out asking, they were convinced that Alejandro had killed Milch.

“…you can’t possibly…”

The shadow guard of the Strydom family only said that much, then kept his mouth shut.
What comes after that line goes unspoken.

…see, I knew it.

The corners of Alejandro’s mouth go up in a distorted manner.

I feel like laughing out loud.

I am sure I look hideous right now.

I miss her.

I want to see Milch.

I want to see my treasure Milch, who held my hand, looking me straight in the eyes all the time.

I could breathe easily beside Milch.

But she is no longer here.

and I already said goodbye to Natalia a while ago, who became the treasure that replaced her.

So it’s gone.

There is no place in this world where I can breathe anymore.

“…I could have won if the house of Strydom didn’t intervene.
That house always gets in my way.”

It’s true.
That man, Leopold, should’ve been the one to do it.
If he was the one to take Milch/Natalia away from me, then he could have accepted it.

Beatrice Strydom.
You are too soft on Leopold, the man you fell in love with.

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Well, but that doesn’t matter anymore.

If there’s really no place for me in this world, then there’s no need to force myself anymore, Alajendro thought.

Because no one wants his life anyway.

Like that day, I put my hand on the railing of the bridge.

At that moment, there was a sound from another place of rustling grass and trees.

The pursuers.

He thought so, as he sat on the railing, and then turned around.

And when he turned his gaze…


Why is it you?

The question that popped into Alejandro’s mind was unspoken.

The lovely, silly Natalia who filled in Alejandro’s missing world to perfection after Milch disappeared.

There was Natalia, ignorant, innocent, and unquestioning.


“Ale, jandro.”

Natalia recognized Alejandro sitting on the railing, and a look of relief came over her face.

“My Lady! Why are you here… I told you to stay in your room and wait for help…”

The shadow guard in the distance shouted in an impatient voice.

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Alejandro nodded his head in agreement.

I thought the shadow guard came to me very easily.

Well, it would normally be the right thing to do, just in case.

But, he doesn’t know the depth of the connection between Natalia and Alejandro.

He should have thought that a kidnapped victim would be grateful and wait for help on the spot as they were told to do.

‘…is this what you call being a schemer and falling for tricks?”

He knew it’s not true, but he still dared to say it.

Such an outcome would be incomprehensible to these Strydoms.

Ah, but.

I think only Beatrice would understand this.

Natalia would go after Alejandro.

Natalia would, even if no one else would.

“I said goodbye with all my might.
But you’re really a bad girl.”

Alejandro was sitting on the railing, his arms outstretched, smiling gently.


“Come here, Natalia.”

“No, miss…!”

Slipping past the shadow guard that moved to stop her, Natalia ran… to Alejandro.

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