n whip burst into flames so powerful that it knocked Ogun down.

Both down on their knees, breathing heavily, a voice came from the Heavens

”Enough ” the voice said, I am Orunmila and I request your presence Ogun.

”He will kill you, Brother ” Sango begged Ogun not to go.

There came a storm immediately, and Ogun was gone with the whirlwind.

”Welcome to my palace ” Orunmila said to Ogun.

The palace of Orunmila was a beautiful palace, the beauty cannot be compared to anything that Ogun had seen before. The palace of Orunmila was situated in the Heavenlies. A beautiful palace for a beautiful extra ordinary being.

Orunmila was the protector of the world, he was a supernatural being charged with taking care of the affairs of this world in the absence of God.

He offered Ogun a cup, ”take, drink ”

Ogun took the cup and drank, the content of the cup was nothing he had ever tasted before.

Orunmila came close to him, Ogun knew what was bound to happen next.

Orunmila raised his right hand and Ogun was lifted up, choking from his neck, struggling for breath and words.

”God charged me with keeping peace in this world, and all you have brought me is trouble ”

Orunmila said to Ogun.

still choking Ogun with his right hand. He continued.

”Now your involvement in their war has brought the attention of the Seven Lords of Hell into my business ”

” Do you think you can defeat him? uh do you think you stand a chance against Lucifer? ”

He let go and Ogun smashed on the floor, struggling to get up on his feet, he fell down again.

after taking a few moment, Ogun got back on his feet and said

”You can help me defeat him ” said Ogun.

”How ” Orunmila said

”Tell me his weakness ”

Orunmila laughed hard.

” Lucifer is the king of Hell, the morning star himself, the old serpent, he has no weakness to be explored, no rules he follows and answers to no one except God ”

”You are on your own ” Orunmila said to Ogun.

” Ill leave your precious human lives, for now ”

”Thank you ” Ogun said.

The white Sceptre of Orunmila was said to contain infinite wisdom on how to defeat ones enemies and attain victory in life.

History and Legends believed it was one of the reasons that Orunmila had gained favor and conquered many of his powerful adversaries.

Ogun saw it, he knew he stands no chance against Orunmila, but maybe his tricks could work. He needed to use the white Sceptre to get an infinite wisdom on how to conquer Lucifer, and the Seven Lords of Hell.

”What is that ” Ogun pointed with a serious look at Orunmila back.

Orunmila look back, he knew it was a trick, but he was too late, before he could turn back, Ogun hand was already on the white Sceptre, showing him what to do and how to attain victory against the Lords of Hell.

”Noooo ” Orunmila shouted, a white light struck Ogun, he landed on the floor, convulsing in his own blood, Orunmila drew closer, raised the white Sceptre, about to hit Ogun on the chest and end his life, a noise distracted him, a sound of flowing rivers, it shattered in through the window and flooded the Orunmila palace, carrying Ogun away and saving him from the destruction that Orunmila would have granted him.

The water swept Orunmila off his feet, he landed on his back, struggling to get his hands on his white Sceptre, he caught it in his hands, raised it up and the water departed violently. He was gone, Ogun was no longer in his palace.

Orunmila laughed menacingly.

”We will meet again, Boy ” Orunmila said as the waters carried Ogun away.

Ogun opened his eyes, he was in the middle of a flowing river, except this was no ordinary river, it was a sparkling river full of life. He could feel the energy in his body, his powers at full strength. He looked around, he saw some women in white robes offering sacrifices at the river bank. Some were singing a song he has heard before, long time ago at the temple of the Elder gods.

A voice came and distracted him.

”You have woken up, I am Osun, Yeye Osun, the goddess of Osun River ”

”Theres no time Ogun, the healing waters has healed up your wound and refreshed your spirit, you have to go and stop this great evil from taking over ” said the Yeye goddess.

” I don understand, what great evil ” Said Ogun.

”Theres no time, you have to go now, you know the sacred paths already. ”

The goddess lead him to a path of flowing rivers flowing directly to the deep Sea.

The Yeye goddess gave Ogun a parch of healing water to hold for his journey as he bids him farewell with tears in her eyes.

Ogun could heard the womens in white robes singing a wailing song as he departed.

Ogun looked around, then dived down within the river, swimming the path that leads to the deep Sea.

He knew what to do, the White Sceptre of Orunmila had shown him what to do.

He is going to ride the Leviathan down to Hells Gate.

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