To think, this was how hed experience his first kiss. Smacking his lips on this thoughtless bitch.

She really knew where to hurt someone.

But even though he initiated the kiss, it almost felt like hed fallen into her pace without any warnings.

Adam was roughly pushed on the sofa.

He knew hed made a mistake in judgement.

When Sophia straggled him, it felt like he had been caught by a predator. Her eyes gazing at him.

Was she always like this?

Hed once seen this woman as more the innocent type in the past. An heiress who was ignorant.

Only knowing second-hand information.

But her kiss was nothing like that.

She pressed her lips on his own, and moistened his lips with her saliva. Then started to dig deeper.

He was lucky to have brushed his teeth AFTER breakfast, or else she mightve made fun on him.

”Hah… ” Sophia finally let him take a breath when their lips parted. Her hand had rested on his hair.

Stroking it a little.

”How soft… ” She spoke while ruffling his black hair intimately. Her smile ingrained deep into his heart.

Adam unconsciously held her by the waist, but didn make the first move to kiss her this time.

Her long blonde hair dropped onto his shoulders.

Sophia pulled her hair back so it wouldn get in the way, then leaned closer to continue their moment.

It felt like time stopped.

The radiance of her smile, and the aggressiveness she showed made Adam blush in excitement.

He could feel her breath on his face, and the minty saliva that trickled down his lip made him at ease.

It looked like they were really similar.

Even though this relationship was a farce, Adam wouldn mind if if something
eal was born.

He wished this moment would last forever.

…Only for the sound of the door handles click to interrupt them. It made her wipe her mouth to turn.

There, a young butler of our age had entered.

He seemed calm and collected.

”Have you finished everything? ” Sophia talked to him normally, and the gentleman nodded deeply.

”Great, then you can leave. ” She spoke while leaving the young man to deal with his emotions.

But he couldn leave things like this.

”Ummm… Didn you want to game? ” Adam tried to keep her here, but she merely made a smirk at him.

”What? Is that what you want? Really? ” She looked between his legs, and realised he was standing.

A really embarrassing situation…

He didn speak anything else, and Sophia did the same while leaving. It left him feeling… frustrated.

Making him have no choice but to search some porn. Letting this feeling out of his system.

It was only after that did his mind straighten out.

Fuck… He realised she did this all as a game.

Did she not take anything around her seriously?

Well, it wasn like he hated that about her…

Adam took a look around. There were multiple exits out of the room, so it was a little like a maze.

Each of them having locks.

Did she go out already? He thought while seeing that the Noble girl and her butler had vanished.

Where did they go?

Well, he was a little tired himself anyway.

Since it was a good time to rest, Adam took this opportunity to have a short afternoon nap.

He closed his eyes and let his exhaustion take him away to land of dreams. A simple action of his.

But little did he know that his perspective would never be the same as a normal person any longer.

He felt like he could hear a voice…

[Searching for relevant story… Initiating First Person Perspective Shift… Sequence applied…]

[Sidmund Tailor of a different universe is chosen.]

His sight suddenly shifted, and all the memories Adam had to this point had been sealed away.

Shifting to the perspective of his dream self…

A sight hed never forget.





Maybe a oy wouldn understand it, but a man would know this feeling whether he liked it or not.

There was an amorous smell in the air…

Its said that in the era where aristocracy were prevalent, Butlers were in charge of servants.

Therefore, loyalty and competency were needed.

Some had it rough finding people worth investing their trust in, while others used different tactics.

One of them Hildegard Lineage.

Instead of taking Butlers from the outside, they raised their own to perfectly cater to their needs.

Thus, the Tailor Family lived with them wherever they were. Never to be separated forevermore.

But that wasn what started the immorality…

The depravity the young man had witnessed.



Even back in the long gone era of aristocracy, it was known that Nobles had a Noblesse Oblige.

As they were given luxuries, they had sworn to use their Innate Gifts to make their lands prosperous.

These were abilities varying in strength and nature.

Some would immediately gain great power upon awakening, while others had to wait for it to bloom.

Regardless, they were passed down from generation to generation. Some Noble Families even created bonds through marriage so they could strengthen their bloodline even further.

The Hildegard Lineage WASNT one of them.

Their nature was highly independent and righteous in disposition. This caused them many griefs.

Flexibility was a requirement for a Noble Lineage to survive, but they stood hardheaded in their virtues.

They served their ruler as loyal vessels of the state.

Thus was why the nature of the Hildegards.

Some thought they were dogs that would be thrown away one day, but time told otherwise.

Once aristocracy was abolished, the divide between the rich and poor became less noticeable.

Many Noble Households had fallen in that time from the built up anger from the common folk.

The Hildegard Lineage was one of few survivors.

There was only one reason for this: They had sown great karma in their fate through their good deeds.

Even the servants beneath them acknowledged it.

Thats how they still existed in the modern era. The Tailor Familys loyalty was also a result of their unyielding righteousness. They were proud to serve a Noble Lineage that actually acted Noble.

Even when one of their family members awakened an Innate Gift and put them on the same level in terms of status, the Tailor Family still chose servitude. To protect and serve who they wished.

And that lead to the present…

On the soft bed was a blonde girl turned a woman over the years. Her name was Sophia Hildegard.

And above her was her Butler: Sidmund Tailor.

After just finishing a rough raining session between them, Sidmund gasped next to her.

His body stood upright beside the bed despite his fatigue. The expression he had on wasn good.

His body limp and naked…

He looked nothing like a young man experienced in the pleasures of the body. His spirit was drained.

The one responsible for his melancholy tossed and turned happily. Then looked at him with clear eyes.

However, there was no purity within them.

Sophia Hildegard… Oh… Sophia Hildegard…

How could such a woman exist? How could such an illustrious Lineage have bore such crazy devil?

Sidmunds arms trembled faintly…

”Whats wrong? ” She asked the young man putting his clothes back on, looking into his sapphire eyes.

”Nothing… ” Her gaze made any rebelliousness within him suffocate from fear and anxiety.

Everything was such a mess…

He was supposed to be a loyal servant, yet here he was… To have touched her… Such a wretched sin…

…I deserve to die a hundred times over. There was nothing that could make him feel at ease anymore.

His heart had been torn to pieces…

The only thing keeping him sane was the Innate Gift he inherited: The mysterious Miracle Gamer.

At first, this ability seemed useless. The only thing it could do was create a user interface or HUB depending on the genre. One could choose to have their status viewed in different perspectives.

This wasn a worthwhile Innate Gift for many reasons. First, it didn seem to have an Attribute it had an affinity to (which couldve been passed onto each user), and secondly, it was just that.

The power see, but not change anything significantly. It was worse than a Combat Gift.

At least, the Limit Fixture Combat Gift taught in the Tailor Family gave access to all Attributes.

Even if the effect of the Gift was garbage overall…

However, time and investigation into the limits of former served to find that wasn the only effect.

Rather than being a Player, the Miracle Gamer ability allowed one to designate others as one.

The result was a new ability forming depending on the Gift possessed by individuals chosen by them.

Thus, the Hildegard Lineages Gift was the key.

Their Innate Gift inheritance, Mighty Emergence, was a simple ability that boosted their strength for a short amount of time. Usually, it would be used as their trump card when dealing with dangers.

When the holder of such an ability was designated a Player, Miracle Gamer gained a new trait.

The power attained was known as Growth.

This was a top secret only known to direct descendants of the Tailor and Hildegard blood, but the newly discovered ability became essential in raising top-level successors for the lineage.

Growth was a trait that breathed life into the incompleteness of the original Tailor Family ability.

Rather than just seeing bars representing Health Points and Mana Points, they could see a steady increase in the mental and physical limits of those affected by the Gift. It made them stronger easily.

Thats why, after a certain point, it became common for the Hildegard Lineage to refine themselves using Miracle Gamer. Their butlers too would experience enhancements of the same kind.

Up until this point, there was nothing wrong with the relationship between the two close families.

In fact, it only made their bond much closer.

Over time, the base physical and mental strength of their bloodlines became a bit absurd over time.

They became worthy of surviving for many more years to come. Even if their businesses were to fall.

That was until Sophia entered the picture…

”My ability… isn supposed to be used like this. ” A strong emotion pried open Sidmunds shut lips.

He wasn able to control himself at that moment.

Eyes becoming moist with tears…

When he finally noticed what hed spoken, it was already too late. The blonde girl just stared at him.

The silence was unbearable…

”Heh~ ” Then, a laugh broke the eerie atmosphere that was surely on its way to engulf his heart.

”You sound like you
e down. Are you going to say nothing else? ” The cruel girl spoke in a gentle tone.

She didn seem the least bit annoyed by his words.

Perhaps it was the way she didn seem to take anything seriously that gave him a bit of courage.

Sidmund took a deep breath. He regained a part of his composure and sat on the other end of the bed.

He took his time thinking of the words he was about to say. It wasn in his nature to be careless.

Especially in front of someone like her…

The young man wasn sure what shed do to him.

”We are master and servant. There… is supposed to be an uncrossable line between the two of us. ”

That was exactly what it meant to swear total allegiance, but the blonde beauty sneered at him:

”And who was the one who had initially crossed the line? ” Her words reminded him of the past.

As a innocent young boy, Sidmund, of course, had festering emotions towards his female Master.

They were inseparable since birth…

However, the young servant always knew there was an insurmountable gap in status between them.

She was a fruit that was forbidden to touch…

However, once he started to go through puberty and started to understand the difference in sex…

…everything changed.

Sophia had always been clinging too close to him despite his efforts to keep a respectable distance.

Shed tease him in ways only a girl knew how to.

The demonic woman also coaxed him subtly while he was still a young and inexperienced teenager.

Shed flash her underwear at him, tell him to do things that were innocent on the surface to get skin contact, make lewd jokes secretly, and pose in ways that were just begging to be misunderstood.

I had lost my mind… Sid regretted his decision from back then. If only he hadn been tempted…

If only… he didn eat those forbidden fruits.

”I didn … I didn mean to… ” His gaze started to waver, which was when she doubled down on him.

She pulled a plastic out from between her legs…

”No worries. We used proper protection. So whats there to be so whiny about? You enjoyed it too. ”

”Thats not the point…! ”

”Then what? You
e saying Im to blame? ” The way she snapped at him made him guilty, somehow…

Why was everything HIS fault?

He remembered that day like it was yesterday. The feeling of epiphany from knowing the only thing stopping them from connecting… was a piece of fabric. One that hed eventually pulled down on…

Oh how fragile it seemed at that moment.

He felt like a monster. Ripping off her panties like they were made of loosely unwoven cotton buds.

However, she didn stop his advance whatsoever.

It wasn him who pushed her down after that. She became a totally different person at that moment.

Her legs twisted around his waist and held him tight. He wasn even given the chance to pull out.

If she had become pregnant, then…

”If my parents found out about this- ”

”Then they would offer you up even if Miracle Gamer became lost, right? Youd be forced to relinquish it, or suffer from torture. ” Her tone didn change. She spoke as if it wasn a problem to her.

The young man started trembling… The agitation building up inside him became hotter with rage.

Only for his head to be pulled into her exposed chest. The softness of her touch was amazing…

”But I wouldn let that happen to you. Especially not after you worked hard for me all this time. ”

His pupils dilated at her words. Indeed, he was certainly used by her in ways he didn expect.

After successfully seducing him, she used the status difference between them right away.

He was really scared shed tell anyone about their little accident. So much so that he obeyed her.

It was then he finally knew what she was after…

Nothing was ever about him. Sidmund had always been a disposable tool for her own wicked ends.

She then told him about her secret.

Sophia was, in fact, born with her own unique Innate Gift. She called it her Enslavement Eyes.

With it, she was able to control her family… and his own parents. Reason didn apply anymore.

With her obsession for power, she used him as a honey trap to ensnare other girls of Nobility.

Since she knew how Miracle Gamer worked, she also knew her own Gift gave him another ability.

It seemed to be called Conquest.

Using the Dating Sim genre setting, he was able to forcibly keep his targets Affection Meter constantly full after a successful seduction. This ability worked more subtly than her own Innate Gift.

Thats why it was perfect for her to use in order to conquer the heiresses shed had her eyes on.

Then using them to ruin each household.

Insiders that could cause the death of their family.

First shed introduce them, then Sid be the one who would gradually seduce them using his wits.

Once successful, the girl would use her eyes on them. Conquering to the point theyd die for her.

Gradually, she became an untouchable figure to be feared. Her hands extended to every part of Earth.

Perhaps Sidmund should be happy…

He wasn the pet of anyone else, but the dog of someone who had both influence and power.

Whats more: She was beautiful and indulged in pleasures with him whenever they had free time.

”Will you protect me…? ” Sidmund covered his face.

When Sophia Hildegard heard these words, she finally gave him a content smile. One full of herself.

”Thats obvious. ” She twisted around his waist and sat on his lap, then continued: ”You
e mine. ”

Her words cleared away all his anxieties.

The only one left stemmed from the remnants of the conscience he still had. It was clear now…

Sophia was a monster…

”… ” Sid stared at her, all while she closed in and entangled her sensitive tongue with his own.

She pulled it out and played with him, pushing him down once again. The atmosphere became hot.

He started to feel a hint of revulsion. The memories of the girls hed seduced appeared in his mind.

…Sidmund had become tainted.

Their relationship was corrupted now.

All the values he stood for; everything his family stood for… It all became meaningless in the end.

He started to wonder how it came to this point.

Why was he always letting her string him on?

Curiosity was what caused it to begin, but what continued his descent after reflecting on himself?

Finally, he started to realise the answer.

The girl shivered before noticing two cold hands that suddenly held her waist. It felt really good…

The immorality of it all touched her heart…

”What are you doing? ” Sophia asked. Her eyes seemed curious as he brought her closer.

”I want… a family. ”

”… ” Her face gradually darkened.

”Can we? ” The feelings hed held deep down bubbled up to the surface. It was what he desired.

It sounded as if he was expecting from her womb.

After being so alienated from his family, he really wanted to have another one he could call his own.

Despite suppressing his emotions all this time for the sake of courtesy, it couldn erase the feeling…

Thats all he ever wanted.

*Slap!* But reality hit him.

And he was looked at with disgusted eyes.

Of course, his desires couldn change reality.

”Who said Id have kids with you? ” Her eyes went from being gentle… to aggressive, all of a sudden.

”B-but… ” Sidmund felt a pain from his cheek. The strength she used to slap him was really strong.

Maybe it was thanks to her Inherited Gift.

The Mighty Emergence of the Hildegard Lineage.

”Listen. You know the reason our families haven joined before is to keep that line between us. ”

”Weve already broken that. ” Sid wasn able to stay silent when she started using such a tone.

”Sid, baby… Its impossible for us. You know how detrimental that would be for me in the long run. ”

She suddenly lowered her voice.

Trying to calm him down.

”…S-Sophie? ” He couldn handle it anymore. Her words had broken something inside his heart.

”Yes~ ” Sophia changed her tone at him… without saying anything about the slap shed given earlier.

”Do you love me? ” Sidmund lowered his head.

”Of course! ” She promptly answered while tightly hugging him. There was no hesitation in her words.

The embrace made him feel he was going to melt.

He wanted to believe her. Even if he couldn have kids with her, Sidmund wanted to love her forever.

However, the young man felt curious.

Was she telling the truth?

It was at that moment he did something hed come to regret. An act that would decide his fate.

He used the Dating Sim genre of Miracle Gamer.

{Name: Sophia Hildegard

Affection Meter: Zero Hearts}

Finally, even his strong mind couldn cope with reality anymore. Tears started to fall from his face.

Hed done everything for her…

…but she didn love him?

No feeling for him whatsoever?


Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

*Tap* Sophia hit on his cheek to wake him up.

Sidmund couldn handle it anymore. There was nothing left to live for once she distanced herself.

At least, thats what he started to believe…

With his mental defences finally down, Sophia pulled her head back and looked into his eyes.

She intuitively used Enslavement Eyes on him.

Everything was going according to plan. She had finally drove him into the corner to use her ability.

The irritation and resentment he showed seemed to have vanished. What was left was unfamiliarity.

”Sid…? ” After he grabbed her waist firmly and laid her on the bed, her soft voice reached his ear.

Her eyes held clear confusion…

”I have lived to serve, and thats not going to change any time soon. ” He reached to a drawer.

Inside of it was a packet of condoms. Sid ripped one off, opened the tiny packet, and wore it on.

”Let me satisfy you. ” His words were sweet like honey. There was a gentleness in his rough tone.

She started to become embarrassed…

”Ah~ ” Her body trembled when he entered her quickly. His rod hit her sensitive walls perfectly.

As if he knew where all her sensitive parts were.

Normally, he acted so passive that it was up to her to move things along… but now, he acted himself.

Almost like he was trying to bury himself into her.

The entrance to her womb was experiencing rapid fire thrust. Countless kisses filled with passion.

And it wasn just her lower half…

Sidmund properly used his hands to enrapture her attention. Squeezing and plucking her bosom.

His tongue was like a dragon entwining a snake.

Such roughness was a first for her…

It wasn painful to her in practice, but was more overbearing to her senses than any other session.

She couldn stop herself from losing composure.

”D-don … It feels too good! ” She yelled at him happily. Tears rolling down her eyes in ecstasy.

”Ha-hah… Isn that a good thing? ” Sid continued his piston while lifting her leg to go in more deeper.

The sudden thrust was like a lightning bolt falling in her head. The sensation she felt muddled her up.

She was entranced by this unfamiliar sensation.

Of course, they had a physical relationship even before this. One where he gave her pleasure.

But he never truly put any effort in back then.

Perhaps it was because Miracle Gamer was intended to be used for raining the Master.

There was never any emotions in his expression.

However, it was different this time…

Sidmund seemed passionate for the first time.

He was like a flame that engulfed her entire being.

An unquenchable thirst for pleasure…

It was hard for her to resist… as Sophia was still the
eceiver. Pleasuring HIM never crossed her mind.

He twisted her over again until she was on all fours facing the wall. Finally, she could catch her breath.

”Hey! I don like this! ” When she realised her position, she felt like it was a bit too degrading.

The beauty felt if she was just a wild rabbit…

”Sophie… Let me guide you. ” Rather than becoming more forceful, his two hands gently held onto her.

One held her position by the stomach, while the other brought her head closer to whisper in her ear.

He planted kisses on her neck and back, which seemed to tickle her and break down her guard.

A finger wiped the tears on her cheeks…

”Ah~ Aren you a playboy? Since when did you become so good at this? ” She grabbed his arms to wrap them around her shoulders, then asked when his head became close enough for him to hear.

Of course, Sophia was aware that the reason was because she had him sleep with multiple women.

She found her decision to have been a good one.

If she hadn blackmailed him, then he probably wouldn have been so good in bed with her at all.

The beauty didn notice the subtle shift in his gaze. There was an unnatural light in his eyes.

However, it was buried underneath a thick mask.

His eyes glanced at her profile provided by Miracle Gamer. The hearts were still zero.

But there was more to it than that.

[Name: Sophia Hildegard

Likes: Unconditional Loyalty, New Experiences.

Dislikes: Independent Actions Of Servants, Things Outside Her Expectations, Passivity, Principles.

Fetishes: Submissive Dominance]

[Affection Meter: Zero Hearts]

It was a complicated thought pattern to him. The inherent contradiction only made things worse.

Liking New Experiences, but disliking Things Outside Her Expectations was a hard balance to keep. One slip up and any affection she had for him would instantly vanish. That was her personality.

She was capable of cutting him away if needed.

That has to change… For the sake of the plans he had for her, she needed to be captivated by him.

Thats why he didn act too suddenly…

”Let me show you a new world. ” After saying these words, Sids right hand touched her shoulder.

Sophia was surprised when he suddenly altered her position himself. It made her uncomfortable…

However, it was within expectations.

”You may want to bite onto the bedsheet. ” Sids voice wasn the least bit considerate in his tone.

She unconsciously did what he asked with curiosity. Only to be surprised by his next actions.

She felt his cold hand gradually stroking down her body slowly, but with enough purpose to keep interest. When her attention was taken, she felt a jolt in her brain from Sidmund entering her again.

He plunged deep enough to smack her vulva with his balls. That heavy thrust blew all her thoughts.

Making her fall deeper into her depravity…

Then, the tip of his thumb entered her virgin ass. It was such a gross action that didn suit him at all.

Thats when she bit down hard on the bedsheet.

She couldn handle the double penetration from both ends. Then, both sensations just vanished.

The beauty was left unsatisfied despite having ejaculated once in that eternal… yet brief moment.

”W-why did you stop? ” Sophia couldn help asking. It was bad manners to leave her like this.

She hadn even climaxed.

”You sure I can keep on going? ” Sidmund sighed.

”Do it! ” She spoke more forcefully, and felt that he was mocking her by going back on his own words.

”Im only teasing you. Anyway… ” He glanced at the white dress on the floor and stockings she still wore, then continued: ”…black suits you better. Ill buy some new toys so we can play together. ”

She didn notice how insincerely he spoke…

Anyone with eyes would tell her that white clothes complemented her naturally pale skin and blonde hair. However, he was telling her the exact opposite of that. Mostly because it felt true to his own heart.

She looked like an angel when she wore white. A stark contrast to the black heart she hid within.

Therefore, he chose to corrupt her even further.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…

He showed her passionate love, and she would slowly reciprocate him over their time together.

The length of their sessions only seemed to grow longer thanks to Growth slowly upgrading the aspects they trained. Mental fatigue became easier to handle, and so was illnesses of sexual nature.

Their bodies altered with this unhealthy lifestyle.

A perk that would perhaps humiliate the ancestors of the Tailor Family. How dare he use it in this way?

Growth was supposed to be used to nurture positive traits. Not to train masters into nymphos.

How dare he do that?!

But this question was thrown to the back of his head. The loyal butler no longer haf a heart.

Sidmund did all he could to become a sex machine that was the only one who could give her pleasure.

He didn act clingy. Even if she slept with another man, he pretended to feel nothing for her actions.

Sophia also started to feel those changes…

With her body changing, so did her personality.

She used to be someone who used sex as a tool she controlled, but things were getting out of hand.

”Master, can you lift your ass a little? ” The very next day, Sidmund cleaned out her innards.

Readying her for Anal Play.

The first enema onwards slowly infused a sort of cleanliness in her rectum. It was an absurd trait.

One that Growth wouldn normally be able to give. A trait that was only useful for a sex slave.

But that wasn all.

Her ass could now swallow up the dragon size manhood Sidmund cultivated over four years.

Using vaigra heal his consistently apparent erectile dysfunctions, and putting more stress on himself.

He continued emptying her bowels.

Sophia couldn stand the tension.

Even Sid touching her rear made the girl feel the burning yet pleasurable sensation of the Anal Plug.

It had become a habit to humiliate herself.

Losing all composure and entrusting her body.

Even if he saw the disgusting sides of her body, he kept a composure that made it hard to not like him.

The days went by, and she opened up a little more.

She didn know when, but she started to become addicted to exhibitionism in front of her servants.

Her subordinates didn notice any abnormalities…

Sophia moved her body while trying to hide the vibrator strapped to her pussy. The stainless anal beads plugged into her ass. Shed become quite accustomed to this walking style over time.

Growing into the perfect anohole for Sidmund.

A plaything that was gradually losing self-control.

This wasn everything on her, as Sidmund also taped two remote vibrators onto her nipples.

The only thing stopping her from being found out were loose clothes and bandages strapped to make her chest look smaller. She cat-walked back home only a few hours after leaving in the morning.

The beautiful drill-haired blonde couldn handle it.

She grasped onto Sidmund and brought him to their love nest, which had changed over time.

A sex dungeon underneath her bedroom.

What was once an empty hidden room… now seemed more kinky than an S&M toy shop.

A fake smile appeared on Sidmunds face. He then asked her without the slightest bit of shame:

”Do you want to continue? ” Sid stared at her.

It was as if he was a game message giving her two optional choices. The answer was predetermined.

After all, she could only give one answer.

She nodded her head and entrusted herself again.

As her faithful servant, it was HIS responsibility to undress her. Thats why he did this so gladly.

One hand swiped her chest to unbutton her top half, while the other pulled down her long skirt.

The toys she wore were revealed shamefully.

Sidmund silently turned everything off remotely.

The halting of the sensations constantly orturing her all over finally gave her time to take a breath.

But it also gave her a sense of longing.

Seeing her heightened expression, the young man looked on coldly. Kneeling to pull out the oys.

He ignored the moans and unsuppressed gasps coming from her while doing his job and thought…

…he was just one step away from his

In fact, Sidmund had reflected on whether he should be continuing his act many times before.

Perhaps it was disloyal and unfaithful for him to lead her down the rabbit hole of depravity…

To think that the mastermind in the shadows holding a good chunk of the world was like this.

She indulged without any sense of shame…

He plucked out the Anal Plug and pulled on the string to her Anal Beads, causing her to explode in his face. He didn even deem it necessary to wipe off the eruption that only grew bigger with time.

The same way his own reproductive organs had changed… so did the way Sophia felt sensations.

She could no longer return to being her usual self.

It was over for her as some secretive mastermind.

Not that it mattered. Sidmunds eyes was always on the slight changes in the Affection Meter.

He kept kneeling at her waist, pulling out the vibrator. She suddenly felt her body was hollow.

Not having something inside felt unnatural.

”W-why did you take that out again? ” She asked with trembling legs; barely able to stand up.

”… ” Sidmund kept his silence. He merely untaped the little vibrators that were once tickling her tits.

The two layers of bandages and bra strapping her chest were taken off, revealing her bountiful chest.

Shed indeed grown in many ways…

Becoming much more the picture of bad health.

Abnormally transformed to the point she no longer looked anything like the young woman of the past.

Only a hungry beggar for his thick manhood.

”Sid… Tease me like always. Make me lose my mind. Fuck.Me~ ” She no longer cared for how slutty she seemed. The black underwear she had normally avoided now seemed to fit her whore self.

This was the time he finally struck…!

”How about we do something different? ” After saying these words, he pushed her onto the bed.

Then took something from the wall behind her…

It was just a pair of bondage cuffs for her wrists and thighs. Two ankle to wrist submissive bindings.

Something shed never worn before.

But HAD made another wear in the past.

She could imagine what position it would force her into. There was slight reluctant in her expression.

They had avoided bondage play all this time, which was because she feared having her control taken.

However, she agreed that this
ew experience may help her relieve the itchiness she was feeling.

Open up new avenues…

Plus, Sophia had her Mighty Emergence Innate Gift if there was a critical problem. Moreover…

…she trusted him deeply.

Even if Sidmund acted differently, she was sure he wouldn do anything to actually harm her body.

The way he was raised wouldn allow that.

Seeing her silent consent, he strapped them onto her without any delay. It was a degrading position.

Sophia nudged the wrists cuffed to her ankles.

It was actually

Her legs kneeled onto the floor, and the chain of the cuffs stopped her from separating her arms from both her thighs. She looked like she was begging to give him some love with her mouth.

Of course, thats if this was a two-way relationship.

Sidmund laid her down on the bed with her back on the soft mattress. Her legs were spread wide open.

Spreading her out before penetration.

This was the moment he was waiting for…!

However, four years had given him the patience not to rush things. He pushed down his emotions.

He looked at the Affection Meter in his sights, and saw that it had grown over the years together.

4.5 Hearts… Only a sliver away from completion.

Half a heart more to conquer her…

Though saying such was easier than actually being able to do so. Her heart was well-guarded to others.

Not even her childhood friend could steal her heart. She was someone on a different level.

Rather than erupting all at once, Sidmund slowly opened the jar that contained his emotions.

He took a condom from the drawer. Showing her his reddened face while ripping open the packet.

Her heart thumped for the first time…

Was her butler capable of such a vivid and colourful expression? She hadn known before.

Her heart sped up as usual, but this time was different. She looked at him while biting her lips.

The sultry lady knew what hed say next…

It was the words he hadn said in a long time.

”Sophie… ” His rod caused waves of emotions and shock to ripple through her body: ”…I love you. ”

One thrust changed her entire world…

She looked at the sincerity in his expression, and was moved despite her rational way of thinking.

The pleasure sinking into the depths of her very existence only made his words more pleasing.

It was the feeling of selfishness and the desire to monopolise her. Wanting her to only be his.

Only his…

She could feel the frustration hed kept bottled up from the way he moved, and moaned while thinking of how he must have felt sharing her. Even if every other man in her life were just tools for enjoyment.

His thrusting became tougher… faster…

Even though they had been going at it for years, a girl like her couldn stop herself from drooling.

Her eyes were becoming murky and unfocused.

And so did Sidmunds.

Amidst the waves of pleasure, Sophia saw his face twist while trying to hold back from an early shot.

Like a make pornstar.

It was only when she turned to look down did she realise something. Sophia felt a sudden suspicion…

…Wasn the thin plastic going to break?

From what she could feel, the one he wore was actually thinner than the types hed worn before.

Could it really be…?

Was that why he bound her body? Was he planning to make it look like an accident they made in bed?

Her moans started to die down slowly… She could sense he was on the verge of letting out semen.

”Wai-! ”

”Ugh…! ” But as if to prove her thoughts wrong, he pulled out before she could finish her scream.

The condom was broken, so his fluids started to mark her after forcing itself past the thin plastic.

It was amount other humans weren capable of…

His strong manhood laying on top of her pussy.

She tried to catch her breath and regain her composure, then tried breaking out of the cuffs.

She tried to activate her Mighty Emergence.

However, nothing happened at all.

Her suspicions started to take root once again. It made her struggle in vain to break herself out.

”Don bother. ” Sidmund interrupted, then spoke while regaining himself: ”Only I can unlock them. ”

”T-thats… ”

”For your information: Limit Fixture had always given Miracle Gamer the ability of Self Restraint. It was only when you accepted the restraints, that I could bind you. ” He talked to her with calm eyes.

This served to make her more confused…

Shed always thought Growth and Conquest were the only secondary powers of Miracle Gamer.

But know there was Restraint there all along?

Why didn she know about this ability?

”Are you planning to violate me? Force me to have your child to make a family? ” She was calm too.

But her tranquility was more of an act…

”No. Thats not what I wanted. Didn I tell you before? ” His eyes turned really gentle; scarily so.

He kneeled over to touch her cheek. His eyes tired, yet filled with the passion hed always had for her.

”I love you so much. ” It was at that moment she noticed a knife. What was he planning to do?

Was he going to kill her because he couldn have her? No, that wouldn make sense in this situation.

After all, she had always been his.

”W-what are you planning?! ” But reason couldn suppress the fear of death growing in her heart.

”Sophie… ” His serene tone made her think this was her end. She wasn able to focus on his words.

However, he continued to speak:

”You ruined everything for me. I admit, I was born to serve… but what you did was uncalled for. ”

He was an exemplary butler, but shed tainted him with sins. Now, he could no longer face himself.

He felt guilty for leading on innocent girls and sinking his teeth into them… just for his Master.

To disgrace all that his lineage stood for.

He conquered them for her.

They became her pawns and were forever under her bewitchment because of his seduction.

”So you
e planning to kill me now? ”

”Don worry. This isn for you. ” He denied her claim, but still held onto the knife regardless.

Sidmund asked her plainly: ”Do you love me? ”

He already knew the answer. The five pink hearts on the Affection Meter were locked in place.

[Affection Meter: 5 Hearts (Conquered)]

She blushed slightly and replied: ”Yeah… If you want a child, then maybe I can accommodate you. ”

Her mind had changed…

”You like this little part of me, don you? ” He was referring to his penis still laying on her stomach.

His ball-sack being kissed by her clitoris.

Her wetness made her want to eat the entire thing with her lower body. If only she could move…

”Yeah… ” The mood was becoming more immoral by the moment. She knew what hed do next.

If he wasn going to kill her, then didn that mean he was going to use the blade to cut her out?

You fooled me good… Thinking it was his way of teasing her, she smiled with a beautiful look.

That was… until his blade descended down.

*Slice!* A body part was cut off ruthlessly.

”NO!!! ” Sophia screamed. Not in great pain, but in horror from what she saw her servant do.

Sidmund had castrated himself!

Such a crude and violent method instantly brought him to the brink of death. It felt like the worst hell.

Even his adrenaline couldn subdue the pain.

However, he accepted this punishment wholeheartedly. He wouldn run from this.

”I… hate myself more than I hate you. I love you so much, but I can forgive myself for loving you. ”

”Stop it! Stop this madness right now!! ”

”Madness? Heh~ Im saner than you think. ”

”What is this for? Why are you doing this?! ”

”This is… my revenge. ” Those were the last words Sid spoke before cutting his throat dramatically.

Blood spurted out of his opened neck…

”No! Stop! ” As if to signify his sealed fate, she broke out of the restraints holding her back.

It was too late to save him anymore.

Sidmund felt more at ease than hed ever felt in these years while losing his life, but he felt regret.

I see… He had an epiphany. The one thing he regretted most was not having any choices.

His parents had taught him at a young age to serve the Hildegard Lineage regardless of his wishes.

They taught him principles, but hed thrown them away for loyalty that had only given him great pain.

If he had a next life, things would be different.

Hed never serve someone he hated ever again. In his next life, hed take control of his own future.

That was his last thought before passing away…





[Perspective Shift has ended… The host is waking up… Summarising events to protect mentality…]

When Adam awoke from his endless dream, he felt like his while body screamed in agonising pain.

It was to the point he could only hear his ears ringing. A sound that overwhelmed the eerie voice.

He ran to the bathroom and started to vomit.

Unable to handle the transition between dream and reality. His thoughts chaotic and unfocused.

Not even able to create a clear line of thought.

[The host is unable to handle the transmission of the summarised experiences… Failure inevitable…]

[Searching for external storage unit…]

Adam didn notice his phone lighting up, and the App hed played being updated by the narration.

He passed out in front of the sink, unable to hold onto his consciousness after all that happened.

This was the start of his fall before the big incident. The catastrophe thatd change his life.

How hed connected to a vast new world.

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