’s been nine years.
I was really looking forward to it.
What a pity.”

“I didn’t call you here to give you another chance at school.
You’re here because you’re the right person to protect Trice.
Now shut your annoying mouth.”

“Ye~s, I understand.
Rembrandt-sama is really stingy.
I took this job because I thought it would be fun.”

“You’re a shadow guard of the Marquise, and you don’t get to pick and choose your jobs, fool.”

“Oh, I’m scared.”

Beatrice was stunned by the content of the conversation going on in front of her.

Her head can’t keep up with all the information.

The beautiful, neutral-looking boy in front of her, who gives the impression of being very young, actually graduated from the academy nine years ago.

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Eh? Wait a minute.

Then how old is Marquez really?

Graduation in the academy is at seventeen, so…

She was pondering about something completely different.

Therefore, from then on, Beatrice heard nothing about the conversation between her brother and Marquez.

Then, this morning, she found Marquez standing there in his uniform.

He was actually an escort, but introduced under the guise of her second cousin, and was chatting with Vivian smiling right next to Beatrice.

…escort, I guess.

He was now a student, so it was not surprising that he didn’t have a sword.

He doesn’t look muscular.
Rather, he was slender and skinny.
He was taller than the average freshman, but that was also expected.
After all, he graduated nine years ago and was now a grown man.

Beatrice couldn’t help but wonder how he could not feel out of place among the students with his age.

She never really thought of anything happening to her, but if something really happened to her, would this person who looked like a 15 year old really be able to protect her?

…but why does she have to have an escort now?

Beatrice is concerned about that first and foremost.

But her brother never does anything in vain.
After all, he is the ultimate realist.

Beatrice couldn’t help but recall the word “shadow” she had heard in a conversation involving her brother, and came to the conclusion that Rembrandt must have been the one who had initiated this.

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And yes, she was sure that it was related to Alejandro.

“I’ll see you later, Trice.
I’m going over there for the entrance ceremony.”

He definitely had brown hair last night, but this morning it was now a bright reddish purple.

Beatrice wondered if he had dyed it in a close color to give credence to the setting of a distant relative, which was a very careful thing to do.

Beatrice also waves back at Marquez, who in turn waves back at her.
Then she remembered her brother who saw Beatrice and Marques off this morning.

He was sending a secret message to Beatrice by puckering his mouth and saying, ‘Good luck’.

Ah yes.
That’s right.
My brother has made a move.

Alejandro was really doing something, is what I mean.

Even now, somewhere in the back of her mind, she still wished, regretfully, that maybe things would be different.
She wished that Alejandro’s blunt kindness was true.
She hoped that her guess was wrong.
But as she thought, it didn’t turn out that way.

In this life, she did not have much to do with Alejandro.
In her previous life, however, they were quite close, though not as close as Natalia.

If that Alejandro was really an enemy as assumed…

Really… truly, the struggle to avoid that future has begun, and Beatrice finally realized it.

Surely, she can no longer be so naive.


I can’t believe that the time I spent with you and Natalia was so precious in my life at that time.

But that’s not the case anymore.

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