Chapter 44 : I won’t allow you to run away — Before Rebirth

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“I’m sorry to call you out of the blue.
I was just wondering how Natalia is doing.”

Alejandro said as he gave a concerned look on his face.

“I don’t feel well… Well, that’s understandable.
With the way things are going right now.”

With that, he quickly offers the drink he ordered for Natalia in front of her

“So, how is Beatrice?”

“I went to visit her the other day.
She looked very sick.
She had always been skinny, but now she’s even skinnier… she can’t even get out of bed for a very long time.”

Natalia, in tears, took the drink that was handed to her.

“…I see.
Yeah, but should I congratulate you? The moment you’ve been waiting for is almost here.”


Natalia was puzzled by the words he said and put the glass she was sipping on the table.
Making a slightly louder clanking sound.

“What are you talking about? I’m not looking forward to Trice’s death.”

“Oh, really?”

“I’m glad that Trice is alive.
I was so grateful when Trice made that offer to us, and I certainly put my faith in it, but I’m still glad she’s alive.”

“Even if you can’t be his wife?”

Natalia looked down and pressed her hands, which were folded on the table.

“…of course I still love Leo.
But that doesn’t mean I ever wished Trice would die.”

“I see.
Then I have no problem giving you this.”

Alejandro nodded happily and pulled a small package from his pocket.

“What’s this?”

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“It’s a medicine that has recently been successfully developed in Drieste.
It’s a cure for Beatrice’s disease.”


Natalia was blindsided.

Alejandro’s smile deepened further.

“It’s not too late.
It will save Beatrice’s life… well, it will kill any hope you have of becoming his wife, though.”

“This is… medicine.
Triche’s illness.”

Natalia touched the package with a trembling hand.

There was a slight hesitation.
But Natalia still took the package.

“…thank you.”

Then there’s a whispery little voice.

“You even took the trouble to get such a precious thing for me.”

“I’m going to deliver this to the Reinalpha house.
The money… I’ll pay you later, I promise.”

When Alejandro saw Natalia standing up after saying this, he let out a big exhale.

“…are you really going to deliver it?”

“Of course.”

When she responded, she squeezed the package in her hand against her chest as if it was a treasure.

“…because if I had this, it would save Trice, right?”

“Well, yes.
After all, it is a new medicine that Drieste, a country with advanced medical technology, has succeeded in developing after years of research.”

Natalia didn’t notice Alejandro’s probing words and gaze.

“I’m okay with that.
Because, after all, I don’t want Trice to die.
I’ve given up on the idea that if it’s an incurable disease, it can’t be helped, but if they’ve made a medicine, I want her to live.”

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“So you’re just going to give up on him?”

“…that’s right.
If that happens, I’ll have to give up.
But I don’t want to fall in love for a while.
No, I’m sure I won’t be able to.
I’m already a damaged lady”

“…hey, don’t tell me you two had a physical relationship?”

“Don’t say something so embarrassing…there’s no such thing.
Leo is not like that.
He said that since he has taken Trice as his wife, it is not good to continue a relationship with a woman other than his wife, even if it is a white marriage contract.

I thought so too, so for three years upto now, we’ve kept our distance as friends.

And when I say “damaged lady”, I mean, well, everyone knows I liked Leop, and I’m past marriageable age, that sort of thing.”


Alejandro’s dark gaze pierced through Natalia, who was smiling sadly.

“Then I have an idea.
What do you think, Natalia?”

After saying this, Alejandro sat Natalia down in the chair again and spread a document on the table, which he pulled out from his breast pocket.

The carriage rattles along.

They were now in a carriage on their way to the Marquise of Reinalpha.

At least, that’s what I instructed the carriage to go.
Natalia, who was still sane, was going to deliver the medicine.

When we got to the Reinalpha house, I gave the coachman an instruction, and let him go to my mansion.

While thinking about this, Alejandro checked the expression on Natalia’s face as she sat next to him.

Her eyes were terribly blank.

Seeing this, Alejandro confirmed that the drug is working.

Alejandro’s fingers brushed against Natalia’s face, her eyes unfocused.

…stupid and naive Natalia.

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I wonder when you will learn to listen to me properly?

Alejandro muttered to himself.

He told her about the development of a new medicine and was one of the first to order it.

He told Natalia about it and crushed any of her remaining hope.

If she gave up being that man’s future wife, he would have given her his signed marriage certificate he had prepared for her, and that would be the end of it.
That was the way it was supposed to be.

And yet Natalia refused.

She should not have refused.

Alejandro’s brow furrowed as he recalled their earlier exchange at the café.

— “Thank you.
You said that out of concern for me.
But I’m fine.”

— “Alejandro is the heir to a respectable trading company.
I’m sure you’ll find a nice bride.”

— “I can’t take advantage of you like this, I am very sorry.”

Don’t be ridiculous.

If I let you go now, you will go back to that man.

And this time you will belong to him.

The medicine Alejandro showed was real, unmistakably a cure for Beatrice’s illness.

But its potency is so strong that Beatrice’s body cannot withstand it now.

Alejandro was briefed by a pharmacist in Drieste, where he had ordered it.

He said that unless the patient has regained some strength, the medicine will only shorten their life span in the end.

Now Beatrice is in no condition to take the medicine.
In other words, even if she took the medicine with her, she would not be able to take it.

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Then it’s obvious what will happen: in a few weeks, Beatrice will die at the end of her illness, and the position of wife of her beloved man Leopold will be vacant.

If that happens, things will be as that dxmned Beatrice said.

ーーー “Natalia is to be married to Leopold as his second wife.”

I won’t allow it, I won’t allow it, I won’t allow it.

To prevent this, he informed Natalia of the medicine she could not take.

In despair, Natalia gives up her marriage to Leopoldo and has her sign the marriage deed with Alejandro.

And in a few weeks, I would have created the perfect situation where she was already the wife of another man, Alejandro, even though the position of wife of the man she loved, Leopold, was now vacant.

The despair of knowing this, the tears that are shed at that moment.

I wanted to see that.
I wanted that.

And yet, this toy…

In frustration, he grabbed Natalia by her chin and turned her toward him.

I won’t allow you to run away from me, Natalia/Milch.

Alejandro whispered in Natalia’s ear as the effects of the suggestion drug he had mixed into her drink made her feel faint.

— “Your best friend has betrayed your trust.
The medicine has been developed, and that b***h will no longer give up being that man’s wife.”

— “That woman chose to save herself and leave you to the depths of despair.”

Natalia’s eyes flicker.

Then tears welled up in her eyes.

Without caring, Alejandro continued to whisper.

— “Poor Natalia.
Betrayed by her best friend and her lover.”

There’s nothing left for you.

There’s nothing left.

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