ay on.
Regara stopped saying anything to Alejandro.

Then, that day.

Alejandro had come to the river behind the mansion.

Unlike the main residence in the center of the capital, the separate residence where Alejandro and his family live is located on the outskirts of the capital.

It was a great place for children to walk a short distance and quickly find a place rich in nature.

The river that runs through the center of the royal city is large and wide, sometimes there are even passing small transport ships.

Alejandro liked to watch the water flow from that bridge.

The bridge crossing both banks of the large river is solidly built and has railings to prevent falls.

Alejandro made Milch sit there.

Then he climbed up and sat down next to her.

The bridge was empty and Alejandro and Milch were the only two people on it.

Milch had a partially healed scrape on her right knee, three bruises on her left arm, and one blue bruise on her right arm.

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All of them were there because of Alejandro.

Every time she spent time with Alejandro, Milch’s body became scarred.
But even so, Milch never refused Alejandro’s hand.

Alejandro never thought about why, but it didn’t matter.
Whatever the reason, Milch chose to be with Alejandro.
That was enough.

Milch’s tears put Alejandro at ease like nothing else.
His tingling and aching heart is so much easier to bear.

Milch was the medicine that healed Alejandro.
It was this precious toy that taught him that there were colors in this world.

“The wind feels good.

He didn’t care if she heard him or not.
Even though he know that she won’t respond, he just kept talking to her because he wanted to talk to her.

“This is my favorite place.”

Six-year-old Alejandro has no idea how dangerous it was to sit on a railing that prevented him from falling down.
Not to mention four-year-old Milch.

He just wanted to get as close as possible to this magnificent scene spread out before him.
There was no malice or ill intent, he really just genuinely wanted to enjoy the view.
That’s all.

In fact, Alejandro was leisurely pondering as the wind caressed his cheeks.

How shall I make her cry today, or something?

So he didn’t expect it.
As the wind was blowing, it was pushing Milch’s skinny body a bit, and her sister, off-balanced, almost fell off the railing.


He reached out his hand.
He grabbed his sister’s wrist.

Milch’s body was dangling and swaying.

Far below was a vast amount of water flowing slowly and without sound.

The scenery, which until then had provided only refreshment, was transformed.

“Milch, Milch, Milch…”

He grabbed her by the wrist, swaying in the air.
Then she looked up at Alejandro with her mouth open, as if to say, what are you doing?

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Alejandro’s other hand grasped the railing.
He was unable to offer it to her.
But he can’t lift Milch up either.

He couldn’t afford to think much about whether Alejandro, who was only six years old, had such power.

Alejandro hooked his foot on the railing.

After making sure it was firmly latched, he reached out with his other hand.

With both hands.
I’m sure.

But before he could reach it, Milch’s arm slipped out of the hand that had been holding on to her.

He hastily reaches out his free hand.
But he can’t reach her.
Both hands caught only an empty air.

He raised his voice.
And could believe what he was seeing in front of him.

Slowly, she fell away.

Milch, but Alejandro’s precious toy was falling.

The medicine that healed Alejandro’s heart, the treasure that was by his side more than anyone else.

Milch was wide-eyed for a moment, then…


She smiled softly.

Beautiful and ephemeral like a dream.

It was the first and last time Alejandro saw Milch smile.

It’s a lie.

This is a dream.
A nightmare.

Far, far away.

He heard a splashing sound below him.

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