30 minutes later, she stood on all fours. Instead of her usual skinny hands, what she saw were large paws.

She looked at her paws. They were white. She must have transformed into an Omega.

”All that pain for an Omega wolf. Others transformation isn even up to this. ” she complained.

”Lavana, now youve transformed into me. You and I are one now. Call me, Pamela. ” said the voice.

”Well, Pamela. I need answers. Stop evading my questions, alright! ”

”Well, youll get it after you go through the third transformation, Lavana. ” another voice spoke, startling her.

”Who are you? ” she asked.

”Im Oceana. Right now, Ill need you to go to the stream in the pack. Don worry, no one will see you. You are currently invisible until the third changing. ”

”Fine! ” she transformed back to human in 5 minutes and opened the door of the woodshed.

”Shift! ” Pamela ordered.

”Again? ” Lavana raised an eyebrow.

”Stop being annoying, kiddo. ” said Oceana unhappily.

”Kiddo? How old are you guys? ” she asked.

”Pamela is the youngest. She is two centuries old. ” replied Oceana. ”Im 4 centuries old. The third sister is a thousand year old. ”

”Eh? ” Lavana was rendered speechless and defeated. So they were old monsters? Sigh!

She immediately transformed and headed towards the stream speedily.

On reaching there, she returned to human on Pamelas order.

”Get in the water. You must reach the streambed. ” ordered Oceana.

”But I can swim! ” she complained.

”Chap, don test my patience. ”

”Okay, Okay. Calm down, Oceana. Anger is bad for your health. ” she said as she stepped into the water.

”Those words are for weaklings. Anger brings out the fighter in you, chap. ” Oceana said unhappily.

”Don call me chap. ”

”Fine, Ill call you toddler then. ”

”Just call me chap instead. ” Lavana said in defeat. This second voice was eccentric. How would the last one be like? She didn wanna know!

She entered the water and began to swim to the stream bed. She could surprisingly see well underneath water. When she finally reached the stream bed, Oceana told her to sit beside a large rock and hug it.

When she obeyed, Oceana told her to repeat the words she would say next after her.

”But I can speak under water. ” Lavana said in her head.

”Say hello with your mouth. ”

Lavana skeptically agreed and said a ”Hello! ” water entered her mouth and she tried to close it.

”Keep it open, silly girl. ” Pamela ordered.

She couldn resist and opened her mouth. She swallowed water and started to cough and struggle.

”Are you guys trying to kill me? ” she asked in her head.

”No, you just need to embrace your next self. Now call my name wth your mouth. ” Oceana said.

Lavana did as was told and to her surprise, the water entering her mouth didn hurt her anymore. Its like shes on land talking. She wasn;t choking anymore.

”Wow! ” she said and it produced bubbles.

Her eyes lit.

”Am I… Is my second transformation gonna be a mermaid? ” she asked excitedly.

”No, it will be a blue wolf. ” Pamela replied sarcastically. ”Of course, you
e gonna be a mermaid. ”

”Are you ready? ” asked Oceana.

”More than ever! ” Lavana replied.

She was so special. Shes going to be a mermaid soon. How cool was that?

”Now I need you to repeat after me. ”

”Alright! ”

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