“…was brother really that concerned about me?”

Her voice was faint, but it was enough for the person in front of her to hear her words.

You’re so rude.
I thought you’ve gotten over your stupidity a slight bit recently, but I guess a stupid person is still a stupid person.”

“Please don’t be so ridiculous.
It’s hurtful.”

“It’s the truth, well, it can’t be helped.
I thought you were finally on the right track when you entered the academy.”

When Beatrice tilted her head and wondered what he meant, Rembrandt snorted.

“I don’t know why, but didn’t you get over being Leopold’s fool when you first started school?”

“…Leopold’s fool?”

“That’s a nickname.
I called you that since since you’re all about Leopold.”

“…well… I used to be all over Leopold-sama in the past.”

Still, her brother’s treatment towards Leopold is still the same as ever, making Beatrice sigh secretly.

“He looks like a prince.
And I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he has a bad character, but his bottom line is too shallow.
I was amazed at your lack of discernment.
There were better men right beside you.”


“What is it? You still don’t get it.
It’s just too sad, isn’t it?”

“Umm, what has big brother been trying to say since earlier?”

“Ha, that’s enough.”

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With an exaggerated sigh, Rembrandt brushed his hair back.

Then, he glared at Beatrice.

“…so? You’re still not going to tell anyone?”


“Edgar told me.
He said that you’ve been acting strange for the past year or so.”


“Edgar said that you were either troubled or stressed.”

Rembrandt stared into Beatrice’s eyes.

Then he chuckled.

“Not even your kind and wise brother could tell you that.
If there’s anything I can do to help you, I will.”


Everything was no longer in her control, at least she understood this much.

There is no harm in staying quiet, and perhaps Beatrice won’t be hurt this time.
However, she wondered if that would be the right thing to do.

Someone who would not even consider Natalia’s feelings, who would just be obsessed with her own self, putting Natalia’s happiness second.

The pain of that last moment before her rebirth, the last moment before she went back in time, flashed past Beatrice’s mind.

She thought it was all because she loved Leopold.

It was my fault for loving that man.

But what if it wasn’t.

If it wasn’t because of her infatuation that destroyed their future.

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Maybe she could do something about it.

“…brother, you know.”

Her voice trembled with anxiety.

She wondered if her brother would listen to her without making fun of herself to the end.

About her life before her rebirth.

The unusual events in the Reinalpha household, the love between Leopold and Natalia, the developed medicine, her proposal of marriage contract, and the fact that she died being stabbed to death by her best friend.

I wonder if this overly pragmatic brother will believe me.

“…I’m going to say something very strange now.”


Rembrandt raised one of his eyebrows in amusement.

“However, I want you to hear me out without saying any word until the end.”

Rembrandt stared at Beatrice and eventually nodded.

“I get it.
Okay, just say it.”

Rembrandt sat down on the edge of the bed, folded his arms, and closed his eyes.

Then he gestured for her to speak.

Even at a time like this, Beatrice couldn’t help but smile at her brother’s normal response.

Yes, I know.
I know that my brother is a very sharp man.

Beatrice exhales a big breath or two.

She started talking.

What happened to Beatrice a long long time before she went back in time.

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