’s just say that I’d like to put a few shadow guards here and there.”

Being smiled at, Noyce let out an exaggerated sigh of dismay.

“…I’m sure you’ll give me a proper report later.”

“Of course.
I’m borrowing one of your best men.”


Rembrandt was clearly not in the mood to be looked at with a stinky expression from his father.

He stared back at his father with a smile pasted on his face.

After watching Noyce, who had lost his patience first and waved his hand, saying, “That’s enough, I’ll allow you to go,” Rembrandt then left the office.

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He had just sneaked out from work to check on her, but he had no idea that he was about to hear such an outrageous story.

In the carriage back to the palace, Rembrandt pondered over what he had just heard.

“A contractual marriage to Leopold with a one-year engagement period after graduation, in return for our financial support to the Reinalpha family… Well, that’s exactly what she would have done since she used to be Leopold’s fool.”

Beatrice’s best friend called Natalia being Leopold’s lover, the crazy guy who is flickering over the woman, or the Reinalpha family being in financial trouble because of a set up.

All of that stuff honestly doesn’t matter to Rembrandt.
After all, Beatrice being murdered by Leopold’s lover was something he would normally dismiss as delusional.


“Five years from now, the cure for Beatrice’s disease is going to be developed…”

Beatrice was unaware of the ongoing development of a new drug in a neighboring country.

“Edgar’s initial assessment was that it would take ten years.
Now he said the pace has quickened and it will probably take seven or eight years.”

Hmmm, Rembrandt reflected.

“I mean, they are already going at that pace right now.
But even then, Trice wouldn’t make it, would she?”

Rembrandt closed his eyes, letting the vibrations of the carriage shake him.

Trice said Edgar’s behavior was different too.
He used to go and not see her for seven years.

Rembrandt’s right hand rubbed his chin as if in contemplation.

“I remember he told me that the research is progressing faster than expected, probably because he is observing Trice’s condition every time he returns to the country and trying everything he can.
Does that mean that there is a possibility that the drug will be completed earlier this time than before?”

Here, his lips gently arced.

“If that’s the case… Trice, you might be saved, right?”

To be honest, when Beatrice first told him the story, he thought, what the h**l is this idiot talking about?

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Sleep talk in your sleep, dream in your sleep, he commented.

But at the end of the story…

At the very end, Beatrice mentioned a medicine made in Drieste.

Rembrandt decided to take his sister up on her offer with one word.

Rembrandt knew it.

Beatrice has accepted her death from an early age.

Even if she was delusional, there was no way she would talk about the development of drugs.

Moreover, according to Beatrice, that very drug was developed in the neighboring country of Drieste.

If it’s Edgar, then Rembrandt, his father, and mother, are currently waiting with a gleam of hope.

He had to keep it a secret from them, since it wasn’t the right time yet.
But they have been waiting for a long time for the news to reach them.

And Beatrice knew this.

I’ll take your word for it.”

In the carriage to the royal palace, Rembrandt made up his mind.

The shadow guards that he had requested from his father, Noyce, would be ready by nightfall.

A new drug developed by Drieste.

That one word was enough to make him decide whether to get on board or to turn against it.


Sunnyshies: Oh, I like this brother.
I like his reaction! And he’s a sister-con inside!

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