“This time I got a new herb.
I heard it has a lot of nourishing and tonic effects.
For the time being, he wants me to improve my strength.”

“Well, sure.
You can’t do anything without basic physical strength.
You’re so quick to get a fever and collapse in bed, this is a pre-treatment issue.”

“There is no cure for what ails me in the first place, brother.”

“…well, that’s right.
Currently, that’s certainly true.”

Rembrandt scratches his head.

“Anyway, you should keep a certain level of physical strength so that when a treatment is found, you can immediately receive it.
Strong medicines are poison to a weak body.
Even if a medicine is found, you will not be able to take it if you are too weak.”

Beatrice nodded her head in agreement with her brother, who spoke in an unusually strong tone of voice.

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The older brother must be worried about his younger sister, who is often bedridden since childhood.

In fact, before her rebirth, although the doctor told her that she could still live over 20 years old, Beatrice ended up dying less than six years from now.

But still, Beatrice thought.

It is rare to talk about Beatrice’s illness with her brother under the assumption that she will be cured someday.

This is an incurable disease where the cause is known but a cure has yet to be established.

It is an incurable disease that is said to place you among the lucky ones if you live until 20 years old.

Rembrandt never treated his sister specially.
But he never offered easy comfort regarding her illness.

How could such an older brother treat his sister so?

These lingering concerns were instantly dispelled when one of the attendants brought an decoction of Edgar’s medicinal herbs.

However, it seems that the effect of nourishing tonic is certain.

After that, Beatrice’s physical condition improved a little.

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Her parents were so pleased that they reported it to Edgar, and Beatrice has been drinking the bitter medicine ever since.

Beatrice was hoping that everything would pass without incident, while cheering from afar for the pure loving couple who were the center of attention at the school, as she lived such a peaceful life in a sense.


She hoped that her own inaccurate speculations would not come true, that no one would suffer any more misfortunes, and that time would pass peacefully.

But somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that wishing such a thing would only be futile.
Even so, she couldn’t stop wishing.

That’s how much she longed for happiness.

Even if my own death is inevitable, this time, it is all for those two.

For Natalia and Leopold, who have been led into an irrevocable situation by her own shallow suggestions.

This time, this time, I want them to be happy.

So please.

Let me know that all this foreboding premonition is just my imagination.

Even though she knew somewhere in her heart that it would be futile.

Beatrice could not stop praying.

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