Chapter 25 : Resentment

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Beatrice is really stupid.

That is what Rembrandt thought.

She has been Leopold’s fool since childhood.

People have their own preferences, so no matter how much he may be her older brother, he doesn’t have the right to tell his sister which man she should like.
He didn’t say anything because that was what he thought.

I really, really couldn’t understand it.

I’m not saying that Leopold is wrong.

His personality is honest, straight-forward, unbending, and, well, he’s usually one of the good guys.

But he can’t even read the back of things.
Leo may not even know there is such a thing in this world to begin with.

It was probably easier to deal with such a man because there is no need to probe his feelings.
But a woman who becomes the wife of such a man needs to be more capable to compensate for her husband’s inadequacy in this area.
And Beatrice is not good enough.

With a sister who always wishes for good and even wants to return bad will with good will…

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They would both be devoured, swallowed, squeezed and finished off for good.

Jeez, and they even brought the Marquise of Strydom into it.

These complaints by Rembrandt were not about the current situation.
He was referring to their previous life, when she mentioned the assistance he received through that contractual marriage.

Rembrandt has no reason to complain, since he has no recollection of the event, but for some reason, he was very angry.

After giving herself as a bride on the premise of white marriage, helping him with money, he wondered how much his younger sister would sell herself off just to help him out.
And if she did such a thing, he was sure that man would definitely… would have done something to the household after she did that.
Trice would never have thought of that now because she’s out of the loop.

Alejandro was the person who attacked the entire Viscount Trad family when Nicholas took a liking to a girl named Natalia or something.

The marriage between Beatrice and Leopold would have been very much welcomed, but it would have been a waste of time to rebuild that household.
And yet, three years later, she would give up her wife position to Natalia.

Absolutely, absolutely, that crazy man would have attacked our house, and I’m sure I would have been made to play a big part then, Rembrandt thought.

To that extent, Rembrandt was angry about the past that Beatrice had told him.

Because she said, after becoming his wife and went to help him, in the end she was stabbed to death.

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Moreover, his younger sister still wanted to help the person who stabbed her.

Well, I am sure that the obsessive guy is involved in that case too, and I am sure that he is the most unforgivable person in the world.

Such a thought almost made him angry again, but Rembrandt held it in.
The clock then entered his field of vision.

“…and now it’s time to go.”


Rembrandt then grabbed the necessary paperwork and strode into the reception room.

He probably shouldn’t tell the whole story to that man, Leopold, who can’t do belly tricks.
Leopold’s favorite partner is a woman named Natalia, and Alejandro is right next to Natalia.
With this in mind, he examined every information that he should tell him.

“Seriously… don’t they know that political marriages have their own meaning?”

Marrying the person you love is fine.
But it is only after compatibility and conditions are met.
Marriage is not a goal, it is only the beginning.

Two people who loved each other were finally tied together, and they lived happily after that… you could only find such an ending in a story.

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In reality, there was a daily routine that went on and on after the wedding.
That was exactly what a couple does with their lives until death do they part.

No one can do it with love alone.
People need money and things to survive.
Unless, of course, you claim to be a special kind of person whose stomach can be filled with just the words “I love you”.

“Well, anyway, I’m glad Edgar’s getting serious now, though.”

Rembrandt was relieved to learn that, and his dreamy sister has grown up a bit, too.

Rembrandt wanted Beatrice, Edgar, and even Leopold to be happy.

He really didn’t know what he was thinking and doing before the time went back.
But he would really like to believe that he must have been doing the same thing at that time.

Standing in front of the reception room door…

He was told that Leopold had already arrived and had been shown to the room.

Ha, he exhaled loudly.

In fact, he would like to blurt out some things to Leopoldo as well.

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Tell him to think more about the character of the person before choosing a partner, to be more firm, and not to underestimate marriage.

Rembrandt also wonders if Natalia, who, according to Beatrice, was “the lover of destiny,” would also be a good match for Leopoldo.

He doesn’t know how beautiful, clean and honest she is, but Rembrandt wanted to tell her that she has been followed for years by a perverted stalker, who made him sick just by reading those reports.
And yet, she still doesn’t realize how abnormal he is, or maybe she is too ignorant to know how to doubt.

But if she was with him from an early age, she was less likely to notice.

Such a woman would probably end up as a sucker for a couple, unless she ended up with a man who is somewhat black-hearted enough to read behind the scenes.

His hand gripping the doorknob tightens involuntarily, and he hurriedly takes another deep breath.

He didn’t have to give them relationship advice, that much was out of his jurisdiction.
He told himself that, and opened the door after the blood in his head had gone down a little.

Rembrandt, a man who doted on his sister, smiled at Leopold, who looked at him with a puzzled look when he was shown into the drawing room instead of Beatrice’s room, and saw that it was Rembrandt who had appeared.

And then he got right down to business with a quick greeting.

“They’re targeting your household.”

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