loki)

This kind of existence doesn mean much.

”Still… You can still enjoy yourself. Be anyone of any story. Enter dreams. Become nightmares. ”

And to what end?

”Do you need one? Being a God is fun~! ” (Loki)

You wouldn be able to understand. From what I remember, you threw away everything of your past.

”As I should do. There were useless attachments. ”

But I can do that.

”…Don talk to me if you
e going to talk about dying. Do it where I can see you, bastard. ” (Loki)

Your voice betrays your sadness.

”Don try getting cushy. We WERE friends before you brought this nonsense up. And what, are you bringing more to die with you? ” Although his words sounded spiteful… they held a hint of suspicion.

It was at that point I revealed my hand.

And a portal behind me.

There wasn a hint of surprise in the handsome mans eyes. It was as if it was all as expected.

We both walked through it to the other side.

Behind this supernatural door was the part of the imaginary realm where my past friends gathered.

Four great celestial beings…

”Lookie lookie who it is~ If it isn my man Odin and eus, mother**er! ” Loki yelled out loud.

The two celestial being turned to look at him…

With the unmentioned ones not paying any heed.

The first one to come forward was a distinctly Chinese beauty… who was actually a man.

”You called? ” He reacted to Lokis swear.

”…Mother**er. ” (Loki)

”Thats what I do. ” (Zeus)

”Thats what your mythology does too. ” (Loki)

”Isn that why I was able to transcend mortality with his essence? ” Zeus flexed his muscles.

”Do you still turn into Beastkin to ** people all over the universe? ” Loki hit his sore spot head on.

While Zeus was wondering how to wittily respond to that, Odin cut in to interrupt their conversation:

”Stop flirting. ”

”Okay. ” (Loki)

”Right. ” (Zeus)

The two perverts shivered…

Both Zeus and Loki weren afraid of the one-eyed mythological God King, but they were of him.

The man wearing the essence of that mythos…

It was because of the difference in status.

Zeus was known throughout the realms solely because he had sex with many far and wide.

Loki himself not even being that known of a God in comparison. Just a mysterious entity to even Gods.

But Odin was different.

He was a legend in different forms throughout the universe. Many not knowing that they actually worshipped a mortal man at the time. A fighter who had once even brought the heavens to its knees.

Thus, anyone with a sense of self-perseveration would never dare to cross this one-eyed wonder.

Not even Gods like them.

”Odin… So you
e one of his… friends. ” (Loki)

Rather than answering the spearman, the God King merely walked over to his chair and seated himself.

His eyes displayed no response to the inquiry.

It was at that point Loki turned towards the two who were left. A strange attired beauty and noble.

The latter seemingly less aware of their existence.

Her eyes seemed emotionless…

”And who are they? ” Loki seemed equal parts curious and suspicious while looking at them.

These two gorgeous women were Noblesse Oblige and the Heavenly Harlot of mythology.

”Ishtar? ” (Loki)

Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth was her full name. However, her friends tended to call her simply as Mystery. An acquainted of Enigma.

”Please tell me that last part was a pun. Is that why you invited a low-ranking God here as well?. ” (Loki)

Everyone turned their eyes to the woman he was referring to. She simply sat there with a frown.

Her eyes seemingly narrowed to the extent it seemed like she was resting, and her posture fine.

She was the embodiment of an elegant noble girl.

Her attire like that of a modernised medieval European aristocrat. With a black hair being let out.

Draping down her small back.

One could tell that there was something special about Noblesse Oblige compared to others who bore the power of words. Although they also had their own rankings, it was true she was ranked low.

Unlike more well-known and intense words understood more commonly, the definition of a noblemans obligations had faded even in her own time. The understanding and meaning of it faded.

And still, her role here was important.

Not only was she a friend, her role in the coming events would be crucial to get a certain result.

”Which is…? ” (Loki)

…Lets move on to business.

We were all here today for an important matter.

”And it better be. Why the ** are you all dying anyway? ” Loki looked at the entire five-man party.

There was nothing in common between anyone in front of the round table. Only that they were weird.

The strangeness of everyone was the commonality.

But this wasn important.

Our names and pasts had nothing to do with what will happen today, for everyone would disappear.

Never to appear again.

A sacrifice required to write a narrative of good and evil. To change the fate of a man much like myself.

e not planning to meddle in the fate of mortals, right? …And even though I had been cursed, you
e still relying on ME for help? ” Loki showed a face as if he couldn understand at all.

But what he didn know was that there was no one else who I could possibly ask to do this request.

”Im not doing it. ” (Loki)

Noblesse Oblige, Mystery, Odin, and Zeus glanced at him… but they seemed to find him amusing.

Regardless, their decision wouldn change.

And so wouldn mine.

It reminded me of the reason we were all gathered here. The reason why were offering up ourselves.

There was a man who didn know good and evil while growing up. Only knowing his selfishness.

Someone so starved of thrill and excitement in his life… To the point hed do anything to fill himself.

Even if that meant becoming no more than a fool.

Wasting away the limited time he had lazing around and distracting himself. Never knowing how to love.

Or even feeling a sense of belonging.

It was for him that we gathered here today.

And it was also for someone else.

Someone closely related to Noblesse Oblige, or one could say… another version of her as a person somewhere else. Her fate had always been to die or go through a horrific fate before her death.

A sigh escaped my heart at the thought.

It was now time…

…for the story to begin!

Lets lift the curtains and create a stage.

And the first to get this done was me, the person who had gathered my friends for a joint suicide.

What this story needed was a narrator.

One who could differentiate right and wrong.

And able to instil meaning into every word being read by strange beings of a higher dimension.

My mind suddenly blanked.

I offered my existence to the absolute one. The author and creator of our entire vast universe.

Then was applied onto reality via Lokis powers.

His ability to alter the makeup of reality itself.

Despite saying he wouldn help us out, the kind spearman was someone loyal to those he loved.

It also seemed like he thought of something while looking at how my blurry body faded into nothing.

Becoming no more than a disembodied voice.

”Mr Wallkin? ” (Loki)

Was that my name?

My earlier memories had faded, and all I could remember was the words written on this page.

It was to the point all I knew of the man… was that he was named Loki and was a reality changer.

I wonder why he suddenly called me by that name?

”Don think too much. Since its better to start the real story already, its better to get you into position. Im going to apply you onto a version of the Imaginary God in a Mortal Realm. ” Loki spoke while watching the others fade into being objects.

Zeus became a lightning bolt, all that was left of Odin was his remaining eye, Noblesse Oblige became a chain, and Mystery became a chalice. A corrupted grail that held the key to corruption.

He turned his head to look outside the Imaginary Realm, and onto the Human Realm of his choice.

My mind suddenly blanked.

Thoughts flying away as I went from third to first person narration. My mind becoming anothers.





It was a boring day in the life of Adam Graham. A life worth many gold bars didn seem too precious.

My day went on just like anyone elses.

Unknowing of what my future truly held.

If I had known what would happen, maybe I wouldve done more to prepare for an apocalypse.

Too bad… Too bad…

On the year 2022, after recovering from a well-known pandemic that caused problems all over the world, another incident had occurred. While the pandemic couldve been predicted, this absurd incident was the first that happened in history.

It was to the point no one knew what to do.

People decided to call this the Gate Incident.

Somehow, the world was hit by a number of portals opening up into the world. All holding evil beings.

Abominations that scoured the Earth to hunt humans. Eating flesh and ripping their tendons.

And fighting those monsters were the Talented.

A new breed of humanity that awakened in response to this otherworldly threat. All of them weirding supernatural powers that defied logic and reason. Able to defy physics and shoot out flames.

Each possessing different traits.

I myself lost everything in my life that day.

My home, the ties to my family, wealth, food, and anything that couldve possibly made me feel safe.

Id fallen down to the depths, but the only way to understand how far would be to take a step back.

To start from the beginning…

My name is Adam Graham. Former Landlord, all around normal person, even with my little quirks.

This is a story of my rise after the fall.

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