”Sorry, dear! We might have overslept, but we are ready now. Get into position. We are coming. ” said the familiar gentle voice.

Lavanas eyes lit up.

”So Im ready to shift? I can wait to find our mate. ” she said with excitement.

Soon, shell be out of this shit hole of a pack for good.

But then, a question came to her mind.

”Hey, why do you always say we instead of I or do are you referring to us both? ” Lavana asked.

”Find a secluded place within ten minutes. You will get the answer you seek, hun. ”

”Alright. ” Lavana rose. She arranged her clothes and hair before taking one last look at the bag at the extreme. She smiled and then ran out of her room.

Those who saw her hissed. They assumed she must be looking for a place to pee or poop.


She ran to the woodshed and stopped to catch her breath.

Well, she normally has to split wood for the pack for years. No one bothers to come here unless its almost winter.

She quickly locked the door of the woodshed and hid behind the pile of firewood.

”Alright, can I get the answer now? ” Lavana asked.

”Yes, dear! ” replied the voice.

”Crawl position. ” the voice ordered, and she obeyed.

”Remember this; You must never scream throughout the transformations. ” the voice warned.

”Transformations? I don get you. ” she frowned.

”Speak no more. Save your strength instead for what is ahead. ” the voice said and suddenly, she felt her backbone crack. That really hurt. Shed prefer to be beaten rather.

This damn wolf of hers told her not to scream. But how would she be able to do that? The pain is indescribable. She felt like she was thrown into a furnace to die.

”Can you just seal my voice? ” she asked.

”As you wish! ”

More of her bones snapped, cracked and lengthened. Her teeth all fell out as her ears lengthened.

Bloody tears flowed from her eyes as she tried to scream, but no sounds came out. Her wolf had sealed her voice; just as she had ordered.

”Don resist the pain. Let it crush you, allow it to swallow you whole, hun. Save your strength for the other two transformations. ”

”Eh? 2 more? Into what she asked in her head.

”Shush! You will know soon. ”

Lavana felt defeated.

So shell transform three times. Into what? Three different wolves or something else? What was she even changing to now?

She felt terrified already.

”Calm your thoughts or the pain of the other two transformations will be tripled. ” the voice cautioned.

”But… ”

”This is your last warning, Lavana. ” the voice sounded harsh this time and she stopped asking. Better focus on getting through the two transformations.

Her clothes ripped and fell to the ground. She grabbed the sand along with the few grass growing on it.

Her mouth kept opening and closing.

This is just the first transformation and she felt like dying already and theres are still two moe waiting for her? How would she survive it?

”Don think too much. Just focus, hun. Once you
e done, youll be dancing. ” said the voice soothingly.

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