he sparks of fire that fall on him, or else they will be in trouble.”

Noyce nodded his head nonchalantly at these words.

“Well, that’s true.
This time, with what happened with Trice, and the fact that it looks like we’re getting a fair return, I’m willing to go ahead with it.”

“So I wanted to make sure they learned that there are two sides to every story.”

Rembrandt gave a dark smile.

“I told him to go gather his own evidence then tossed him in.”

Where, may I ask? The two, who had a slightly ominous premonition, hesitated to ask a word.

But Rembrandt was quick to speak up there.

“By now, he should be working for Alejandro as a slave.”


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Maybe because of his lack of sleep.
He didn’t add his usual logical explanation.


“…what do you mean? Report a little more properly.”

In the end, further explanations were required, and Rembrandt’s long night still to continue.

“…I see what you mean.”

Noyce Strydom muttered, holding his temples after hearing Rembrandt’s explanation.

“Of course, there’s also Thoman… does the Marquis of Reinalpha know?”

Leo went directly to the Marquis of Reinalpha.
In exchange for the evidence, he asked him to approve his engagement to Natalia when all was said and done.”

Rembrandt continued, “Leo put conditions on the solution, even though his love for Natalia was the reason the business was going down the drain.”

“And Thomas…”

“He agreed.
As long as they can get out of this situation.”

A loud sigh spilled from Noyce’s mouth.

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“He has a soft spot for Leopold, too.”

“Well, I think they will do well for themselves at best.
For him, it’s a desperate situation.”

Rembrandt then tells him aloofly, while Noyce still looks uneasy.

“Leopold is not incapable, but he’s just a simple man… he’s going to get ripped apart pretty quickly.”

“I’ve let the show guards sneak in, but… well, if something happens, that’s it, right? I’ve given them instructions, and as long as they follow them, there should be no problem.
I can’t take care of him any more than that.”

Probably Thomas would have let some of them slip through the cracks.”

Noyce then fell silent for a few moments and let his words slip out in an unintentional manner.

“It must have been very hard for you to arrange all these by yourself, Ren.
I’m sorry for your hard work.”

With a mouth full of absentmindedness, Rembrandt shook his head and said it was nothing.

“I don’t have a choice.
It’s more convenient for us to take him out before he turns his attention to Trice.
Well, I’ll let Leopoldo do the rest while I give instructions from a safe distance.”

Noyce chuckled at his son, who only speaks in a twisted way.

“Absolutely… Although it’s a detrimental personality, you don’t have to go out of your way to be hateful.
Leopold would have been grateful for your help in letting him infiltrate them as a slave.”

“I can’t fix my personality at this point, and I didn’t do what I did because I wanted to be thanked in the first place.”

Nonetheless, Rembrandt was unable to return anything but this and said, “I’m going to bed, I’m at my limit,” and got up from his seat.

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