red to her brother and Edgar, he is really too clumsy and too lacking for an aristocrat.

…so when he smiles, I know that he is truly happy.

When he is in a bad mood, the cause is usually lying plainly in front of him.
He is such a simple and straightforward person.

Many people laughed at the sickly Beatrice behind her back, some even mocked her by pretending to pity her.

In front of Beatrice, they would smile kindly and weave words of comfort, but behind her back, they would sneer at her as a defective product.

He would not be a pawn in a political marriage, nor would any of his relatives, nor anyone else associated with the Marquise family.


So I really feel at ease when he is smiling.

Whenever Leopold was laughing, I felt relieved and felt that there was nothing wrong with me, and that I was okay.

I easily released my breath in front of him.

He doesn’t care about Beatrice, he doesn’t hesitate, he doesn’t scorn her, he just laughs at her when they are having fun.


Rembrandt let out a sigh in front of Beatrice, who remained silent while biting her lip tightly.

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“…well, calm down.”


“I am not obligated to help Leo’s family.
As a successor, Leo himself is the one who should be doing it.
But to be honest, this is a heavy burden for him to bear.
If it were a head-to-head match with a sword, that would be a different story, but unfortunately, they will not use such an easy-to-understand method.”

“Are you sure Alejandro is up to something…?”

It was a question that was now too late, but Beatrice has yet to hear a definite answer from her brother.

Rembrandt nodded his head and continued his words.

“We’ve already confirmed that he was acting suspiciously before and after the previous shipwreck.
There’s not enough evidence to catch him, just a whiff of involvement… but the same goes for Nicholas Trad, and there is no doubt that a man named Alejandro was involved.”

“I see.”

Rembrandt took one big breath and looked at Beatrice’s face.

Then, after making firm eye contact, he continued speaking in a low, well-defined voice.

“As I said before, it is this family and you, Beatrice, that I should be protecting.
It’s not my responsibility to protect the Reinalpha family.
It is not my responsibility.”

“…I understand that, but Leopold-sama, he’s not like that.”

“Yeah, he’s not that good at it.
He is not such a dexterous guy, is he? In a normal case, he would be no match for a snake like that.”


“But he’s the one who should be making some actions.
The next head of the family is Leopold.
If Leo insists on making a move, I’m willing to help him a little.”

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She raised her head from her prone position and looked at her brother.

Rembrandt chuckled.

“I have some affection for him as a childhood friend, too.
I don’t hate him.
Well… sometimes he was too thoughtless, and it pissed me off.”

“…oh, brother…”

“What, is that such a surprise?”

Rembrandt lowered his eyebrows and cheeks as if embarrassed.

“Well, anyway.
I have to meet him and talk to him.
First of all, we have to prepare a place for that.”


Beatrice nodded significantly, and Rembrandt continued.

“And so.

With a smile.

“You, get sick and fall ill.”


Such things…

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