e that attacked my temple ” Ogun cried out.

”You have killed the Leviathan, one of the Lords of Hell and you have brought him back soulless and turned him to your pet, you shall pay for this. The Lords of Hell stand against you ” cried out Belphegor in a mysterious dark tone.

”Then I shall slaughter The Lords of Hell ” declared Ogun.

Both riding a powerful beast, Belphegor riding the Megoledon, Ogun riding the reincarnated Leviathan.

The sea was quite, both charged against each other, the sea began to roar, or as the fisherman said, ”the sea was crying ”

Noises could be heard in the neighboring villages, echoes of strange noise carrying disturbing evil.

The sound was coming from the deep Sea.

Both beast collided against each other, the Leviathan sinking his teeth deep into the Megoledon, the Megoledon gave out a shout. The Megoledon tried to bite the Leviathan with his sharp teeth, but it was to no avail, for the Leviathan body was covered with scales.

The Leviathan breathed out fire, burning up the Megoledon deep at the bottom of the Sea, The Megoledon shouted, it was his last as it was reduced to ashes at the bottom of the Sea.

No Sea creature could have stand a chance against the brutality of the Megoledon, but The Leviathan was no ordinary beast, he was one of the seven Lords Of Hell.

Belphegor leaped from the Megoledon, caught the Leviathans tail, climbing it upward.

Ogun draw his sword, both staring at each others eyes. They charged against each other, the sea emitting out waves so powerful that it began sinking ships on the Sea as their swords collide against each other.

Ogun dodged an incoming sword attack, he attacked back immediately with his sword, Belphegor leaped up, landed at Ogun back with a slash on his back, Ogun screamed out.

Belphegor leaped with full strength, his sword in his right hand, Ogun managed to block the attack, a clang , Ogun sword shattered in pieces.

Apparently Ogun sword stood no chance against the Lord of Hell demonic sword.

A flash flush through Ogun eyes, he was down, Belphegor had hit him on his face with a blow so hard that Ogun lost his balance.

Ogun spat out blood at the bottom of the Sea, he stood defenseless against Belphegor.

Belphegor raised up his sword, and just before he could deliver the final blow, a lightning struck him on his chest, a figure stood above him in the sea, with full hands stretched towards Belphegor, and lightning shooting at his chest. Belphegor shouted, his sword fell down from his hands, and in that moment, Ogun grabbed the sword, and drive the sword straight through Belphegor chest.

Belphegor screamed out loud, and then slowly he became dust at the bottom of the Sea.

”Thank you, Brother ” Ogun said to Sango.

”You have to hurry, the remaining Lords of Hell are gathering up their armies, they are about to attack the world of the Living ” said Sango to Ogun.

”But why ” Ogun muttered.

”Lucifer, the king of Hell has been known to always want to expand his kingdom in the land of the Living, when you attack his armies on the battlefield, he took that as an excuse to exact his wrath upon humans ”

” what about the Elder gods, they can allow this abomination to happen ” said Ogun.

Sango sighed, ” none of them is ready to face the King of Hell, Lucifer ” said Sango.

” Ill stop him ” said Ogun.

”Farewell, Brother ” both hugged at the bottom of the Sea.

Darkness darkness darkness

”It is time, my Lord ” said Satan.

”Where is Belphegor, he should be back by now ” said Belzebub.

”Belphegor is no more ” said Lucifer.

And there was a roar in Hell.

”He is coming ” repeated Lucifer.

”He must not be allowed to reach my throne room ” ordered Lucifer.

the remaining Lords of Hell bowed, and they were gone.

In the gross darkness, a noise echoed through the deep. the demons of Hell looked in awe at what was coming. A Leviathan being ride by a man.

Ogun rode the Leviathan, head straight into the Gate of Hell, a smash, and the Gate of Hell shattered into pieces.

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