Not your typical baby mama

Chapter 12 Late Night Cravings

Somewhere in the Bahamas, a young man lay on a beach chair while sunbathing. He had ashy gray hair, thick black brows, clear blue eyes covered in shades, a straight nose, thin pink lips, and a lean body with a bit of muscle. The women walking around the beach could not help but steal glances.

This was a vacation he had been vying for and he finally got it. He felt free, he was away from being terrorized by his boss ’s endless tasks. But the pay was good, so he never complained as much.

Someone cleared their throat from above him. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a waiter with a tray of a drink in hand. The young man sat up giving the waiter a quizzical look.

”Excuse me sir, a vodka martini. Compliments from the lady over there. ”

The man looked over to see a beautiful brunette in a swim suit that showed off her hourglass figure. Just the type he liked. She flashed him a flirtious smile; her alluring eyes sending a secret message to him. He raised the drink, toasting her before drinking it; his eyes responding to her message.

Fifteen minutes later. They stumbled into his hotel room, bodies pressed together and tongues mingling and fighting for dominance. Clothes were ripped and thrown wherever as they staggered towards the bed without breaking the kiss.

The temperature was quickly rising between the two as the man explored the woman ’s body with his hands and mouth. He buried himself between her legs and worshipped her womanhood with his tongue.

The woman felt her legs go jelly leaving her in a moaning mess. He smirked when she cried out her first release; she was ready for him. He aligned himself with her entrance and coated himself with her juices. Lewd sounds escaped their mouths. The woman held her breath when he started to enter.


He posed at the sudden sound. It was his phone ’s email notification. They both frowned.

”Ignore that ”, he said.

He started to enter once more and another notification sound went off. He could feel his annoyance building up. He suppressed it and proceeded. He had just got half of him inside her when countless notifications blasted through his phone.

”I ’ll turn that off ”, he tried to appease the frowning woman. He pulled out and reached for his phone to shut it down.

A chuckle resounded in the room. In a tone so sinister and cold that sent an icy chill down one ’s spine, a person with a deep voice spoke. ”You better not be ignoring me Dylan. ”

Dylan ’s soul almost left his body. He juggled the phone between his hands from being startled before catching it in a firm grip. Her frown deepened when she saw his reaction.

”Who ’s that? ” She whispered.

Dylan was annoyed when he heard the voice. The person didn ’t bother to call and simply hacked his phone. ”It ’s no one. ”

”Are you with someone? ” The voice spoke again.

The young lady ’s imagination run wild. Could it be that Dylan was involved in some shady business so he was being hunted down? A person like that could be one you could not mess with. That phone clearly did not ring. Were they being watched? Oh! God! She had seen on TV how terribly these things ended. What if he ordered to kill anyone associated with Dylan if he didn ’t meet their demands? She was too young to die! She closed her legs and pulled on a sheet to cover her nudity.

Dylan was irritated with the obstructed view. He was oblivious to the young woman ’s internal panic. His boss just had to have the worst timing. ”You could have left a message. ”

”Which you ’ve clearly ignored. I ’ve sent you some work. Get it done in time! ” The boss snapped.

She knew it. What other ’work ’ would they be talking about? Dylan was about to respond when the lady got off the bed and took her clothes and bolted out of the room at the speed of lightning.

”… ”

”Arghh! ” He buried his face in the pillow and screamed in annoyance. Nevermind that it was his boss he was talking to, he took his phone and screamed. ”Do you realize what you have done? ”

”What did I do? ” He snapped back.

”You scared my guest away! She was so beautiful! She was- uh! You just ruined my chances of getting laid! What kind of man does this to another man? ” Dylan wanted to cry from frustration.

”….Oh? ”

”Oh? I ’m on vacation! What did you think I would be doing?! ”

”I did ask if you were with someone. You ’re blaming me for your inability to keep a woman in bed? What a wuss! ” The boss snapped back.

That cut him deep. If he could punch this man he called his boss through the phone, he would. The boss showed no care and went on speaking. ”Now you have time for work. It ’s a win-win. ”

He would rather be buried between that brunette ’s legs. She felt so tight. He looked at his unattended manhood. If only the pay and work conditions were terrible, he would not condone this bullying. But his vacation was paid for and he was on paid leave. He shouldn ’t complain but that p*ssy!

”But boss it ’s my vacation! ” He whined.

”Shall I send you the bill? ”

”No. No. It ’s all good. I ’ll get to work. ” He gritted his teeth.

He should have known when his boss offered to pay for his vacation and also pay him while he was on leave. But who would turn down such a sweet offer? Dylan thought the man would take on all jobs while he was away; clearly he was wrong. What was he so busy with? Why was the big boss so snappy today?

The person in question was standing in front of their bathroom mirror pinching their stomach and sides of their waist to see if they really gained weight. If Stella was pretentious, she would not believe her one bit. Unfortunately for her, she wasn ’t and Amy was starting to see her weight gain. It was putting her off.

But she could forgive herself. The past few weeks had been stressful for her. From fleeing the city, concealing her traces, moving and assuming a new identity. She had been eating her stress out. But with Stella pointing it out, she was put in a bad mood. When she received her clients ’ emails, she didn ’t feel like lifting a finger.

While Amy was fussing over her weight gain, Zach was buried in a mountain of files. His reading glasses rested atop the bridge of his nose, his shirt sleeves rolled up, and his tie loose. From a distance, it was a sexy sight of a working man but upon a closer look, he looked fatigued. Someone knocked and he permitted them to enter.

George stood with his back ramrod straight. ”Sir, you called for me? ”

Zach halted his movements and slowly looked up at his assistant. ”I have a little task for you. ”

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