”Daddy, what is that? ” the little girl pointed one of her fingers at the incoming sea current, the current unlike other sea currents was boiling the waters around it. It was warming up the ocean and rolling faster to the ship. The Captain of the ship looked in awe, a mystery, a strange phenomenon he has never experienced before in all his years as a ship captain, and he had lived a very long life as a Captain. According to the Captain, he had seen fairies and mermaids, but none was as terrifying as what is coming right to him on this Godforsaken Ship.

Others gathered at the edge of the Ship, staring in fear at the current warming up the Sea. ”This is evil, we need to pray ” said one of the fishermen, he spread out a cloth, dropped some cowries and began muttering some words out loud.

”Ignore him ” said the Ships captain.

The other merchants who were at the little town situated and built on top of the Sea also saw it coming, the roaring of the current was too loud to be unheard. Over the years, the little town of Owo has being known to be a center of commercialization within its region. Different merchants travelled all over the world to market their goods and products to other merchants. Owo was a town always filled up with different people, a unique town of value, its tax alone has made the Kingdom of Oyo richer than the other Kingdoms.

It has attracted different merchants, different guilds, different brothels and different private sectors over the years.

”Call the Mayor ” shouted one of the towns council members.

The little errand boy ran and barged in into the shrine situated at the far end of the town on the Sea.

”Sir, the Mayor is requesting for you, he said it is urgent ”

The ifa priest gathered up his instruments, he had seen it coming before in a vision, a vision he had and warned the Mayor about, and according to him, making sacrifices to appeal the gods was the only solution, but the Mayor threw him out like a dog into the street. According to the Mayor, he was a thief who wanted to take out of the towns treasury for his own pleasure.

The ifa priest walked in, two guards grabbing him in by the two sides of his arms, apparently the ifa priest attempted to flee the town when he was caught by the guards.

”Come, bring him here ” the Mayor angrily raised his hand and slapped the priest on his face, ”you brought it here and now you want to flee? ” asked the Mayor.

No, you will stay and fix this, Priest or by the gods I swear my guards here will fix your face so bad that you will become a nightmare to the childrens here.

The Priest spit out blood on the floor, apparently the Mayor had a firm hand than he looks. The Priest opened his mouth again, this time with better luck, he told the Mayor ”I tried warning you, but you wouldn listen to me, now its here ”

”Fix it ” the Mayor said while his sword was on the priest neck. fix it now he shouted.

The Ifa Priest brought out a crystal ball, large and huge, he held it in his hands, he muttered some spells and the crystal ball shines brighter, the light emanating from the crystal filled up the room, then the ifa priest entered a trance

”It is here, He who will reign terror and fire

He shall brought destruction upon us all

end to us all

no, no, no, shes crying

the Queen of Heaven is crying for her beloved

her beloved will soon be no more,

oh great Serpent, the devourer of souls, the great and mighty Leviathan will soon be no more ”

The priest choked, struggling for breath, he fell down and died immediately after the trance ended, then it began to rain hail and thunder strike on the Sea, burning everything it touches. The little town of Owo, a vast town filled with people was not

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